All about the timing of growing basil: when to plant seeds and seedlings in open ground, and when to a cozy greenhouse?

All about the timing of growing basil: when to plant seeds and seedlings in open ground, and when to a cozy greenhouse?

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Basil is a fragrant plant native to India, which has been used in both culinary and traditional medicine.

It cannot be called highly whimsical, however, you should familiarize yourself with some recommendations so that the harvest is a success. It is especially important when growing basil to find the right time for planting.

In the article you will find information on when to plant a spice in an open area, at what temperature it can be done, including in the Urals and in other regions, as well as in what months and where it is worth planting only at home or in a greenhouse.

When to sow seeds and plant spices in an open area?

Sudden cold snaps and night frosts are detrimental to a heat-loving plant. In the open ground, basil is comfortable when the soil warms up to 15 ° C.

  • These terms may vary in different regions of the country. For example, in the southern regions, suitable weather conditions are established by the end of May, in Central Russia - by the beginning of June, and in Siberia, the Urals and the Far East, the spice should be grown only in a greenhouse or greenhouse.
  • It is important to take into account that seeds are more vulnerable to temperature fluctuations, while basil grown through seedlings adapts more successfully in the garden.
  • As for the varieties of basil, the most unpretentious of them (clove, clove-pepper and lemon varieties) are suitable for open ground, while the rest are sown in pots for seedlings.

You will find all the secrets on how to properly plant and grow basil outdoors in another article.

Features of sowing and planting in different months

Consider when you can plant spices with seedlings and seeds in spring and summer in open ground, as well as at other times of the year at home.

In March

Mid-March is the time for sowing seeds in greenhouses and greenhouses. For basil, you should choose a heated, organic fertilized soil, and also protect it from drafts and wind. It will be useful to introduce drainage in order to prevent the roots of the plant from rotting. In order to preserve heat and moisture, it is recommended to cover the bed with basil with plastic wrap.

Reference! For early planting in greenhouses, anise varieties are best suited ("Basil Italian", "Basil anise", "Gourmet anise", "Anise delight").

In April

April often pleases with warm weather, but residents of the southern regions should not rush to sow seeds in the garden. Even one cold night can ruin the crop. But for summer residents from Central Russia, the time comes to prepare seedlings for further transplantation into open ground.

It is most convenient to use a ready-made soil mixture spilled with a solution of potassium permanganate for basil. It is enough to lower the seeds by 1 cm into moistened soil, cover with foil or glass and leave in a bright place where the temperature fluctuates between 20 ° C and 25 ° C (is seed preparation necessary before planting?). For planting through seedlings, any varieties are suitable, except for undersized ones (they are most conveniently grown in room conditions).

In May

By the end of May, in the southern regions of the country, as a rule, sufficiently warm weather is established for planting basil in open ground with seeds, so there is no question whether it is possible to sow at this time. An open, sunny place is ideal for this thermophilic plant. You will find all the details on choosing the right place for planting basil in this article.

The soil prepared for sowing should be covered with foil a few days before planting in order to achieve the optimum soil temperature. Crops must be sprinkled with fertile soil and the film must not be removed until shoots appear.

You will get a solid harvest if you choose the most resistant varieties of purple basil: ordinary, Yerevan, red.

In June

The first decade of June is the best time for transplanting seedlings into open ground. So that the plants do not suffer and successfully adapt to new conditions, it is recommended to avoid the scorching sun during the procedure and shade for the first few days.

Important! You can not break the earthen lump on the roots of a young plant, and at the end of the procedure, spill the beds abundantly with warm, settled water. Basil reacts well to nitrogen fertilizers, so you shouldn't neglect them.

Any kind of spice is suitable for planting in warm June.

Growing basil is not difficult at all. If you approach this business responsibly and follow all the rules for planting and caring for this wonderful plant, then soon you will have the opportunity to harvest a fragrant, tasty and healthy spice.

In other months

Low-growing basil varieties can be grown at home all year round. For these purposes, potted plants located on the balcony are suitable. It is necessary to keep the temperature at 20-25 ° C, hide from direct sunlight and drafts and make sure that the soil remains moist, but not overflowed. Read more about growing basil at home here.

It turns out that when choosing a date for sowing basil in closed or open ground, you need to focus only on the weather conditions in your region: it does not hurt to check the weather forecasts or consult with more experienced summer residents.

So, even a novice gardener can successfully plant basil. If you dare to experiment with a variety of varieties and be attentive to your beds, you can get a fragrant spice that is invariably good both fresh and dried.

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