Frost-resistant plant - Roseanne geranium. Basic rules of planting and care, as well as a photo of a flower

Frost-resistant plant - Roseanne geranium. Basic rules of planting and care, as well as a photo of a flower

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Roseanne geranium is one of the few plants that can withstand frost. And at the same time, the flower has all the characteristics of a tropical plant: long flowering, bright color of leaves and petals, pleasant aroma and unpretentious care.

This article describes in detail the features of growing Roseanne geraniums, provides useful recommendations for the care and reproduction of the plant at home.

Botanical description and history of selection

More than 400 types of geraniums are known to flower growers... It is generally accepted that the Roseanne variety originated in the UK, but this is not entirely true. Geranium Roseanne first appeared in South Africa. and then on the territory of India. And only after these travels the plant got to the territory of Europe.

The variety was first introduced to Russia in the 18th century. Russian flower growers were surprised by the fact that the flower is able to survive even in a northern climate. After that, Roseanne geranium was distributed throughout Russia.

Characteristics of appearance and photos

Roseanne geranium is an unusual variety, the flowers of which can be of several shades:

  • white;
  • purple;
  • blue (with a purple tint).

It is worth noting that the shade of colors plays out depending on the weather. In cloudy and rainy weather, the color becomes richer.

The shape of the flowers resembles an elongated glass... A distinctive feature of geranium is the developed structure of leaves and fibers. The leaf plates are divided deeply. One stem holds about 5 leaves. The foliage is soft to the touch, covered with hairs. They have a rich green color. Up to three buds bloom on one stem.

The buds of the variety are large. Each flower has 5-6 petals. The bush grows up to half a meter in height. If you take care of the crop properly, it will take about one square meter in 2 years.

Distinctive features of the variety

The variety is popular among florists. This is due to the presence of a large number of advantages of the variety:

  • flowering begins early and lasts until the first frost;
  • petals change color depending on climatic conditions;
  • the variety is unpretentious to the composition and level of acidity of the soil;
  • will grow well both in the sun and in partial shade;
  • suitable as a soil plant;
  • can be propagated in several ways.

There is practically no lack of the variety. Gardeners do not like the fact that the variety fully reveals its decorative effect only after 2 years of development.

Basic landing rules

Roseanne can be planted both in flowerpots and in flower beds.

Lighting and location

Despite the fact that this geranium is unpretentious to lighting conditions, it will feel best in a well-lit area.

  • If you decide to plant a culture in pots, then you need small containers. It is advisable to take out flowerpots outside or loggias for the summer period.
  • When planting a flower in open ground, you can not be afraid that it will not tolerate frost. More than 90% of the culture will survive next year.

Soil requirements

To plant this variety in open ground, you will need humus soil with a good drainage layer. It is advisable to prepare the sowing holes in advance.

  1. First, they need to be dug up to a depth of 12-15 cm.
  2. Then put some peat there.
  3. Wait 10-14 days and only then move the seedlings.

If you plant geraniums in a pot, then in this case, ready-made soil mixture for indoor plants is most suitable.

Care and reproduction

For the full growth and flowering of the Roseanne geranium, we recommend adhering to the following rules:

  1. During the vegetative development of the culture, you need to make additional fertilizing. You will need both complex mineral fertilizers and organic ones. The regularity of the application is once every two weeks.
  2. In case of poor flowering, preventive pruning is carried out. In this case, only 8-10 cm of shoots are left. Such a procedure will not only restore the strength of the plant, but also give it a beautiful shape.
  3. Watering frequency is calculated based on the condition of the topsoil. As soon as the first 2 to 3 cm are dry, moisten the soil immediately. Water for irrigation should be at room temperature. Cold liquids will provoke diseases of the root system. It is worth considering that this variety will more easily tolerate a short drought than an excess of water.
  4. After each watering, you need to loosen the soil. This will provide oxygen to the root system.
  5. When growing crops in a flowerpot, it is better to water through the pallet.
  6. You do not need to repot the flower regularly. This is done only if the root system has grown strongly and does not fit into the container or the roots are heavily flooded with water.
  7. When choosing a container for Roseanne geraniums, keep in mind the fact that the culture does not tolerate a large space. It is much more comfortable for a flower in a compact container, the volume of which is 1-2 cm more than the volume of the rhizome.
  8. If geranium grows in the open field, then a preventive transplant is still needed. It is held every two years. It is best to carry out the procedure in early spring - at this time, the culture has recovered after a long flowering, but has not yet released new buds.

Breeding features

There are two ways to propagate Roseanne geraniums: by cuttings and by dividing the rhizomes.

  • The root system is also divided in early spring. After the roots are removed from the soil, they are examined, the affected and dry parts are removed. In this case, it is imperative to treat the cut sites with crushed coal in order to prevent the development of infections.
  • To plant a culture with a cuttings, cut off the process, which will have 5-7 leaves. The stalk is placed in water (it is advisable to mix it with activated carbon). After 5-7 days, the shoot will take root, and it can be transplanted into the hole.

A newly planted plant requires special care. Watering is done immediately after planting, but not plentiful. Then the soil will dry out for a week. The first dressing is applied 25-30 days after planting.

Geranium Roseanne does not give seeds, therefore, her flowering lasts until the very frost.

Roseanne is an amazing plant that can take root even in the colder parts of the country. Moreover, the plant is combined with many other crops and looks great solo.

We offer you to watch a video about the features of growing Roseanne geranium:

Watch the video: How To Prune a Hardy Geranium or (May 2022).


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