Works of the month garden July

Works of the month garden July

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Works of the month garden July

July is a very hot and dry month; the heat is such that it becomes difficult to carry out work in the garden for most of the day. If we feel the heat, remember that our plants also feel it, so it would be deleterious for the garden to practice pruning, sowing, transplanting, treatments, in the hottest hours of the day, under the scorching sun: we follow the rule that if it is too hot for us it is also for our plants.
With this heat and the sun at high watering become fundamental: even a few days completely dry can irreparably ruin our shrubs in full vegetative vigor. So, if we are not lucky enough to have a nice irrigation system, let us remember to water our plants, with particular attention to those grown in pots, even if they are fat and succulent.

Watering and care July

Let's water our crops well, wetting the soil thoroughly and waiting for the soil to dry completely to water again. We choose the coolest hours of the day, to prevent the water from quickly evaporating immediately after supplying it to the plants and thus performing an almost useless job.
We also proceed with fertilizers, if it is not plants in vegetative rest; remember that some plants, such as the beautiful roses, if grown in an excessively hot and dry climate, enter a state of semi-vegetative rest; these plants should not be fertilized in this period, because mineral salts are not used, and therefore should accumulate in the ground, or be washed away by water and consequently accumulate in the aquifer.

Treatments and prunings

As for treatments and prunings, let's see together what are the jobs of the July garden month that can be realized for the well-being of our plants. Also during this time of the year it is necessary to follow the faded roses, the withered flowers, the excessively vigorous creepers, the disordered hedges; all these plants should be pruned regularly and accurately, remember to do it during the coolest hours of the day. Pruning will allow us to guarantee our crops a definite shape and a balanced development and obtain a tidy and beautiful green living space! Even the treatments will be carried out mainly in the evening hours of the day, to avoid disturbing or killing useful insects for our plants, and also to avoid causing burns on the foliage.

Garden during the holidays

The summer season is usually the period in which you leave your residence to go to the sea for a few weeks. During the period of absence from home, crops in the garden can die due to the impossibility of the owners to take care of them. For this reason it is important (if you do not have neighbors or family members that can take care of the garden) to have an automatic irrigation system. To be able to return home and see its lush green space, it is therefore advisable to program our irrigation system to the fullest, to decide the hours in which it will be irrigated and the quantities of water that will be fed to the ground. As far as container crops are concerned, it will be enough to move them to less sunny places, sheltered from the sun's rays and to use slow-release sprinklers.