Question: lawn

at what time is it ideal to mill and re-seed a grassy lawn?

Answer: lawn

Dear Andrea,
if you intend to redo a turf all over again, the best time is the beginning of autumn, but even the beginning of spring can go well, even if the climate often tends to be very hot and the rains do not always help you. Proceed first by milling the soil, if necessary before proceeding with the milling, spread sand and manure on the ground, in order to improve the soil mix and also its fertility. After milling you will have to level the whole lawn with the rake, compacting the clods slightly to fix them together, and trying to eliminate depressions or bumps, where the turf would certainly develop in an unpleasant way.
Then proceed to sowing, which is done by spreading, or by sprinkling the soil with the seeds, throwing them with your hands; to make sure you have covered all the soil with the seed, try mixing it with clear washed sand, so you will notice where the seeds have fallen and where they are missing. Pass the surface of the soil with a compactor roller, which is used to better adhere the seeds to the soil, and water. Fundamental is to water and using a very fine and almost vaporized jet, to avoid moving the seeds with the water jet; it also avoids the creation of runoffs, which in this phase cause areas of bare lawn and areas with plants that are too thick.
If instead you intend to re-seed the existing lawn, you can do this in the spring, at the beginning, in March-April or even in May; a wet and cool season is perfect, because the rains help you water the young seedlings just sprouted; an excessively hot season instead risks drying the young plants within a few hours.
Before proceeding with the risemina, cut the existing lawn very low; then aerate it, using a special scarifier (if you don't have it, you can rent it in a nursery or in a hobby shop), which will remove the felt, that is the pile of dry leaves, debris and other that is formed between the seedlings of turf, and covers the ground, making it sometimes almost impermeable. Then remove the felt from the lawn with a rake, spread on the ground some substrate for turf, which contains sand and specific fertilizers for young plants. Spread the seeds on the turf prepared in this way, insisting on empty or seedless areas, and then water.