Are there tomatoes that do not get late blight?

Are there tomatoes that do not get late blight?

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Late blight or "brown rot" is the most common and dangerous disease that brings a lot of trouble to gardeners, especially when growing tomatoes. Late blight is a fungal disease that mainly affects various varieties of tomatoes.

Brown spots appear on the stems and leaves, a faint white bloom forms on the underside of the leaf, and the green fruits turn black.

The disease harms the entire plant, and the fruits are no exception, therefore vegetable growers are trying to plant varieties of crops that are resistant to this dangerous disease in their plots. This disease affects all parts of the plant, including the fruit, so more and more people choose varieties of tomatoes that are resistant to late blight. Basically, the most resistant to late blight tomatoes are hybrids. In this material, we will analyze which varieties tolerate this disease best.

Danger of "brown rot"

Phytophthora is very dangerous for many plants of the Solanaceae family.... Phytophthora infestans is the name of the causative agent of the disease, translated as "that which kills the plant." And this name is completely justified, since when this disease appears, the tomato bush begins to dry, gray spots appear on the fruits, which gradually develop into rot with an unpleasant odor. Tomatoes are deformed and fall off.

If you do not apply measures to treat the plant from late blight, you can lose the entire tomato crop.

Tomatoes resistant to late blight and disease for greenhouses

There are no tomatoes that can be 100% attributed to not suffering from late blight, just the breeders have bred hybrids that yield much earlier than the disease begins to develop. Consider the main hybrid varieties with resistance to late blight, which are recommended to be planted indoors.


Early maturing, semi-determinate variety. A bush up to 2 meters, 100 days pass from the first shoots to harvest. To get a good harvest, you need to form a bush in 2 stems, the remaining layers are removed, and the whips are tied up.

From one bush of Ogorodnik tomatoes, with good care, you can get up to 7 kg of fruits or 14 kg per square of area.

Long-term fruiting begins in mid-summer and continues until the first frost. Fruit weight up to 360 grams, while they have an excellent taste and aroma. The fruits are stored for a long time and tolerate transportation well. The Ogorodnik variety has a strong immunity to late blight..


Salad, high-yielding, mid-season hybrid, with high seed germination. The first tomatoes can be tasted 110 days after sowing. The bush is not large, of a determinate appearance, it grows no more than 1.3 meters in height, which does not require support and a garter.

To obtain a large number of fruits of the Gypsy variety from one bush, it must be formed into three stems.

Carpal fruiting, 5 tomatoes per cluster. Fruits weighing 180 grams with a sweet and sour taste. tomatoes perfectly tolerate long-term storage and transportation. The culture has strong immunity to many diseases.

Academician Sakharov

Mid-season, tall variety with amicable fruiting 90 days after germination. The culture of Academician Sakharov bears fruit very amicably, while the fruits weigh up to half a kilogram.

The bush must be formed into 2 stems with tying and pinching. A salad variety, not suitable for canning.

Poor storage as the fruits are very juicy. Resistant to late blight and other viral diseases.


Early maturing, one-hundred-day hybrid. It tolerates extreme heat and drought well. The bush is not large, it grows up to one and a half meters in height. Tomatoes are universal, weighing 300 grams, with a pleasant taste. possesses not only good keeping quality and transportation, but also to most diseases, including phytophthora.

Soyuz 8 F1

An early ripe hybrid with a ripening period of 100 days. Soyuz 8 F1 bush rarely grows above a meter.

The Soyuz 8 F1 variety has a high yield, up to 21 kg of fruit can be obtained from a meter, subject to optimal care.

It is noteworthy that fruits weighing 125 grams ripen very amicably; in the first 2 weeks of fruiting, the variety gives 60% of the yield. The fruits are very dense, therefore they tolerate transportation without loss and are well stored. The hybrid is resistant to many diseases.

Other varieties

  • Rose of Wind.
  • Snowdrop.
  • Alaska.
  • Snowy tale.
  • Alpatieva 905.
  • Little Prince.
  • Budenovka.

What early maturing varieties have the strongest immunity?

Phytophthora - can settle in the ground, on a garden tool and it is almost impossible to evict it, but it is possible to plant tomato varieties that are immune to this parasitic fungus.


Indeterminate, hybrid with an average growing season, with a bush height of more than three meters.

Tomatoes of the Tatyana variety begin to ripen 100 days after the gatherings. Up to 7 fruits are born on 1 brush, weighing 400 grams.

The fruit is very attractive, red in color and slightly flattened. A high-yielding variety from one bush, you can get more than 8 kg of fruit.


Tomatoes of the Cardinal variety are tall, indeterminate, the bush reaches 2 meters... Early ripe, yields 80 days after the first shoots appear.

The fruits are very large, weighing 800 grams and up to 11 kg are obtained from one bush. Despite the soy meatiness, the tomato is very well stored.

The culture is resistant to late blight and infections.

The black

A tall, mid-season hybrid that is rarely attacked by fungal diseases. the height of the bush is 2 meters or more.

The Black variety begins to produce fruit on the hundredth day after germination. This variety is notable for the purple color of the tomatoes.

From one bush of the Black variety, you can collect up to 8 kg of fruits weighing 170 grams each... It tolerates transportation and long-term storage well.


A compact, tall, indeterminate tomato that begins to set fruit 80 days after germination.

The yield of the Karlson variety is high, up to 10 kg per bush, while each tomato weighs 200 g, the bush must be formed and tied up.

The plant is well resistant to many infections and fungal diseases.

De Barao

De Barao variety - indeterminate hybrid with a bush height of more than 2 meters... Up to 10 clusters with 6 fruits weighing 300 grams are born on each bush. The variety is mid-season, one-hundred-day, universal.

More than 10 kg of harvest can be obtained from one bush, if optimal conditions are created.

Possesses good keeping quality, does not lose its presentation during transportation. The hybrid is resistant to many diseases.

Other types

  • Black bunch F1.
  • Black pear.
  • Union 8.
  • Lark.
  • Carotene.
  • Tsar Peter.

Domestic undersized hybrids

Modern tomato varieties are resistant to disease. There are tomato varieties that can be grown without a garter and bush formation..


This is a low-growing variety, the height of the bush rarely reaches more than 60 cm.

The first fruits of the Dubrava variety can be harvested 80 days after the seedlings appear.

The variety is high-yielding, while it does not need a garter and pinching. Since the plant is early maturing, it does not get sick with late blight during the growing season.


Hybrid of the Resonance variety is undersized, bush height 1.2 m... It requires the formation of a bush, as it forms lateral layers during the entire growing season.

The harvest from the Resonance variety is obtained in 90 days.

It is worth noting that the culture calmly tolerates a lack of moisture, and is not susceptible to common diseases of the nightshade family.


Tomato variety Gnome - universal, 100-day, undersized... The bushes are small, compact, only 45 cm high. From one plant you can get 3 kg of tasty, fragrant fruits, each weighing 60 grams.

Orange miracle

An early ripe tomato variety, the first tomatoes can be tasted as early as 90 days after germination. The weight of one fruit is 400 grams. It grows well and bears fruit with a lack of moisture. Perfectly resists late blight and infections.


Early maturing, undersized (70cm), universal variety. The weight of one tomato is 120 grams, you can get a harvest 90-100 days after germination. The Perseus variety is immune to many fungal and infectious diseases..

What else?

  • Little Prince.
  • Grotto.
  • Oak.
  • White filling.
  • Berry.
  • Orange heart.
  • Lights of Moscow.

Preventive measures

It is very difficult to treat tomatoes from late blight, sometimes no methods and preparations help to maintain good yields.

therefore it is better to apply preventive measures that will help eliminate infection.

  1. The first method of prevention can be called growing tomatoes in greenhouses, since it is easier to create special conditions there under which the disease does not spread, and the tomatoes will grow strong and healthy.
    • The greenhouse must be equipped with a ventilation system with constant ventilation.
    • The soil in the greenhouse must be disinfected before each planting of the plant, since phytophthora spores can be in the ground.
  2. When planting tomatoes in open ground, you need to choose a ventilated place, while watering should be moderate, otherwise the late blight will quickly wake up and begin to act.
    • It is worth noting that there is no need to overfeed the plants with organic matter, it can also cause infection.
    • Watering is carried out only at the root, since in cloudy weather, moisture can linger under the leaves of the plant, which will cause infection with the fungus. Watering is carried out early in the morning.
  3. Notice dark spots on the plant, tear it out of the ground and burn it without regret, so you will save your crop.

We offer you to watch a video about late blight-resistant tomato varieties:


Of course, any experienced vegetable grower knows that tomatoes that do not suffer from late blight do not exist in nature, but you can avoid infection with this disease in your area.

To do this, you need to carry out preventive measures, before planting, disinfect seeds and soil. You should buy hybrids that tolerate the attacks of various fungal infections.

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