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Shadow terrace

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Question: which annuals on a shaded terrace?

I would like to ask for advice: what annual plants can I use for my north-facing balcony, at 900 meters above sea level in the Aosta Valley? The problem is that this balcony, in addition to being very small, is located in an attic that receives only about an hour of sunshine early in the morning from May to August. I would like some hanging to hang in vases suspended from the ceiling. What do you recommend?

Shadow terrace: Answer: plants suitable for shade

Dear Paola,
it is not always easy to choose the plants for the terrace, especially if it is not very sunny; in your case you can plant impatiens, torenia or agatea, or the dipladenie, in the nursery you find them with the name Mandevilla, avoid the new truths, which have been specially selected to live in the sun, and are often called sundavilla. You can also opt for some ivy with variegated leaves, which is indestructible and grows well even in the shade.


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