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Question: where do I find a sowing tray?

I saw your fantastic seed sowing seed video. I searched for this kind of seedbed in my city but I can't find it. Can you tell me where to find it on the internet? I have 400 seedlings of tomatoes to sprout from my house. Greetings.

Answer: where to find a seedbed

Gentile Luciano,
the equipment that we sometimes use in our videos is professional, in particular what you see in the video of sowing seeds is a special sowing tray, which is used by those who must prepare hundreds and hundreds of small plants, and then be able to to sell; generally all nurseries that also produce small plants, have this type of seedlings available, and usually, by asking, it is possible to have someone in exchange for a few euros. In some specialized nurseries, or even in some internet sites dedicated to seeds, it is possible to find for sale these trays for seeding, or even similar trays, which often guarantee a larger portion of land for each individual seedling. In many nurseries it is possible to purchase small annual plants inserted in trays with four or six seedlings; many sowing enthusiasts keep these trays from year to year, to use them for their crops.
In any case you can also prepare yourself a seedbed similar to that one, using a large fruit box: cover the bottom with a plastic sheet, and fill it with good quality soil; so with the help of two crossed wires divide the land at your disposal into small squares of about two centimeters of side (or even three, depending on how many plants you want to cultivate and how long you want to leave them in the tray), and place a single seed in the center of each square. In this type of seedbed the plants are destined to stay for a short time, so generally they do not develop a large root system; for this reason there are also trays that are not divided into squares, in practice they are large, low and waterproof trays.
As soon as the small plants have emitted the first pair of true leaves, or as soon as they are large enough to be handled, they are moved into small individual pots, to allow them to develop better before being planted.
Gardening enthusiasts often sow young plants directly into eight or ten diameter pots, so that it is not necessary to repot them before planting them; the small pots are easy to find, in any nursery, garden center, DIY store. In fact, sometimes it is enough to ask the neighbor who is preparing the flowerbed of violets, and generally there are dozens of small pots; indeed, often the neighbor thanks us because he cannot decide whether to put the small pots in the separate collection of plastic, or directly in the undifferentiated.
If desired, it is also possible to use large and high saucers as sowing trays: fill them with a good soil mixed with perlite, water and arrange the seeds carefully, avoiding putting them too thick; it vaporizes often, and expects the seeds to germinate.
I repeat that in such seedlings the plants remain little time, so even if the seedbed is devoid of drain holes, generally nothing happens to the small plants, which in two or three weeks are moved into individual pots.
There are also confected seeds on the market, every single seed is covered with a hard, white rind, which makes it huge, a single tomato seed can reach a diameter of half a centimeter with sugar; The coated seeds cost a lot, but usually they are guaranteed germination (from 10 seeds you get 10 seedlings), and being so large it is easy to sow them by distancing them by a few centimeters, even without any type of seedbed.


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