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Soap aloe

Soap aloe

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Question: soap aloe

I have an aloe saponaria that has darkened and softened leaves. what can I do? what does this problem depend on?

Answer: soap aloe

Dear Riccardo,
succulent plants tend to suffer from particular growing conditions, which lead to diseases of various kinds, often due to:
- lack of brightness, cultivation in an excessively dark area.
- excess watering, and always damp soil;
- cultivation in a poorly draining soil, which allows water to stagnate.
- permanence in an excessively rigid climate, the more damaging the more the plant is kept wet.
- fertilization with fertilizers containing high doses of nitrogen.
So, if your plant has been left in the cold, in the dark and in the damp, move it to a less cold, less dark area and let the soil dry well.
Generally when the tissues of a succulent darken, they can no longer be saved, therefore, before the disease (whatever it is and whatever the cause) spreads throughout the plant, remove all parts of the plant with a sharp knife and clean it. that show themselves suffering and dark, in order to stimulate the plant to produce new healthy leaves.


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