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Question: Should I take the fruits off my apricot tree?

Hi! This is the 3rd year since I planted an apricot tree in my garden, it has flowered and is now loaded with apricots. I had heard that being a young tree it would be necessary to remove some fruits (perhaps the smallest ones) so that it can be reinforced. It's true? Or do you have to let him do everything? Thanks! Last year they advised me to do this for the young plum.

Apricot tree: Respond: cultivate a small apricot tree

Dear Corina,
compliments, a fruit tree full of fruit indicates an attentive cultivator, who managed to give the plant all that it needed. The fact that a very young tree has produced so many fruits indicates that it is healthy and very well; however, if the fruits are really many, there is a risk that the plant will use all its efforts to make them all mature, and thus become an easy prey for pests, animals or fungi. In addition to this, since it is a very young tree, it may not be able to ripen all the fruits, and therefore may be poorly sweet and fragrant. Or there could be so many apricots, all ripe but tiny. In general, trees in these cases undergo a phenomenon that is called fruit drop, meaning that they leave a large part of the unripe fruit fall on their own, to be able to ripen the remaining ones, without having to use a lot of energy to bring it to maturity all the fruits. In these cases one proceeds manually, before the plant is forced to do it alone, removing the smaller fruits, or creating spaces where the fruits are close and stacked, so that all the fruits can receive the right amount of sun , and thus become sweet and fragrant.
This is an agronomic practice that is also done in orchards that produce for commercial purposes, and not only to try to create large, more easily marketable fruits; the removal of small fruits is also done to safeguard the health of the plant, also considering future years; after all, when a fruit tree is planted in the garden, it is not expected to obtain boxes full of fruit already starting from the first years of life of the tree; It is better to take some fruit today, to have greater certainty that the tree has a healthy and luxuriant development, and brings us more fruit in the coming years, when it is able to do so.


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