Beautiful black geranium. Description and photo

Beautiful black geranium. Description and photo

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Geranium has long become popular among gardeners due to its unpretentiousness and a large number of different varieties.

This plant grows all over the world and today there are more than 400 of its varieties.

Black geranium is an amazing plant bred in the USA and which has now spread throughout our country. How it differs from other varieties and how to care for it we will talk below.

Breeding history

For the first time geranium was brought to our region from England in the middle of the 17th century, so many believe that it is England that is its homeland. But actually geranium - a native of the southern regions - India and the coast of Africa... From here she was brought to the countries of the Old World, where breeders began to develop her new varieties. One of these varieties is black geranium.

Interesting! American breeders bred black geranium, for which they received an award in the field of breeding.

Description of appearance and photo

Black geranium is the only one of all varieties that is distinguished by its dark chocolate leaves. Plant height 25-30 cm. Leaves in the center are dark brown, green at the edges, with a slight wave... Moreover, the leaves of black geranium in the first year of life have a bronze tint, and only as they grow do they become chocolate. The inflorescences of this geranium are small, can be pink, light pink, and sometimes bright red.

This variety is multiflora, that is, it is quite compact, low, and has abundant flowering. At the beginning of the 20th century, geranium was popularly nicknamed “the rose for the poor”.

See a photo of this unusual and beautiful plant:

Variety Black Velvet

Variety "Black Velvet" is the only one existing among black geraniums... The variety got its name due to the dark leaves, which look really black against the background of bright flowers.

Distinctive features

The main difference between black geranium and other varieties is dark leaves. In addition, unlike other varieties, "Black Velvet" prefers to grow only in well-lit areas. In all other respects, this type of geranium is no different from others.

Growing conditions

Planting black geranium is necessary from January to April.:

  1. First of all, the seeds of the plant must be planted in a room pot. For this, shallow grooves are laid, seeds are placed in them and lightly sprinkled with soil. In this case, care must be taken that the soil is not too wet, since this can lead to rotting of the roots of a young plant.

    To maintain the required level of humidity, it is recommended to cover the crops with glass or foil, and place in a bright place. The air temperature must be maintained at 24 degrees.

  2. After the appearance of the cotyledons, the shelter is removed, and the crops are rearranged to a more illuminated place. In this case, the temperature should be reduced to +18 degrees. With a lack of lighting, the seedlings will begin to stretch out quickly, and then just as quickly and die.
  3. After two full-fledged leaves have appeared on the plant, it must be transplanted into pots with a maximum diameter of 10 cm. Two weeks after transplanting, the flower must be fed with liquid organic fertilizers. In open ground, geraniums can be planted in the second half of May.

Lighting and location

The main difference between "Black Velvet" is that the plant prefers to grow only in well-lit places, but without constant exposure to direct sunlight. The best option would be bright sunlight in the morning and shade in the second.

If the black geranium is planted outdoors, it is best to choose places under large trees so that the sun can break through the foliage. Also, the plant can be planted under taller "neighbors" in the flowerbed, which will cover the plant on a hot day.

Soil requirements

Black geranium is unpretentious to the soil and will grow well in any type of land. But it is imperative to monitor watering and dryness of the soil... In addition, at the end of the season, it is necessary to add river sand, which improves the permeability of the soil. The plant also loves fertilizers, so it is recommended to feed once a season.

Care and reproduction

In order for black geranium to grow well and please with its flowers, it is necessary to observe the temperature regime and the irrigation schedule.

If the seeds were planted in the winter months, the temperature during the day for active growth should be kept within 10-15 degrees. At night, it should not fall below minus 5. If the flower was planted in the spring, then the ideal temperature for it will be + 20-25.

Geranium is watered as the soil dries up, since the plant needs moisture. In the hot summer months, it is worth spraying regularly.

There are three ways to propagate Black Velvet:

  1. Cutting tops and stems... To do this, the shoots at the top are cut in such a way that 2-3 healthy leaves remain. It is necessary to plant cuttings to a depth of 2-3 cm, while the air temperature should be 15 degrees. After planting for the first four days, the plant should be in the dark, after which it is exposed to the window on the darkened side. Propagation by cuttings is best done in spring.
  2. Seed propagation... This method is not very popular for the Black Velvet variety, but nevertheless it takes place. After the seeds are collected, they must be gently wiped with sandpaper to facilitate further germination. After that, the seeds are sown in light, sifted soil, covered and set in a dark place.
  3. Division of roots... This method of reproduction can be carried out only if the processes have already gone from the root. The bush will need to be dug up and carefully cut off these processes, and then planted in ordinary soil. In this case, the diameter of the bowl should not be more than 10 cm.

Black geranium is an incredibly beautiful variety with dark chocolate leaves, which in its other characteristics practically does not differ from its congeners.

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