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Question: zamioculcas

Hi, I would like to know
why are the stems of the plant all becoming black and tending to fall?
What can I do ?

Zamioculcas: Answer: zamioculcas

Dear Antonella,
the Zamioculcas is a succulent plant, used to a warm and not excessively humid climate, for this it is successfully cultivated as a houseplant. It is grown in not excessively large containers, with a good soil for succulent plants, therefore very well drained, and is watered only when the soil is dry, that is often in summer, sporadically in winter; the position must be well bright, with even a few hours of direct sunlight. Now the reasons why your plant suffers could be multiple: excessive watering, or persistence of damp soil, lack of lighting, positioning in an area with temperatures below 10-12 ° C.


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