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Information on pachira

Information on pachira

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Question: information on pachira

Pachira in good health but the trunks have almost filled the jar: should it be changed?
Should the binding on top of the log braid be loosened?
Thanks and coao. Annane

Answer: information on pachira

Dear Annane,
The pachira is a plant that in pot grows quite slowly, but when the container contains more roots or plant than soil, it is perhaps time to repot it; in general it is repotted every 2-3 years, when then the plant becomes enormous, about 2-3 meters high, then it is repotted more rarely. Good universal soil is used, mixed with little pumice stone. The pachiras are intertwined when they are still of small dimensions, generally growing the trunks merge, creating a single trunk, so in general the loops of the plot are never loosened. If you feel that the plot is disturbing the plant, which is developing in an abnormal mood, then you can try to loosen the plot.


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