Fruit plants

Fruit plants

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Fruit plants:

Fruit plants are generally vigorous and rapidly developing species, which can reach a few meters in height within a few years.
For those who only have a terrace where they can grow their own fruit, there are dwarf varieties of fruit trees in nurseries, generally produced by grafting the plants on low rootstocks and slow growth.
These plants generally do not exceed, from adults, the 2-3 meters of height; however, remember that, despite its small size, they need to be placed in well-sized containers, where the soil is rich and fertile, sufficient in volume to contain a vigorous and well-developed root system.
From April to September we water regularly, every time the ground is well dry; during the cold months we let the plants enter in vegetative rest, thinning and suspending the waterings.
We place the fruit trees in the sun, so that they enjoy at least 4-5 hours of direct sunlight every day. We prefer slow-release fertilization, to be provided at the end of winter.


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