What is the harm and benefit of cabbage for lactostasis, mastopathy, gout, ulcers and other diseases?

 What is the harm and benefit of cabbage for lactostasis, mastopathy, gout, ulcers and other diseases?

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All types of cabbage contain a lot of nutrients. These are vitamins of various groups, macro- and microelements, minerals. The benefits of eating this vegetable have been proven by nutritionists and doctors.

Moreover, cabbage is shown not only raw, but also stewed and boiled. Despite the whole range of useful properties, there are also contraindications. Basically, they relate to various diseases.

From the article you will find out for what diseases it is worth refraining from using this type of vegetable. Let us dwell separately on the properties of the white-headed variety. After all, there are even types of ailments for which it is strongly recommended.

List of diseases for which you can not eat

Despite the undoubted benefits of cabbage, it is not always possible to eat it for various "irritations" of the intestines, kidney and liver problems.

Reference. If you regularly experience problems with the health of the gastrointestinal tract, then you can not eat cabbage in its pure, unprocessed form. This vegetable should not be abused, as cabbage promotes the secretion of gastric juice.

List of diseases when white cabbage will harm:

  • All diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Special:
    1. increased acidity of the stomach;
    2. intestinal cramps;
    3. ulcer.
  • Kidney disease of all kinds.
  • High blood pressure.
  • The period after operations, as well as in case of problems with the respiratory system.

When white cabbage is possible, but with restrictions:

  1. With strong belching.
  2. With hypertension.
  3. With diseases of the pancreas.
  4. With diseases of the thyroid gland.

Sauerkraut is also known for its medicinal properties, but cabbage brine is forbidden to many because it contains too much salt. And this is bad for the kidneys and pancreas. But at the same time, cabbage has a number of properties that help to cope with colds, stomach diseases and heart diseases.

When are there indications for the Peking variety?

Everyone who has vitamin deficiency can eat cabbage. As you know, it contains a group of vitamins. And sauerkraut is rich in vitamin C. It will help to cope with colds. Cabbage is often prescribed by nutritionists as it helps to get rid of excess cholesterol., cleans the blood.

Indications and contraindications for the use of raw and fermented white cabbage varieties

The vegetable is great for treating digestive problems such as constipation. Improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Another useful property of cabbage is strengthening the immune system.

Important! The diet of obese people necessarily includes sauerkraut dishes as an optimal combination of low calorie content with high usefulness.

Separately, we can talk about cabbage brine. In folk medicine, it is used as a complete medicine. And, according to healers, it helps to cope with diseases such as epilepsy and bronchial asthma.

The use of cabbage is also great as a remedy that heals the skin. - copes with inflammation, acne, age spots.

Consider certain types of diseases in which you can or cannot eat cabbage. There are also several recipes that include this vegetable.

With lactostasis

How to use cabbage for lactostasis? When milk stagnates, eating cabbage is not always desirable. Especially sauerkraut and Brussels sprouts. But the attachment of a cabbage leaf to the chest with lactostasis, like a compress, is considered effective in folk medicine. Generally during lactation, the use of cabbage should be limited, since it affects the work of the gastrointestinal tract, and how well the lactation process will proceed depends on its normal functioning.

With mastopathy

With a severe form of fibrocystic mastopathy, it is recommended to use both a white cabbage leaf and its juice. It is easy to prepare and needs to be mixed in a blender with celery and parsley. It is recommended to drink this mixture on an empty stomach half an hour before meals.

The recommended dose is half a glass three times a day. Eating steamed Brussels sprouts also has a beneficial effect on the body. But it is worth remembering that these are more preventive measures, and not treatment as such.

Is it okay to eat with gout?

In case of gout, it is recommended to eat only white cabbage. It contains vitamins of group C, B, K, the lack of which can provoke complications in the disease. Cabbage contains a lot of enzymes, fiber and mineral salts. It normalizes metabolism, improves bowel function. And it has a positive effect on the maintenance and correction of the acid-base balance in the body.

With hypothyroidism

Note! For thyroid problems, most types of cabbage are not recommended for consumption.

Why can't you eat this vegetable with hypothyroidism? Cabbage and broccoli are high in iodine and can reduce thyroid hormone production, so you need to be very careful with your diet. Iodine disappears if the cabbage is exposed to heat. It is permissible to eat it boiled and stewed.

After removal of the gallbladder

When removing the gallbladder, cabbage should be used with caution, it is advisable to remove sauerkraut, as well as Peking and Brussels sprouts from the diet. It can be added to soups in boiled form, as an ingredient in vegetable broth, in stewed (in a double boiler) stew. The amount of vegetables when the doctor prescribes a diet is strictly dosed, so you should not abuse fresh cabbage salads either.

With ulcers of the stomach and duodenum

Duodenal ulcer is a serious disease that requires a review of the diet. It is not recommended to use sauerkraut and other types of cabbage, as it has an irritating effect on the gastric mucosa, which will lead to exacerbations of the disease.

By the way, during these periods you cannot eat cabbage in any form - neither fresh, nor soaked, nor salted, nor even boiled and stewed. Coarse fiber, which is found in all varieties of cabbage, creates additional difficulties in the intestines.

With gastritis

Not recommended during an exacerbation of the disease. And when there is a "lull", you can eat cabbage in a boiled, stewed form, sauerkraut and a little cabbage juice are allowed.

About whether it is possible to eat cabbage with gastritis and in what form is written in detail here.

With diabetes

You can eat cabbage. It helps to normalize the condition of the pancreas, especially in patients with type 2 diabetes. It is recommended to use sauerkraut with the addition of lingonberries.

The use of cabbage for diabetes mellitus is written in a separate article.

With pancreatitis

If the patient is undergoing intensive treatment, then the doctor should monitor his nutrition. In any case, a patient with pancreatitis is prescribed a special diet. Fresh white cabbage is prohibited, as it irritates the mucous membranes. You can eat broccoli, Chinese cabbage, but stewed. Stew cabbage, preferably with the addition of carrots and zucchini.

With cholecystitis

At the time of exacerbation of the disease, it is better to refrain from eating this plant. As a preventive measure, it is allowed to use stewed and boiled form.

Sauerkraut and Brussels sprouts are recommended to normalize bowel function.

About what kind of cabbage and in what form you can eat with pancreatitis and cholecystitis, it is written here.

From the video you will learn about the benefits and dangers of cabbage for various diseases:


Cabbage is a storehouse of nutrients. But in everything there should be a measure. Excessive use of this product can negatively affect the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as cause abdominal discomfort.

It is recommended to follow not just a diet, but to eat cabbage in various forms - stewed, boiled, steamed. The most useful is sauerkraut, it has a record content of vitamin C, as well as minerals and trace elements. But you shouldn't abuse it either.

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