Why gooseberries disappear?

With the beginning of summer, the gooseberry completely fades and begins to knit. It was at this time that his bushes need to be fed and watered. You need to soak the soil 40 cm deep, 4 buckets of water are enough. You need to water in the evening.

You need to feed the gooseberries with a mullein solution in a ratio of 1 to 8. Mineral fertilizers are also allowed. The gooseberries are poured along the grooves, and then loosened. Re-loosening is required 2 days after watering. You also need to mulch the bushes with humus and peat chips in order to better retain moisture. By the way, loosening allows you to get rid of weeds.

Fighting gooseberry pests is also necessary. The first signs are leaves rolled into a tube from the top of young shoots of gooseberries or currants. Often, gooseberries are affected by aphids. In this case, wood ash acts as a means of control; it is also an excellent fertilizer.

By the end of June, reddened berries appear on the gooseberry. However, this is not maturation. Such berries are affected by moth larvae, which gradually gnaw out the pulp and seeds. Affected fruits must be collected and destroyed three times.
If the lesions are significant, spraying the bush with tobacco infusion can be applied.
Do not forget the spectacle is to inspect the gooseberry bushes for the presence of affected fruits by sawfly larvae. Signs are early ripening berries with red swellings. The berries must be collected and burned.

The biggest problem on gooseberries is powdery mildew. Berries from such bushes cannot be eaten. You can cure gooseberries by treating the bush with 100 g of disodium phosphate, diluted in one bucket of water. you can also use a solution of 50 g of soda ash per 10 liters of water plus 40 g of soap and / or wood ash. It is necessary to spray at intervals of 10 days three times.

In order to prevent powdery mildew, the gooseberry bush should be treated with slurry with the appearance of the ovary with dilution in water in the calculation of one part of the slurry per 6 parts of water.

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