Everything about preparations for tomatoes: Fitoverm, Athlete, Ovary, Tour and others, their differences in composition and application

Everything about preparations for tomatoes: Fitoverm, Athlete, Ovary, Tour and others, their differences in composition and application

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Every gardener wants to get a decent harvest from his tomatoes. However, this is not an easy task.

For growing tomatoes, a wide variety of drugs are used, for example, from pests, pulling seedlings and pollination in a greenhouse.

This article describes in detail the preparations that are used to improve the process of tomato ovary, as well as the prevention of various diseases and pests.

What are they?

These are drugs that help protect plants from pests and various diseases. Experts are constantly improving their composition, taking into account the immunity of the tomato, and breeding new ones. As a result of this work, a huge choice is formed, which makes it quite problematic to choose the drug you need. To do this, you need to understand the features of their application. In turn, the compositions are divided into:

  1. Biological... They are composed of plants, fungi or bacteria.
  2. Chemical organic... These are phthalimides, morpholines, triazoles.
  3. Chemical inorganic... Their composition includes sulfur, copper, iron compounds, salts.

There are also drugs for the following uses:

  • For seed treatment.
  • Antiseptic and antibiotic for substrates.
  • Compositions that are used during the period of active growth.

Other drugs can be subdivided by use:

  1. For prevention.
  2. Strengthening the immune system.
  3. Medicinal. They help in the first few days after the illness.

In addition to preparations for diseases and pests for tomatoes, there are various formulations for plant growth, from pulling seedlings and for pollination of tomatoes in a greenhouse.

Which ones are used for pests?

For effective pest control, timely treatment of plants is required, aimed at their effective destruction. For this, the following drugs can be used.


Description: biological product with a complex of pests. Its composition is based on the waste products of soil microorganisms. The duration of the protective effect of the drug is up to 20 days.

Appointment: for treating plants from ticks.

average price: 11 rub.

Instructions: treatment with the drug occurs during the growing season of the plant with an interval of 20 days. It is necessary to dilute 10 ml of the composition in 1 liter of water. Processed at the rate of 1 liter of solution per 10 m2.


Description: is a universal composition against a complex of pests. It has an intestinal, contact and fumigation effect on a wide range of insects (including ticks).

Appointment: removes mites and aphids from tomatoes 2 hours after spraying.

average cost: from 13 rubles.

Instructions: 10 ml of the drug in 5 liters of water. 2 sprays during the growing season.


Description: Kills various types of aphids on tomatoes. Has a high speed of action and is not addictive to insects.

Appointment: the drug is used against whitefly, thrips on tomatoes.

average cost: from 10 rubles.

Instructions: the composition must be sprayed on plants during the growing season. Based on 5 ml of composition per 10 liters of water. Consumption of 30 l of solution per 100 m2.


Description: a biological agent used against ticks. It is used at any stage of plant growth. The complete death of parasites occurs in 3 days. The fruits can be eaten 2-3 days after processing. The drug is not addictive to insects.

Appointment: as pests appear.

average cost: from 12 rubles.

Instructions: used for tomatoes in greenhouses. Fruit processing takes place during the growing season by spraying. Based on 10 ml of the composition per 1 liter of water. It is necessary to carry out 2 treatments.

Tanrek from aphids

Description: the drug has a high activity, which prevents the emergence of new generations of pests. Resistant to rain. Works at both low and high temperatures.

Appointment: effective remedy for whitefly and aphids on tomatoes.

average cost: from 14 rubles.

Instructions: spraying is performed during the growing season with a solution of 3 ml of the drug per 10 liters of water. One time is enough.

From pulling seedlings

Drugs that slow down the growth of seedlings are called retardants. Which are used for watering or spraying. For example, the drug Athlete.


Description: also, it improves the yield of tomatoes and their quality. Plants treated with it stop growing in height and begin to actively form the root system.

Appointment: its main purpose is to control the growth of seedlings.

The cost of the drug: 11 rub.


  1. It is necessary to water (spray) 1 young plant, which already has 3 true leaves.
  2. Watering once or 3 sprays. Use 50 ml of solution.
  3. In the next 2 sprays, increase the concentration to 1 ampoule per 0.5 l of water.
  4. Carry out processing once a week.


Description: is a plant growth regulator (retardant). Increases immunity to pests and diseases, increases productivity.

Appointment: inhibits the growth of seedlings in low light.

average cost: RUB 14

Instructions: Dilute 0.5 bag of powder in 5 liters of water. For processing 60 m2... 3 sprays are enough.


Description: The drug is a tomato growth regulator. Also activates the development of roots, strengthens the stem.

Appointment: prevents the seedlings from pulling out in low light.

average cost: from 10 rubles.

Instructions: in case of preventing overgrowth of seedlings in tomatoes, it is necessary to spray the plants three times:

  • 1 in the phase of 3 leaves;
  • 2 and 3 at intervals of 7 days.

To do this, it is necessary to dilute the solution at the rate of 1 ml of the drug per 1 liter of water.

For pollination of tomatoes in the greenhouse

When growing tomatoes in a greenhouse, special attention should be paid to pollination of the plants. Since this process is extremely important for a good harvest. To do this, you can use special preparations for natural stimulation of fruit formation. For example: Bud and Ovary.

Bud and Ovary

Description: Thanks to these biological products, pollen grains and tubes grow, and the fertilization process is more active.

Appointment: for the flow of nutrients to the flowers. And this, in turn, helps the formation of ovaries.

approximate cost: 32 rub.

Instructions: Dilute 1 g of the drug with 1 l of water. By spraying, flowers and buds are evenly moistened. Tomatoes are processed during the flowering period of the second and third brushes.

Boric acid solution

Description: boric acid solution, used for various fertilizers.

Appointment: used for high-quality ovary formation during artificial pollination.

average cost: 66 rub.

Instructions: it is necessary to dissolve 10 g of powder in 10 liters of hot water. Dust the bushes after the solution has cooled to room temperature.

Overdose on tomatoes

From Tour - what to do?

Description: Tur (chlorocholine chloride) is a plant growth regulator, retardant. A chemical preparation that is biologically active. It also accelerates flowering, promotes the accumulation of vitamin C in fruits.

Appointment: used when there is a lack of light to prevent the seedlings from pulling out.

Cost: from 20 rubles.

Instructions: for processing, it is necessary to dissolve the ampoule in 10 liters of water. Three treatments are carried out:

  1. processing - 12 days before flowering;
  2. processing - 12 days after flowering;
  3. processing - at the beginning of fruit ripening.

Observe the correct dosage of all drugs indicated in the instructions. Overdose can lead to impaired growth and inhibition of the state of the plant. In some cases, even to his death.

When the dose of the drug TUR is exceeded, white spots appear on the leaves. But do not worry, because after a while the spots will pass.

For personal protection, when processing with the drug, you need to wear gloves, a respirator and goggles. - to avoid getting the solution on the mucous membrane. If this does happen, the affected area is treated with a small amount of water at room temperature. In case of contact with skin, use soap.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the treatment of plants should be carried out observing some safety rules: in the absence of animals and children, the solution of the preparations should not be stored, but fully used, alternate between different compositions so that the plants do not acquire immunity to one. And the most important thing is strict adherence to the instructions.

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