How to store hawthorn fruits for the winter?

 How to store hawthorn fruits for the winter?

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Hawthorn widely used as a medicinal plant. In addition, its fruits are often added to food. Tea made from this plant promotes blood purification, combating diseases of the cardiovascular system.

In medicine, two types of raw materials obtained from hawthorn are used: fruits and flowers. Flowers are harvested at the beginning of the flowering period, when the weather is dry, sunny. Fruit need to collect only if they are fully ripe.

Let's try to figure out together how to properly and best store hawthorn berries at home? How to keep hawthorn in winter?

General rules

Hawthorn: storage and processing.

Hawthorns are stored either dried or frozen in the refrigerator or freezer. At the preparation stage, it is necessary carefully sort out flowers and fruitsso that they are not damaged by any diseases or pests, and only after that start processing and storing hawthorn for the winter.

How to store dried hawthorn? Prepared berry and the flowers are well dried and then collected in clean and dry containers.

How to store fresh hawthorn in the refrigerator? If the fruits are stored frozen, then they pre-washand then dried in the sun.

You can find out how to dry hawthorn fruits in an electric dryer, microwave or oven on our website.

How to keep hawthorn in winter? It is only necessary to store the medicinal plant in a dry room with good ventilation. It must be reliably protected from moisture penetration, various pests, as well as from direct sunlight.

You can not keep flowers with fruits together... For fruits, it is better to prepare glass jars in advance, and bags made of cloth or thick paper for flowers.

Conditions and recommendations

How to keep a hawthorn for the winter at home? To store this medicinal plant, you should to prepare the corresponding conditions, excluding the ingress of even a small amount of moisture.

In addition, it is necessary to take care of the absence of factors that can destroy the active components of the hawthorn. How to store hawthorn in winter? Raw materials needed store in a clean, dry and a permanently ventilated place that is not infested with any pests.

In addition, the selected location must be reliably protected from direct sunlight. Indoors the most suitable temperature conditions is 10 ° C ... 18 ° C. Air humidity should not exceed 13%.

How to preserve hawthorn berries? Both flowers and fruits hawthorn should not be kept close to essential oil, odorous, as well as potent or poisonous plants.

After preliminary drying of the hawthorn, the berries are placed in dry glass jars or in canvas bags. In addition, medicinal raw materials can keep in hermetically sealed boxes from plywood, which are lined with sheets of clean and thick paper.

It is recommended to store hawthorns for two years, but experts are sure that the beneficial properties of the plant's fruits are preserved for about eight years.

On our website, you can additionally familiarize yourself with useful information about storing rose hips by drying and freezing?

Storage methods

How to store hawthorn fruit: dry or freeze? Storing hawthorn at home - today hawthorn can be stored not only in the form of dry or frozen fruits and flowers, but also as various homemade preparations: jam, jam, tinctures and juice.

Storage of hawthorn fruit in the form of a tincture. To prepare a tincture that is stored for a long time, dry flowers are poured with boiling water in a one-to-one ratio. Then the infusion cooled, filtered and rolled in a sterilized jar.

For more information on how to prepare hawthorn tincture, see the video:

How to store hawthorn at home? You can also suggest such a method as storing hawthorn for the winter in the form of juice. The juice is obtained from hawthorn fruits, which are washed, filled with water and boiled for two hours. Then the berries are ground to a puree consistency, mixed with sugar and water. When the mixture boils juice is poured into jars.

Jam, which has medicinal properties, is made from fruits. They are boiled in syrup with sugar until they are completely thickened, and after cooling, they are rolled into sterilized jars.

Storage of hawthorn berries in the form of compote. A more laborious process is the preparation of compote from hawthorn. How to store hawthorn berries for the winter? First of all, the fruits must be cleaned of seeds and flood for ten o'clock 3% sugar syrup. Then the finished infusion is filtered, brought to a boil and poured into jars with soaked berries.

Freezing hawthorn at home requires following certain rules. Otherwise, the fruits may lose almost all of their beneficial properties. How to keep fresh hawthorns by freezing them? Freeze berries very quickly.: they are scattered into plastic containers and placed in a deep-freeze freezer. How to keep hawthorn fruits for the winter? They can also be frozen on pallets or pre-twisted in a meat grinder and placing the mass in bags or jars.

Hawthorn is best kept dry. That's it more chances to keep all the beneficial properties of the plant and extend the shelf life of hawthorn.

Hawthorn is a very useful medicinal plant. It is widely used to treat a wide variety of diseases. However, in order for the plant to bring maximum benefits, it must be properly procuredand store in appropriate conditions.

Watch the video: Hawthorn Berry - Harvest and Tinture (July 2022).


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