Long curved spikelets - peduncles. How do they appear in an orchid and how long do they grow?

Long curved spikelets - peduncles. How do they appear in an orchid and how long do they grow?

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The orchid is a type of exotic plant. It is often received by girls as a gift, after which there is a desire to grow this flower at home. However, for this procedure to be successful, you need to have at least minimal knowledge of orchids.

For example, how to distinguish a peduncle from other parts of a seedling, what care is required for it, if you grow a flower yourself at home, you can learn about this and much more by reading the article to the end.

What it is?

The peduncle is the shoot of a plant that grows from the base of the orchid upwards, presented in the form of a long curved spike. It got its name due to the fact that in the future flowers begin to grow on it.

However, when he first appears, beginners in floriculture often confuse it with the root of a plant or its baby... In fact, this is a mistake of inexperienced florists, there are still differences between these parts, let's take a closer look at what they are below.

How does it differ from other parts and how does it look in the photo?

One of the distinguishing features of the peduncle is the irregularities on its surface, in which the dormant buds are located. Outwardly, they may look like small thorns or scales, they appear even on young shoots.

There are a number of differences:

  1. The root of the orchid has a rounded shape, while at the shoot it is conical.
  2. It differs from the child in that over time its shape does not change, only its size, and for her it becomes in the form of a boat.
  3. The root of the orchid appears from below, and the peduncle begins to grow from the central vein of the sinus of the leaf plate.
  4. The arrow always appears just above the previous bloom.
  5. After the appearance of buds on an orchid shoot, the peduncle will definitely not be confused with other parts of the seedling.

Gardeners call the orchid flower the heart of the flower, because it is the most important and significant part of it.

Besides, it provides all the beauty of the plant, since flowers are formed on it from the buds, and besides, and on each peduncle, over time, a growing tip forms, and as long as it is alive and green, you can always count on the fact that it will continue to give more and more new buds.

Further in the photo you can see how the plant releases a flower shoot:

Where is the growing point at the arrowhead?

The orchid sprouts a peduncle from the leaf axil, but there are times when it hatches from the point of growth, this is not critical, as it does not harm the health of the seedling. However, when the plant re-blooms, it may emerge from the waiting bud of the old shoot. At the same time, a peduncle can grow not only upwards, but also sideways.

When a peduncle appears from the main stem and it grows sideways, as a rule, a minimum number of buds appears, and in order for them to form and grow faster, it is recommended to follow the rules of care.

How long does it take for a culture to release a new flower shoot?

The duration of the release of a peduncle in an orchid primarily depends on its variety, plant age and season. On average, in an ordinary orchid, a peduncle is formed in 60 days, in some cases this process takes 90 days.

If in the room where the flower is located all the requirements for temperature, humidity are met and timely watering is carried out, then less time is required to release the peduncle, on average it takes 30-40 days.

What does his appearance mean?

The appearance of a peduncle for an orchid means that the time has come for the awakening of the sleeping bud and bloom awaits her ahead. Most often this happens in the fall, by this period the plant had time to accumulate strength and was formed for the appearance of buds.

In about two months, instead of small buds, flowers that have opened will already flaunt on them. Therefore, it is very important during this period to pay the maximum amount of attention and care to the flower, water it correctly, apply fertilizer and provide good lighting.

If at the time of the previous flowering, cut off the shoot not under the base, then next time a sleeping bud will appear in this place, from which a lateral peduncle will begin to grow in the future.

Why sometimes the arrow doesn't grow when it appears?

Waiting for the appearance of a peduncle in an orchid is an exciting event., which many novice florists are looking forward to. But sometimes it happens that the shoot appeared, the buds formed and suddenly everything stopped there.

This can happen for the following reasons:

  1. With improper care.
  2. As a result of excessive or, on the contrary, rare watering.
  3. With large or small doses of top dressing.
  4. For various diseases of orchids, such as flour spot, aphids, etc.
  5. Due to prolonged lack of fresh air or in the presence of drafts.
  6. In low light.

For any of the above reason, peduncle development may slow down or stop altogether... To avoid this, you need to be more careful about the plant and follow the rules for caring for the orchid, especially at such a crucial moment.

Some gardeners use the peduncle to propagate their "green friend", but unfortunately, this method is not suitable for some species. But you should not despair, this can be done using cuttings.

The main thing is not to be afraid to harm the flower, even if it does not work out the first time, then soon a new escape will appear, which means that the attempt can be repeated. After that, your house will be decorated with not one, but several orchids at once, the beauty of which is simply mesmerizing.

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