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Freezing vegetables is one of the most reliable and long-term storage methods.

Pepper is no exception, and in a frozen state, depending on the variety and type of cutting, it can feed its owner for 4-6 months.

How to freeze peppers for the winter? Before you start freezing peppers for the winter at home, read the detailed recommendations.

Is it possible?

Can peppers be frozen for the winter? Not only is it possible, but also desirable.

Despite the shorter shelf life in the freezer compared to other vegetables, frozen peppers tend to preserve freshness and richness of aroma even after defrosting.

This gives its advantages in terms of mass harvesting for the winter for a variety of purposes, from stuffed dishes to vegetable slices for stews, soups, etc. The vast majority of crispy, moisture-laden vegetables, including greens and peppers themselves, after thawing become soft and lethargic.

This is due to the satiety of water, which manifests itself when frozen vegetables thaw - after all, they were frozen all this time. if you only aroma and taste are important, and not the appearance and density of the pepper, then feel free to send it to freeze.

The ways

How to freeze fresh peppers for the winter? A sufficient number of freezing methods have been developed, each of which is correct for a specific purpose.

If you are interested in freezing whole bell peppers for the winter for stuffing, then there will be some nuances and peculiarities. It is important here to competently clean the culinary preparations and in a special way put them into each otheras shown in the photo above.

How to properly freeze fresh bell peppers for the winter: whole or in pieces? This primarily depends on how you plan to use it, sliced ​​or untouched.

The second method will suit you if the bell peppers are planned. to refuel for culinary recipes. Follow the link to find out what type of slicing, rings, straws or cubes, best suited for purees, stews and soups.

Spicy peppers have traditionally always been dried, but frozen they are a chance to preserve the taste, the closest to the analogue just plucked from the garden. How to freeze fresh hot peppers for the winter in the freezer? Here you can go in different ways, starting with cleaning from seeds and cutting the fruit into halves, and until completely freezing.

With the same success, the hostess has the right to freeze already prepared semi-finished product... At first, the pepper is stuffed with rice or meat, it can also be baked in the oven on its own. Let the dish cool to room temperature, fold in special containers or packages, and place in the freezer for storage. Already after defrosting, spices and other ingredients are added to the pepper.

Watch a video on how to properly freeze peppers for the winter, pre-stuffed:

Some experts advise making pre-freeze... This makes it easier and more compact to fill plastic bags with chopped pepper, and also prevents the pieces from sticking together.

The prepared and chopped vegetable is placed on a metal tray (pre-lined with parchment paper) or a wooden board, then sent to the freezer for several hours. When the food is frozen, gently pack the blank into sachets - now the pepper is ready for a long winter.

Blanch or not?

Do peppers need to blanch before freezing?

This process is done with vegetables in order to maintain the vibrancy of the color and disinfect product for subsequent cooking.

Also blanching inhibits ripening product that would only aggravate the taste and appearance of the product after freezing.

For sweet peppers blanching optionalbut the vegetables themselves must be well washed and dried before freezing. As for the rest of the varieties, including chili peppers, boiling water is definitely needed.

How to blanch peppers? Rinse the pepper first, cut out the seed box, and remove the tails and thin connecting films from the inside. If you need to chop pepper, then do it right away. While the pepper is drying on paper towels, place a saucepan of salted water over high heat.

Prepare the necessary equipment: a colander, a deep bowl of ice water, and fresh towels. As soon as the water is boiling, dip a colander with vegetables into it and cover with a lid. Hold the pepper like that 2-3 minutes, then immediately transfer the colander to the container with cold water.

Cooling the pepper in this way takes the same time as for boiling. The last step will be drying on towels and final cooling down.

Now the pepper is ready for freezing, and put it in the freezer bags. need as soon as possibleso as not to lose all the beneficial properties of the product.

An experienced housewife will share her special way of freezing bell peppers for stuffing in this video:

Vegetable mixes

Consider the features of freezing peppers together with other vegetables for the subsequent preparation of various dishes.

With eggplant

How to freeze peppers and eggplants together? It is most effective to freeze these vegetables as ready-cut.

For eggplant, it is better to choose ring shape, not cubes, so the liquid stored in the pulp will not flow out intensively during frying.

The thickness of the rings should not exceed 1.5 cm... It will not be superfluous, as in the case of pepper, to spend preliminary freezing.

It is important to decide how much pepper and eggplant you will need to defrost for cooking.

It is advisable to lay them out compact portions on separate containers, so that you do not have to chip off a small amount from the total mass of winter stocks.

Blanching eggplant is not important, but it will help to better preserve the taste and color. Soak the eggplant slices in boiling salted water for a few minutes, cool and dry before packing in bags.

With tomatoes

How to freeze peppers and tomatoes? For borsch and other dressings you can safely freeze peppers and tomatoes in one package.

The main thing is to withstand the right portion so that you do not have to re-freeze product, thereby spoiling its taste.

No tomatoes required blanchingif you are going to cut them into small pieces like peppers. Wholly tomatoes should be frozen after keeping them in boiling water for 1-2 minutes. This will help you peel them off faster and easier.

The second way is cooking tomato puree... Peeled and well-washed tomatoes, along with pepper, are chopped in a blender until homogeneous thick mass... The resulting paste perfect for making delicious borscht.

How to freeze vegetable mix from peppers, herbs and carrots, you will find out by watching the video:


If you decide to freeze peppers for the winter, you should consider the need to carefully prepare this vegetable for long-term storage at low temperatures.

Remember that for sweet peppers blanching is optional, and the pepper itself can be frozen in different forms - stuffed, blank for stuffing, cut into strips or cubes, along with tomatoes or eggplants, etc.

Never freeze peppers in bulk - divide the workpiece into small portions, depending on the future dish in which the pepper is needed.

Do not forget the resulting packaging sign, indicating the name of the product and the date of freezing.

Watch the video: Our World: Melting and Freezing by Adventure Academy (July 2022).


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