Amazing flower Clerodendrum Speziosum: photos and rules of care

Clerodendrum Speziosum is an unusual culture, the popularity of which among florists is growing every year. The plant is distinguished by abundant flowering, light pleasant aroma, and also unpretentious care.

Also, at Clerodendrum Speziosum, you can give a variety of bush shapes and surprise all guests. Let's talk about this plant in more detail.

History of occurrence, description and photo

The plant came to us from Malaysia and part of the African continent... Clerodendrum Speziosum is a hybrid culture that emerged from the crossing of two types of Clerodendrum: Thompson and brilliant.

You can recognize this variety by the thin long shoots of a reddish tint and tough, large leaves (which, moreover, have a slight edge). The foliage is heart-shaped and the color is deep green.

The main advantage of clerodendrum is its fast growth rate... If you follow all the growing conditions, flowers bloom all year round.

Reference! Seeds are not formed in the variety, therefore Speziosum is propagated only by cuttings.

Below is a photo of the Clerodendrum Speziosum flower.

Features of the variety and its variety Speziosissium

The variety has a second name - prickly. Shoots can grow up to 3 meters in height. The stems are curly, on a cut they are tetrahedral. The leaves are rather large, wide, with wavy edges.... Petioles grow in length up to 2-3 cm, red.

The bloom is profuse, usually lasting during the summer. Apical inflorescences, have the form of moths. The heart of the flower is purple, and the corollas are dark red.

A variety of plants - Speciozissimum.

Home care

How, where and at what time of year to plant?

Usually a young plant is planted in early spring, when the culture has gained strength over the winter, but has not yet begun to bloom. Transplanting and renewal of adult plants is carried out at the same time. Landing algorithm:

  1. Prepare the soil. It is best to purchase a ready-made mixture for indoor plants.
  2. Before planting, place the substrate in an oven preheated to 100 degrees. Hold it there for 30 minutes.
  3. Don't forget the drainage layer. To do this, use broken brick, pieces of styrofoam, and clay shards. Layer height - 2-3 cm.
  4. Fill up the soil by 1/3 of the pot volume. Place the flower in a pot, spread the leaves and cover with the rest of the soil.
  5. Water the plant, put it in a bright place, which is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Soil, pot, habitat and lighting

  • The soil... Choose a fertile and loose substrate for planting crops. Acidity indicators should be at the level of 5-6. For self-preparation of the soil mixture, the following components are added in equal proportions:
    1. leaf and garden land;
    2. sand (preferably river, because it is larger) and peat.
  • Lighting and habitat... Cleodendrum Speziosum is a culture whimsical to lighting. Therefore, you need to put a flowerpot with a flower in a well-lit place, but at the same time make sure that direct sunlight does not burn the leaf plates. Also, when choosing a place for a plant, avoid proximity to heating devices - the plant will not tolerate dry air.
  • Pot... The material of the flowerpot does not matter. It is advisable not to choose a wide and flat container. The size of the pot is determined in accordance with the volume of the root system - the diameter of the pot should be 2-3 cm larger.

Important! In poor lighting conditions, flowering will be rare or completely absent.

Humidity, watering and feeding

  • Cleodendrum Speziosum is a plant that responds positively to abundant watering. With constant flowering, the culture is watered every two days. If there are no buds on the bush, you can moisten the soil twice a week. In winter, when the flower is recovering, one watering per week is enough. To get the most out of watering, use settled water at room temperature for this.
  • When the plant is blooming, it is fed three times a week. Cleodendrum Speziosum loves phosphorus and potassium, the best option is the use of complex fertilizers. Also, once a month, organic matter can be used for feeding.
  • The plant loves moist air. Therefore, on hot days, it needs to be sprayed every day (you can even several times a day). At the same time, make sure that the leaves are not exposed to the sun. Otherwise, water droplets will cause burns. Combine crop moisture with a shower during cooler seasons.

Do you need pruning?

Pruning is necessary for the flower to form a beautiful compact shape, stimulate branching, as well as abundant flowering.

For the pruning procedure, use sharp scissors or pruning shears. The instrument is disinfected before trimming.

All damaged parts of the plant are regularly removed.

  • First, they uselessly take nutrients from the crop.
  • Secondly, they can infect healthy parts of the Cleodendrumoma of Speziosum.

Places of cuts are processed with crushed coal.

How to reproduce?

Cleodendrum Speziosum is propagated in only one way - by cuttings... For planting, only cuttings with 2-3 internodes and buds are selected. Reproduction algorithm:

  1. Cut off the stalk (this procedure is carried out from early spring to July).
  2. Place the shoot in a solution of activated carbon.
  3. After a day, change the water to a new one.
  4. After the roots appear, plant the process in a small container and cover with a cap (you can use a cut plastic bottle). Place in a warm, well-lit place. Drizzle, but not abundantly.
  5. Open the sprout every day for hardening. After 7-10 days, open it completely.
  6. After a month, you can make the first top dressing.

What pests, diseases and challenges can you face?

When growing Cleodendrumum Speziosum, the following problems may arise:

  1. The leaf plates turn yellow and wither. This is due to too much watering.
  2. The appearance of brown spots on the foliage - sunburn.
  3. The edges of the leaves dry out and the buds fall off. To avoid this problem, you need to increase the humidity of the air.
  4. The internodes are long, and there are few leaf blades on the stems. This indicates a lack of sunlight. If the daylight hours are short, phytolamps can be used.
  5. The plant does not emit peduncles. A lack of fertilizer or a florist did not provide the plant with winter rest.

Clerodendrum Specosum is a popular culture that is often used to decorate homes and offices.

The culture has many advantages: long flowering, unpretentious care and unusual appearance.

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