Type of bonsai

Type of bonsai

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Question: Type of bonsai

They gave me this bonsai and I would like to know what kind of plant it is for treating it at its best.
This is the photo

Answer: Type of bonsai

Dear Niccolт,
your bonsai is a zelkova, in particular I would say a zelkova nire, or Chinese elm; it is an ulmacea of ​​Asian origin, semi evergreen: that is, if the winter climate is mild it keeps the leaves, if it becomes too cold it loses most of it.
This bonsai is grown outdoors, even if it is very adaptable, and survives even when it is grown in the apartment; It is clear that the outdoor conditions are decidedly more favorable, even if this tree needs a light covering during periods of severe frost.
It is cultivated in a well-lit location, even sunny when the temperatures are low; at the arrival of spring it moves in half shade, so that it enjoys the coolness of the shadow especially in the hottest hours of the day. If you live in the mountains you can leave it a few more hours in the direct sun, if you live in Sicily find it a shady and cool place, especially in June and July.
Water it regularly, throughout the year, trying to keep the soil slightly damp, but letting it dry between two waterings. So in winter you will water only sporadically, while in summer you will water every morning and every evening.
If you decide to keep your zelkova in the apartment, remember that the climate in the home is always excessively dry, and therefore your bonsai will surely look better with periodic hair sprays; outdoors such vaporizations must be carried out only during hot and dry days.
The zelkova love regular fertilizations, from March to September, every 15-20 days, using a specific fertilizer for bonsai.


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