Sick dipladenia

Question: ill dipladenia

hello to all my dipladenia purchased about 1 month ago ... it has some scorched leaves and even the new tender twigs with the leaves seem to be burned the new twigs are reddish while the leaves they too singed ... or planted in wall vases and I anchored the branches on the wire mesh ... maybe they have this burn because they stayed for five days in a bright garage but with a low temperature ???? help me their arrangement looks excellent one of them and exposed to the sun for 3 hours in the morning while the other and in half shade the waterings are regular ... help

Answer: ill dipladenia

Dear Vincenzo,
the problems encountered by your dipladenias are very, probably due to their stay in the garage, however bright, the light received from the plants is certainly very different from the one they can receive on the terrace, even if placed in partial shade; your plants have probably suffered a shock due to the different amount of light received, and to the sudden shift from an indoor situation, with very little light, to an outdoor one, with diffused brightness.
They should recover quickly, getting used to the new position; if necessary remove the damaged leaves and twigs, so as to favor the development of new healthy vegetation.
Perhaps your plants have also suffered problems due to watering or climate; remember that the dipladenie need regular watering, but they bear drought well for drinking periods of time, and do not like water stagnation instead; then water only when the soil is dry, avoiding watering if, dipping a finger in the substrate, you find it still fresh and moist.
Not having a photograph, nor even further descriptions, it is difficult to decide what your reasons for suffering are; It is also possible that in the garage the weather was mild, while on the terrace it is cooler, or vice versa in the garage it was very cold, while outdoors is very hot.
Therefore, it shortens all the branches that have suffered, also removing the ruined leaves; water your dipladenias only when the soil is dry, avoiding leaving the substrate damp or soaked for long periods of time; every 12-15 days, provide fertilizer for flowering plants, mixed with water for watering.