5 varieties of tomatoes you don't need to pinch

Passionate is the process of removing stepchildren, that is, the lateral processes of the stem. Stepchildren grow from leaf sinuses. Grassing helps to increase the yield, improve the palatability of the fruit.

This is explained by the fact that the lateral processes take away the strength from the fruits, and when they are removed, everything is sent to the tomatoes.


Tomatoes grow to the same size, cylindrical in shape. There are yellow or red fruits... The average weight of the fruit is 100 g. The pulp is juicy and fleshy, the taste is sweet, with a slight hint of sourness. They are distinguished by high productivity.

You can collect the first fruits after 120-130 days after the first shoots appear.

The bush itself is low, usually not exceeding 50 cm in height.

Up to 8 kg of tomatoes can be harvested from a square meter.

It is characterized by high immunity to pests and diseases.

Suitable for growing in greenhouses and open field.

It tolerates drought and other unfavorable conditions well, while the yield practically does not decrease.

Harvested tomatoes are versatile.

Cannot be stored for a long time

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Early ripening variety... Fruits can be harvested as early as three months after the first seedlings emerge. The bush is low (no higher than half a meter), differs in weak branching.

Red tomatoes, weighing 50-100 g. The pulp has a rich taste with a slight acidity.

The yield is high (at least 6 kg of fruits are harvested per square meter, the optimal indicators are 8 kg).

The fruits ripen together.

The variety is resistant to most diseases common to the nightshade family.

It tolerates excessive moisture and drought well.

Can be stored for a long time.

Unpretentious care.

Even when transported over long distances, they retain their taste and appearance.

The gardeners did not reveal any drawbacks in the variety

Boney MM

It is ultra-early maturing. Already 80 days after seed germination, the first fruits can be harvested... Tomatoes are round, with a flat top and bottom, deep red color. The optimal weight of tomatoes is 60-80 g.

Each bush yields about 2 kg of fruit stably.

Vegetables grow in any climatic conditions, they are undemanding to care for.

They are immune to all diseases of the nightshade family.

They are distinguished by their versatility of application.

The yield of the variety is low. This is the main disadvantage of the Boni MM variety.


You can enjoy the first fruits of the Alpha variety three months after the first shoots appear. The bush grows up to 55 cm in height. Tomatoes are characterized by a flat-round shape, small size (weight does not exceed 55 g). The pulp is sweet and juicy.

The yield of the variety is high. With proper care, 7 kg of fruit can be harvested from one square meter.

Excellent taste.

Unpretentious care.

High productivity.

Has immunity from fungal and viral diseases.

Fruits grow not only in unfavorable, but harsh climatic conditions, while they retain their taste and appearance.

Suitable for preparing salads.

Among the disadvantages of the variety, one can single out the short storage duration.

Also, the Alpha variety does not tolerate transportation well.

I don't see any problem in her.


The procedure is necessary, but time-consuming.


I try to grow tomatoes without pinching.


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This fleshy variety is worth trying to grow on your site - the Miracle of the earth tomato

Unpretentious tomato "Sanka" - detailed characteristics of the variety


Medium early variety... One hundred days after the first shoots appear, the first crop can be harvested. A little foliage grows on the bushes, its height does not exceed 60 cm. The bush itself is characterized by compactness. Up to 4 inflorescences appear on the stem, 5-8 fruits are formed on each of them.

The tomatoes are elongated and have a juicy sweet pulp. The weight of one fruit is 50-60 g... 7 kg of tomato can be harvested from a square meter of planting.

Excellent appearance and taste.

Simultaneous maturation.

Immunity to many types of diseases characteristic of the nightshade family.

Unpretentious care.

Long and well-kept.

Universal application.

Long-term storage.

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