A variety of amaryllis - beautiful flowers with a delicate aroma. What are the cheapest varieties?

A variety of amaryllis - beautiful flowers with a delicate aroma. What are the cheapest varieties?

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Perennial Amaryllis is one of the most beautiful indoor flowers.

Do you want to enjoy a beautiful flowering plant with the finest aroma, without spending a lot of time and effort on caring?

Amaryllis is the perfect choice. And among the huge number of its varieties, you can always find the right flower for you.


For a long time, the only representative of amaryllis was belladonna - a pale pink or light lilac bell-shaped flower. Only at the end of the twentieth century was another species found - paradisicol.

It is distinguished from belladonna:

  • large leaves;
  • a large number of rose buds;
  • bright and rich aroma.

At the moment, up to four species of this plant are isolated in nature. On their basis, many varietal amaryllis have been bred. Breeders continue to make great efforts to grow interesting new varieties.

The main goals of their work are:

  • getting larger sizes;
  • removing a unique color;
  • creating a new form.

To date, about 90 varieties have been bredwhich differ in shape, shade, size and number of petals. Let's consider the most popular of them.

Important! Amaryllis is not only beautiful but also dangerous. Its bulb and partly in the shoots contains poison. Therefore, you should only work with it with gloves.

Popular types: names, description with photo


  • Height: up to 50 cm.
  • Flower diameter: 20cm.
  • Color: light pink.
  • Features: light-loving variety.

This variety has nothing to do with the lily family.... It is named so because of its shape, which is a bit like this plant. One bulb can produce 1-2 arrows, on which there are 5-6 buds similar to bells. It is very light-loving, so it is better to place it on a windowsill, where there is always enough sunlight.


  • Height: 45 cm.
  • Flower diameter: 22-25 cm.
  • Color: white with pink streaks and stripes.
  • Features: double flowers.

This decorative culture with large double inflorescences resembles peonies. One bulb produces up to 3 arrows with 3-4 flowers each.

Due to the many petals, the Nymphs resemble a lush ball.


  • Height: 50-70 cm.
  • Diameter: 15-20 cm.
  • Coloring: bright red.
  • Features: double flowers.

One of the most beautiful varieties. Large buds with rich red petals bloom on a flower arrow in 5-6 pieces. The flowering period depends on the time of planting.... Ferrari grows faster in a bright room.

Double Dream

  • Height: 40-60 cm.
  • Diameter: 16-19 cm.
  • Color: bright pink petals with white tips.
  • Features: large-flowered.

A gorgeous plant with large buds. Tall and thickened stems have 4 to 6 flowers. When Double Dream opens, its petals bend and change shape beautifully..


  • Height: 60 cm.
  • Diameter: 20 cm.
  • Coloring: deep red with white stripes in the center.
  • Features: large-flowered.

This the variety is distinguished by its showiness... A large bulb produces several flower stalks. Their number on the stem reaches six. Wide petals with pointed tips resemble a rhombus.

Apple Blossom

  • Height: 50 cm.
  • Diameter: 18cm.
  • Color: white and pink.
  • Features: color saturation depends on lighting.

The buds really resemble apple blossom in shade.... Each bulb has 2-3 long tubular peduncles with 4 to 6 flowers, which have wide oval petals with corrugated edges.

The saturation of pink depends on the brightness of the lighting in the room. With a lack of light, it becomes almost white.

Apple Blossom has a very long flowering period.


  • Height: 45-50 cm.
  • Diameter: 19cm.
  • Color: salmon orange.
  • Features: large-flowered.

This is a delicate, beautifully flowering perennial culture. Large bulbs can shoot two flower arrows. On each of them there are from four to six large flowers, the oval petals of which are slightly sharpened towards the end. After opening, they bend beautifully, and the shape of the flower changes. You can accelerate growth by placing the plant in a room with bright, diffused light..

Mont Blanc

  • Height: 50-65 cm.
  • Diameter: 20-25cm.
  • Coloring: snow-white flowers with a yellow throat.
  • Features: large-flowered.

Perennial bulbous plant with 5-6 snow-white funnel-shaped buds. Mont Blanc spreads a very bright and sophisticated scent.


  • Height: 45-50 cm.
  • Diameter: 15-25 cm.
  • Coloring: snow-white with pink-crimson blotches in the center and edging.
  • Features: terry large flower.

This variety with a narrow stem surprises with its special color: large white tubular flowers with a pink undertone. Terry pointed petals with crimson edging complement the beautiful appearance.


  • Height: 60 cm.
  • Diameter: 15-25 cm.
  • Color: white with red dusting and strokes.
  • Features: small flowers.

This perennial bulbous culture looks graceful and delicate. Each bulb has 1-2 long arrows with 4-6 small, star-shaped flowers... The upper petals are richer than the lower ones. On the back, they are light green. The neck of the plant is greenish.

Christmas Gift

  • Height: 45-55 cm.
  • Diameter: 18-19 cm.
  • Coloring: snow-white.
  • Features: large-flowered.

On the peduncle there are usually 2-4 snow-white huge flowers with a greenish neck of a wide open shape. The petals are oval, wide, while the outer ones are wider than the inner ones. The edge of the petals is wavy. This amaryllis looks like a real Christmas present!

We talked about how amaryllis look and what their structure is, here.


  • Height: 60 cm.
  • Diameter: 20 cm.
  • Coloring: red-pink.
  • Features: large-flowered.

Large flowers with a delicate scent look like bells... A peduncle is formed on a long stem, consisting of 1-3 inflorescences. The bulbs give 1 to 2 long flower arrows. Each arrow bears four equally large, wide-open flowers, evenly colored pink.

Red Peacock

  • Height: 35-50 cm.
  • Flower diameter: 15-20 cm.
  • Coloring: bright red.
  • Features: large-flowered.

This variety will surprise you with its bright red juicy shade. 4-6 buds bloom on the stem, each with 13-19 petals. A white thin thread can be located along the petal... When the flowers are fully opened, the petals bend and change shape beautifully.

The cheapest varieties

Among budget varieties, the following varieties can be called.


White flowers with a faint pinkish tinge, distinguished by their unique aroma.

Apple Blossom

It is a large-flowered plant with white-pink petals.


Delicate large pink buds with white stripes.


Delicate pink flowers with white strokes, up to 20 cm in diameter.


It is an exquisite and delicate variety with snow-white buds, blooming for up to 9 months.

Amaryllis is an amazing plant that impresses not only with the beauty of its shades, but also with its subtle aroma.... These are far from all of its varieties, but they are often used by flower growers. Amaryllis varieties are diverse, thanks to which you can create a real mini-greenhouse at home.

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