A miraculous slimming cocktail. Recipe for a fat-burning mixture of kefir, ginger, cinnamon and red pepper

A miraculous slimming cocktail. Recipe for a fat-burning mixture of kefir, ginger, cinnamon and red pepper

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Every girl at least once in her life tried to lose weight with the help of various diets and experiments. And today one of the most popular ways is the kefir diet, based on the use of a cocktail of kefir, ginger, cinnamon and red pepper.

Because of work, many do not have time for an active lifestyle and extra pounds accumulate, then you can resort to this drink.

In this article, we will consider the benefits of ingredients in a healthy mixture and recipes for preparation.

Chemical composition

Let's analyze the features of each component in the cocktail:

  1. Kefir - fermented milk product, which helps to improve digestion and the state of microflora, cleanses the body of toxins.
  2. Ginger - anti-inflammatory agent, it can be used for coughing, for sore throat, but ginger also has a positive effect on the digestive system, is able to break down adipose tissue and have a beneficial effect on immunity.
  3. Red pepper due to the pungency, it can reduce appetite, also increases metabolic rate and energy.
  4. Cinnamon accelerates the breakdown of sugar in the body and metabolism, has a beneficial effect on digestion, improves mood.

    If you add cinnamon to your food, you can reduce your sugar intake.

The principle of the fat burning cocktail

Individually, each of the ingredients has many advantages, and if you mix them, you get an extraordinary drink that can significantly speed up the metabolic processes in our body and get rid of a couple of extra pounds. Pros of this cocktail:

  1. Minimum calories.
  2. Well absorbed.
  3. Eliminates hunger.
  4. Availability of ingredients.

Indications and contraindications for use


To achieve the desired result in losing weight, in addition to a cocktail, you need to go in for sports, drink your daily water intake and, if possible, adjust your diet. And only then the result will be noticeable. The cocktail will help you lose weight without harming the body, because its composition does not consist of various additives and preservatives.


  1. Fat-burning cocktail of kefir with ginger is contraindicated for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. For example, gastritis or stomach ulcers. This is because red hot peppers and ginger, which are one of the main components of a kefir cocktail, can only aggravate existing stomach problems.
  2. It is also contraindicated to use a fat-burning mixture during pregnancy, during lactation, with exacerbation of allergies and internal bleeding.
  3. Possible intolerance to any components, in which case this drink should not be consumed either.

Cooking recipe and course of admission

Ingredient List:

  • a glass of low-fat kefir;
  • half a tablespoon of ground cinnamon;
  • half a tablespoon of ground or grated ginger root;
  • a pinch of red pepper.


  1. Pour a glass of kefir into a glass or bowl of a blender, then add red pepper, ginger and then cinnamon.
  2. Next, everything must be thoroughly mixed until smooth.
  3. You need to drink a cocktail immediately after preparation, otherwise it will not cause a big effect.

Important! Do not overdo it with red pepper, otherwise you will not be delighted with the taste of the resulting cocktail. If you can't go without sugar or if you want something tasty, then you can add bananas or honey.

Admission course:

Opinions about when to drink a fat-burning cocktail are divided. Some believe that you need to drink kefir with ginger before meals, because it reduces appetite.

Others, on the contrary, believe that after eating, because the cocktail speeds up the metabolism. There is also a "golden mean" - drink half of the kefir before meals, and half after. Such a mixture can also replace an evening meal if taken at night, and some can use a cocktail instead of food all day, arrange a so-called fasting day. But do not abuse fasting days, they can be done as much as possible once a week.

How long to wait for the result?

To achieve a positive result the most important thing is to consume the drink regularly... Maybe in the first days you will not see the effect. But if you drink the cocktail twice a day for a month, then the result will amaze you. In a month, you can lose from 4 to 6 kg. This is a very good result, considering that you do not particularly limit yourself in food and do not sleep in the gym. And during a fasting day, you can lose about 1 kg.

Ginger can also be used to make slimming drinks such as tea, including green tea, and a mixture based on mineral water.

A mixture of kefir and ginger is useful in any case, it will not only help burn extra pounds, but also improve the skin, saturating it with useful antioxidants and rid the body of toxins and toxins. After achieving results, you will already be more careful about your diet, so as not to gain back the pounds that have gone. Therefore, this drink also motivates to lead a healthy and correct lifestyle.

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