The key to an excellent radish harvest is seed treatment before planting. Do I need to sort out and soak them?

The key to an excellent radish harvest is seed treatment before planting. Do I need to sort out and soak them?

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Radish is a vegetable that is one of the first to hit the tables of summer residents throughout the country. It is believed that this red root vegetable is unpretentious and easy to grow. However, in order for radish seeds to quickly give a generous harvest, the planting material must be properly prepared.

Radish has always been considered the simplest vegetable in agricultural technology - planted, watered, sheltered from a cruciferous flea, and after three weeks it is time to harvest the first crop. So that our grandmothers don't grow radishes? It never happened! Recently, however, gardeners are increasingly complaining about the difficulties in growing radishes. Seeds do not sprout, root crops are not formed, or plants immediately go into the arrow - and after winter, fresh juicy radishes can no longer crunch. Let's understand the intricacies of growing radishes in order to avoid failures and unnecessary hassle in the future.

The purpose of processing planting material before sowing in open ground

Unprepared seeds do not always give the expected yield, therefore, experienced gardeners must prepare the seeds before planting radishes.

The preparation of planting material allows:

  • identify unusable seeds;
  • increase the percentage of germination;
  • achieve a friendly emergence of seedlings;
  • to increase the energy and speed of germination;
  • increase the viability of seeds.

Consequences of the lack of pre-sowing treatment

When planting unprepared radish seeds,:

  1. uneven emergence of seedlings;
  2. increased susceptibility of the future crop to diseases;
  3. focal lack of seedlings due to planting of non-viable material;
  4. poor and untimely harvest.

Today, some companies offer seeds that have already undergone special treatment before going on sale. Such planting material does not need pre-sowing soaking and is completely ready for planting in the ground.

How to prepare radish planting material?

In agronomy, clear answers are given to questions about the processing of radish planting material before sowing in open ground in order to obtain quick shoots: is it necessary to soak the seeds, how can the bubbling procedure be carried out, how to brute force? Let's get acquainted with the opinion of professionals.

Brute force

Rules for sorting radish seeds:

  • Experienced gardeners recommend sorting out the seeds even in winter. The pre-prepared material must be stored in a dry, dark place.
  • Only whole large seeds with a diameter of at least 3 mm are suitable for planting, since they have enough strength and nutrients for rapid germination.
  • Planting material must be fresh from the last collection.

    Only young seeds will give fast friendly shoots and a rich harvest.

  • It is worth abandoning the use of old and small seeds - such material will give a weak and uneven germination, and the harvest will be poor.


Do I need to soak?

Professionals and amateurs alike agree that soaking radish seeds before planting is a must... This gives a strong impetus to the rapid growth of the culture.

What is better?

This procedure can be performed not only in water. Today the market offers a wide variety of preparations for soaking based on ions of silver, boron, molybdenum, inorganic salts.

Such preparations not only enrich seeds with nutrients, but also protect the culture from fungi, improve resistance to pathogens, and increase survival during drought or frost in the open field. With the help of special solutions, the germination of even old planting material can be stimulated.

Along with purchased preparations for soaking, gardeners actively use natural growth activators: aloe juice, mushroom broth, ash solution, honey. Natural nutritional mixes offer undeniable benefits and safety, and are virtually free.

How to carry out the procedure correctly so that the radish sprouts quickly?

The purpose of soaking is to improve growth and accelerate biological processes. As a result of soaking, the planting material becomes more resistant to diseases and pests, and the quality and quantity of the crop also increases. Basic rules for soaking radish seeds:

  1. Soaking of planting material can be carried out both in ordinary water and using commercial or home growth stimulants and disinfectants.
  2. The procedure lasts from 8 to 12 hours. Sometimes, for convenience, a wet cloth is used, in which the seeds are wrapped for the period of soaking.
  3. To disinfect seeds without special means, place them in hot water (about 50 ° C) for 20-25 minutes, then remove and cool.

    Warming up will increase survival and resistance to external factors without the use of chemistry.

  4. After the procedure, the seeds must be dried on a dry cloth.
  5. The prepared planting material cannot be stored. It is recommended to soak radish seeds just before planting in the ground.


Bubbling is the process of freeing seeds from the outer oil shell in order to increase the percentage of seedlings and accelerate germination. It consists in the contact of seeds with air bubbles in an aqueous medium. Such a measure of preparing the material for planting helps to accelerate germination in the soil by 8-10 days.

Rules for bubbling radish seeds:

  1. It is necessary to take a glass container with a volume of up to 1 liter and fill it halfway with warm water.
  2. Place the seeds in the container. For easy retrieval, the seeds can be placed in a small gauze bag.
  3. Lower the aquarium compressor tube to the very bottom of the container and secure. Switch on the compressor.
  4. It is necessary to ensure that air bubbles come into contact with the seeds, otherwise there will be no effect.
  5. Planting material for radish is bubbled for 10 to 12 hours, after which the seeds must be removed from the container and dried.
  6. In the process of bubbling, water actively evaporates from the container, therefore, the liquid level must be constantly monitored.

Preparing radish seeds for sowing is a simple process that does not require special skills and knowledge. Even a novice gardener can easily cope with them. And the results of competent soaking and bubbling will not be long in coming and will appear in the form of an early rich harvest of radish.

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