What are woodlice insects and how to get rid of them?

 What are woodlice insects and how to get rid of them?

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It happens that in a house or apartment there are creatures such as woodlice. Woodlouse is a small creature with an unpleasant appearance. Woodlice can never be met during the day, as it crawls out of its hiding places only at night. She does this in order to find food for herself.

The article contains all the most important facts about this insect: who are house or apartment wood lice, how are they dangerous and how to get rid of them, and also photos of these parasites are presented.


Woodlice are a suborder of crustaceans from the order of isopods.

The parasite has an oval body and tapers at the end. On the back, woodlice have a shell consisting of movable plates. It has fourteen legs, which makes its movement fast. The body is gray with a brown tint. The body in adult woodlice reaches two centimeters. Woodlice have four antennae, two of which grow up to one centimeter. No claws.


They belong to the animal kingdom, to the type of arthropods, to the class of higher crayfish, to the order of isopods, to the suborder of woodlice.
The classification of insects is described more similarly in a separate article.


Today in the world there are about four and a half thousand species of these creatures. They are able to exist in any environment. Pests live in all climatic regions of the planet. In Russia, there are only a couple of dozen of these representatives. And in communal apartments, only two species live: the common woodlice-armadillo and rough woodlice.

White wood lice live in damp forest litters in the forests of Central America. The homeland of white wood lice is South America. Very small, from five to six millimeters. Has a white color. It feeds exclusively on plants, to be more precise, on their remains. She is called the terrarium orderly, since she feeds on food debris, as well as the rest of the waste products of tarantula spiders.

Insect at home and in the wild

The common wood louse most often crawls out of the dark and damp corners of your home, for example: a bathroom or toilet room. Small in size. It has a gray tint and an oval abdomen.

REFERENCE! Woodlice is not always a parasite, as in the wild it eats decaying plant debris and participates in soil formation, but it can harm delicate plants, for example, it can eat strawberries. It is eaten by many animals. Sometimes it is specially bred and allowed to feed reptiles and spiders living in the house.

Significance in nature and human life

These creatures play one of the main roles in the litter of deciduous forests, as they process already dead plants into small particles. In addition, woodlice eat fungal spores from plant leaves and protect them from a variety of diseases. They return nutrients to the soil that are so necessary for the soil and make the processes of decomposition of organic matter much faster, and also eat sick and harmful plants.

Stages of creature development

After some time, larvae appear from the eggs of woodlice, but even after the larvae are born, they still live for some time in the so-called `` brood chamber ''. There they grow and develop for about forty or fifty days. The main difference between the larvae and the adult representatives of this class is that they have only twelve legs, while the adults have fourteen. Before the stage of maturation, the larvae molt up to ten times. All these processes of molting in woodlice larvae take about three months.

Features of the internal and external structure

On the head of the woodlice there are 2 antennae and eyes, which are located along the edges of the head. An exoskeleton is formed from the segments. He saves this creature from the adverse effects of the environment. No wax cuticle. The respiratory organs are located under the paired plates.

They are internal plates - a respiratory organ or a kind of gills, which is all permeated with blood vessels. It is located under the abdominal legs, the plates keep moisture around the gills. Woodlice have seven pairs of legs, unlike their `` relatives ''.

A photo

Below you can see what woodlice is, what these insects look like:

How does it multiply?

When crustaceans reach normal conditions for reproduction, and this happens mainly in April and May, they do it with eggs. This process mainly takes place at night.

  1. When a male meets a sensitive female, he climbs on her back and “drum” on her with his forepaws and, in parallel, “licks” her head with his mouth apparatus.
  2. During movement, the male does not leave the female, transferring his seed to one of the female's several genital openings.
  3. Then he goes to the other side and continues the process into the other genital opening.
  4. During the breeding season, reproductive females create a so-called “brood sac,” somewhat similar to cockroach edema, consisting of overlapping leaf-like structures known as “ostegites”. Fertilized eggs pass into this fluid-filled chamber, and after hatching, juveniles crawl out of the brood bursa when they are fully developed.

How does it breathe?

Even though this creature lives on land, it breathes exclusively with gills. The air that woodlice breathes should be humid.

What does it eat?

These creatures are very fond of feasting on a variety of goodies for them. They prefer to use dust and already dead plants for food, and they can also eat living ones.

REFERENCE! In addition, leaves or other organic debris are preferred. Also, do not neglect to eat dust and mucus on the walls.

Read about what woodlice eat here.

Interesting Facts

  1. In dry and hot environments, wood lice will increase movement. If you place it in the opposite environment, the effect will be the opposite.
  2. During the night, woodlice can rise to the height of the seventh floor.
  3. The ambient temperature affects the body color of these animals.
  4. In woodlice, the back of the body sheds earlier than the front. Because of this, it feels like it is in two parts.
  5. On the territory of California, in some areas, ten thousand individuals are found per square meter.
  6. If a male, a representative of wood lice, is infected with bacteria, then he changes his sex.
  7. Woodlice have blue blood.
  8. In several species, the color is not monochromatic and has unusual patterns that are similar to hieroglyphs.

What are they afraid of?

They are afraid of creatures that eat them, such as spiders and birds.

Why are they dangerous to humans?

Woodlice are dangerous to animals and people. They can carry fungi and lichens on their paws. Woodlice, creatures are not aggressive, do not tolerate viruses and bacteria. They do not bite or crawl into the mouth and ears, unless by accident.

About what exactly woodlice are dangerous for humans, it is said in a separate material.

Where do they appear?

  • In the apartment. Most often appear in damp and humid places. They crawl out at night in search of food.
  • In a private house. They are found mainly in gardens or parks, as well as on roadsides.

Why do they wind up in an apartment?

Woodlice appear in dark, warm and damp places at home. There is also another several reasons for the appearance of these creatures at home, for example:

  1. Wet laundry.
  2. Home plants.
  3. Rubbish.
  4. Old books.
  5. Mud.

May appear:

  • under the bathroom;
  • behind the toilet;
  • under the sink;
  • between piles of linen;
  • in the pantry;
  • in plant pots.

Disposal instructions

IMPORTANT! When carrying out a war on pests, try to get rid of the factors of their occurrence: the presence of moisture, debris, and more.

Folk remedies

There are many ways to get rid of wood lice at home:

  1. Take 2 parts of dry kvass and 1 part of boiling water. Dilute the solution to be sprayed in the area where the pests are concentrated.
  2. Mix 1 liter of water, 3 grams of red pepper, 3 grams of tobacco and 3 grams of soda ash. Spray the solution in all corners of the apartment. After eight hours, treat the bathroom with chlorinated water.
  3. Make a solution from one liter of water and 40 grams of bleach. Carry out the treatment with this solution of the place of accumulation of wood lice, not forgetting about the safety rules, remove pets.
  4. Pour table salt in the corners of the bathroom.
  5. The boric acid solution also helps, which destroys the insect's shell, without it they die very quickly.
  6. A wet rag or birch broom will serve as a trap, in which there will be a lot of parasites in the morning. They must be shaken into a large container and poured over with boiling water.


If traditional methods are ineffective, it is worth trying chemical agents:

  • Tarax powder has a good effect. Universal for all insects. The solution is used to treat pipes, baseboards, ventilation shafts and other places where pests accumulate with a brush or syringe. When exposed to the active substance, the parasites die, which at the same time infect other individuals.
  • The German Schabengel gel bait is also versatile.
  • Dichlorvos spray "Varan", "Tetrix".
  • Lures "Mole" and "Gett".

For soil: insecticides "Thunder", "Aktara", "Ideal".

ATTENTION! When using any drug, you must strictly follow the dosage instructions in order to avoid harm to nature.

We watch a video on how to deal with wood lice:

Prevention of reappearance

  1. The house should be dry and clean.
  2. Watch out for plumbing and cracks in the house.
  3. Remove excess water after showering.
  4. Wash clothes.
  5. Do not leave the laundry after washing, carefully remove the remaining water from the room.
  6. In the bathroom, it is undesirable to dry freshly washed linen, or purchase an air dryer.
  7. Do not leave dirty dishes in the kitchen.

Various types of woodlice have adapted to different environmental conditions, and a semi-rigid shell helps them in this. To prevent these creatures from appearing in your house, you should follow a number of the above methods to avoid the appearance of wood lice, since it is better to follow these rules than to fight these domestic parasites later.

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