Ice cream jasmine

Question: what happened to my jasmines?

I would be very grateful if you could help me, I am truly sorry. I have several white jasmine plants, in the ground, that climb a net to form a hedge. They are about two years old and now they are about m high. 1.80. Until before the last frost they were beautiful, then the leaves began to dry and the bark of some branches was literally split. The base of the plant looks very beautiful to me and is about the size of a thumb, but the leaves and branches are really shabby. Within the limits of your availability, could you give me an answer and advise me for the best? I thank you in advance for what you can and will want to do.

Ice cream jasmine: Answer: jasmine in winter

Gentile Italo,
in Italy unfortunately with the terms white jasmine means two different plants, both climbing, both with beautiful fragrant white flowers. One is the "true" jasmine, jasminum polyanthum (or other varieties or species), the other is a similar plant, but much more rustic and resistant, and is called trachelospermum jasminoides.
If you could find out about the species of jasmine you have in the garden it would be better, because the trachelospermum (also called rincospermo or other similar names) is very resistant and rustic, and in our peninsula it is grown outdoors even during the winter months, even in the Po Valley; the jasmine true instead, the plants of the genus jasminum, is a Mediterranean plant, and if you intend to cultivate it outdoors you will have to cover it in case of frost.
From your description it is difficult to understand what plant it is, first of all because you don't tell us if you live in Trento or Syracuse, and then because the winter 2011-2012 was really harsh, in all of Italy, and therefore it could have been ruined too a young trachelospermum, if very exposed to cold and snow, that this year in some areas has fallen enormously.
I got the idea that it is a trachelospermum, with dark, oval and leathery leaves, if I should be wrong send me another request for help with some clarifications.
Given the symptoms, I believe that your plant has been ruined by frost and snow, which last winter was very special, with temperatures that fell below 15 ° C for several days; your plants are quite young, so they probably weren't ready to endure such a climate yet.
However, if the base of the plant is still healthy, there are many hopes that your vines will recover quickly, in the spring heat.
Now it is fundamental to remove all the branches and leaves ruined by the cold, pruning them without mercy; leaving the ruined parts on the plant, risks that the rotten ones that are attacking them spread also on the rest of the creeper; therefore with a good sharp shear, it prunes your jasmine in depth, you will stimulate the development of new branches, which grow very quickly in creepers. In a couple of months you won't even notice the damage suffered in winter. If next year there should be a winter like the one just passed (let's hope it doesn't happen!), Remember to cover the plants with some tissue, at least until they are so young.