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Works of the month garden June

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Tips for the month of June

What are the Jobs of the June garden month? Certainly, those involved in gardening know that most of the work, in this month, has already been completed but is well aware of the jobs that still need to be done to keep their space the best.
In the garden of June it is the month of colors, most of the plants are in bloom or have already prepared the buds, it is therefore essential to guarantee the right degree of humidity and the right doses of fertilizer.
In the greater part of the garden we will have, already in the month of March or in April spread of the slow-release fertilizer, or of the manure, which continue over time to keep constant the quantity of mineral substances contained in the soil; for potted plants, or at least for all the plants that we have not fertilized, it will be important to provide fertilizer by mixing it with the water used for watering every 12-15 days.


Watering must be regular, especially if the temperatures are very high and the climate is dry; we avoid watering the garden during the hottest hours of the day, we prefer the early morning, or evening, so as to prevent our waterings from evaporating quickly in the scorching sun.
Also the lawn will have to be watered, in a regular and abundant way, and above all if it is newly planted.
The high temperatures and the many hours of insolation make evaporation rapid and constant, especially with regard to plants cultivated in pots; let's remember therefore that it is not necessary to water every day, if we supply a little water, which evaporates quickly.
A correct watering in June is also provided only every two days, but it is done by thoroughly wetting the soil, especially that contained in the pots; if the pots are very dry we can even immerse them in a bucket of water, to allow the substrate bread around the roots to completely rehydrate.
In the garden, after having watered, we should be able to find water at a depth of about 15-20 cm; if this is not the case, within a short time the soil will return dry and dry, leaving the roots of our plants in an arid climate.
Remember to water the succulents in June, letting the soil dry completely between one watering and another.


The bulk of the pruning has already been done, but remember that hedges, creepers and roses should be pruned regularly; then we cimulate the branches of roses that carry faded flowers and shorten the branches of hedges and creepers that have grown excessively. We avoid pruning plants massively, especially on the hottest days: the loss of sap from wounds added to external drought could be detrimental to the plants.
It is good to intervene only to remove dry branches and maintain the desired shape.

Garden month jobs June: Treatments

The summer months make the treatments quite difficult; in fact most of the plants are in bloom, therefore it becomes difficult to distribute an insecticide without disturbing or killing useful insects, such as bumblebees and bees. We therefore avoid using insecticides in the garden during the hours of the day, when bees wander about the flowers.
Even the fungicides will be used in the evening hours, when the sun is lowered on the horizon.
In addition to avoiding disturbing useful insects, treatments must be carried out in the cool hours of the day also to prevent the vaporized products on the foliage from evaporating rapidly, making a "boiling" effect on the leaves.