Balsam has a problem, or why buds and flowers fall off - solutions and preventive measures

Balsam has a problem, or why buds and flowers fall off - solutions and preventive measures

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Balsam is a one- and perennial herb with a fairly fleshy straight stem. But sometimes it is in the form of a half-shrub. The people also call balsam "Vanka wet" or "touchy".

There are times when the buds and blossoming flowers of this plant actively fall off. This fact makes the grower worry about the well-being of the window dweller.

What are the reasons for the fall of future flowers? What can you do to prevent this nuisance?

Features of buds

This plant blooms for several months. Buds are often found in them of irregular shape. They are collected in loose inflorescences or single. The buds emerge from the axils of the foliage. As for artificially bred varieties, there are no only blue and yellow buds.

Natural species, of which there are about 400 in nature, have pink or red buds. In a normal environment, the petals of these buds are smooth. Terry forms of buds, which outwardly resemble small roses, are very charming.

Why Wet Vanka sheds future flowers - all kinds of reasons

Such reasons lead to the fall of the buds of balsam:

  • lack of potassium in the soil to support the long flowering period of touch-me-not;
  • cold air flow;
  • negative reaction to movement;
  • improperly selected soil;
  • poor-quality watering;
  • the presence of pests and parasites;
  • too dry air;
  • finding a plant near drafts;
  • poor feeding;
  • inappropriate time for a transplant;
  • excess nitrogen;
  • drying out of the earthen coma;
  • the effect of direct sunlight on the plant;
  • tobacco smoke;

Reference! A purchased balsam always drops its buds during a two-week acclimatization period in new conditions.

What to do?

To prevent the buds from falling off the balsam, you should immediately take the necessary measures, which are associated with the recreation of the habitat conditions necessary for a flower:

  • Watering... Balsam is a very moisture-loving flower that has juicy, fleshy, moisture-filled stems. With a small amount of water supplied, the plant will not die, but its leaves may lose some elasticity, and the buds fall off. Do not overdo it with watering through the pan, as too much moisture in it leads to rotting of the balsam roots. Watering is done in this way: in the summer you need to water so that the soil is sufficiently moist, and in the winter you need to reduce watering.
  • Air temperature... A certain room temperature should be set in the range of 12-14 degrees Celsius.
  • Humidity... It is best to use standard room humidity for this plant. But in no case should the air dry out.
  • The soil... This criterion is the easiest for balsams, because balsams are completely unpretentious.
  • Transplanting a freshly purchased plant... A pot for a plant must be chosen a small one, suitable in size for the root system, since if the pot is much larger, then flowering may be delayed (about why the balsam does not bloom and what to do, read here). But the plants grown from the cuttings do not need to be transplanted.
  • Top dressing... The flower needs to be fed every two weeks with special mineral fertilizers. But in everything you need to know when to stop: an excess of nitrogen fertilizers can enhance the growth of the stems, at the same time it will slow down the growth of flowers, which can lead to dropping of buds.
  • The appearance of pests... Diseases of "touch-me-not" include the emergence of various pests: whiteflies, spider mites, aphids. You can take insecticides from pests. Prevention: avoid soil decay, do not allow the air to dry out. Read more about the main diseases and pests of balsam, as well as about the causes of their occurrence and control measures, read here.

Consequences if you don't take action

The main consequences of falling buds from balsam are:

  1. The emergence of various kinds of parasites.
  2. Poor care and conditions of detention can lead to a variety of diseases and death of the plant.
  3. If the flower is kept at a low temperature and at the same time oversaturation of moisture, then its buds may begin to gradually turn yellow and fall off, and a gray fluffy bloom may also appear. This plaque is called gray rot.
  4. Under the conditions of the balsam content indicated above, but at a higher temperature, the leaves will simply droop. In this case, you need to lower the temperature.
  5. With an excessive amount of water due to tray irrigation, the roots of the plant may begin to rot.
  6. Dry air and high temperatures can cause buds and flowers to fall off.
  7. In the case of a small amount of incoming light and a lack of necessary nutrients, the stems of balsam can begin to stretch, and the flowers, on the contrary, become dry and smallish.


Preventive measures should include normalizing air dryness, soil moisture, temperature and setting a sufficient level of soil acidity.

Besides, if pests occur, you need to use insecticides (chemical preparations for the destruction of harmful insects).

You can also take top dressing, but you must not overdo it, because you can make it even worse.

First of all, one must beware of sudden changes in temperature, and also do not turn the pot with already blooming balsam. In winter, you do not need to put the plant at the north window.

Thus, the buds of balsam fall off due to the following main reasons, among which we can name such as: attack of various pests; intermittent watering; too dry air; improperly selected soil. "Touchy" hates drafts - it is best to keep it at an air temperature of 16-26 degrees Celsius.

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