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Apples for the winter can be done in different ways: freezing, canning, soaking, drying, jam, but the simplest is drying. This is a way to please yourself in winter with healthy and mouth-watering dried fruits.

Dried apples have rich in vitamins... Dried apple fruits are rich in carbohydrates and dietary fiber. And the amount of iodine in dried apples is even higher than in fresh bananas.

Pectin is one of the health benefits of fresh apples. In dried apple fruit pectin content is also very large. And pectin, as you know, improves bowel function and helps to cleanse it.

Plus, dried apple fruits have a beneficial effect to work the gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, contribute to the normalization of metabolism.

General information

Dried fruits are especially appreciated in winter and spring, when the benefits of fresh fruits are much less. In cooking, there is tons of recipes using dried apples: compotes, fruit drinks, various desserts and sauces.

Stock up on such healthy foods in the fall just necessary... Moreover, drying these fruits is a simple and inexpensive process.

Drying apples is pretty straightforward, but there are several factors to consider:

  • the number of dried apples;
  • the presence of devices for drying;
  • the time that you are willing to spend on the blanks.

An important role is played by the fact that storage of dried apples is also very simple. Dried fruits are stored for a long time (over a year) in cardboard boxes or cloth bags.

Available methods

What kind of apple dryer do you need?

Drying apples in a gas oven is a great method for housewives with this kind of stove.

You can dry apples directly in the oven on baking sheetsand above the gas stove.

For this, fruit slices are put on strings and laid out on high grates. The complexity of this method is constant control drying process. It is necessary to turn over the layers, monitor the state of the fire.

Drying apples in an electric oven. Apples are believed to dry better in an electric oven than in a gas oven. This is due to the fact that with a long operation of the gas oven, a large oxygen combustion.

Drying apples in an electric oven only takes a few hours. In this case, you should monitor the color and condition of the apple slices, control the temperature, stir apples while drying.

Microwaving apples is one of the quickest drying methods. Drying takes place in small batches, but takes very little time. This method is suitable for drying small amount harvest.

Drying apples in an electric dryer. An electric dryer is a very useful device for drying apples. Having it in your kitchen you can do huge reserves any vegetables and fruits.

This method of drying apples is good because with one drying it turns out a large number of dried fruits. And you do not need to follow and turn over the layers of apples.

Energy consumption with this method, dryness increases due to prolonged use of electricity.

Drying apples in a slow cooker. Multicooker is more and more common in kitchens. But not everyone knows that this device can not only cook, but also dry. It is enough to put on the panel baking mode.

This drying method is suitable for very small quantities of apples, such as compote.

Drying apples in the airfryer. Conveyor grill is a universal device.

Drying apples in it will take quite a little time (no more than an hour) for a sufficiently large volume of apples (2 kg).

This method of drying will help to make large stocks of dried fruits for the winter with a minimum of time spent.


Each hostess chooses your way of drying apples... It all depends on the availability of devices, time and amount of harvested fruit.

Drying is the heat treatment of products with maximum retention in them vitamins and minerals... Dried apples are proof of this. It is a natural, tasty and healthy product.

It should be remembered that the blanks made at home differ from purchased... Indeed, in the latter case, you cannot be sure that there are no preservatives or additives.

Properly prepared dried fruits will help to strengthen immunity in winter, maintain health and stock up on vitamins.

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