Valentine's cabbage: the appearance of the vegetable, its detailed description, as well as a photo

Valentine's cabbage: the appearance of the vegetable, its detailed description, as well as a photo

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Cabbage is a tasty and healthy product. Most of the year it can be consumed fresh. The most delicious cabbage is the one that is grown by hand.

Nowadays, hybrid cabbage is increasingly chosen for its yield. One of these types is Valentine. This variety of cabbage has recently become very popular. This is due not only to excellent taste, but also to the ability to long-term storage, frost resistance and transportation.

From the article you will learn a detailed description of this variety, see a photo, and also learn how to distinguish this type of cabbage from others.

Botanical description

Cabbage belongs to the cruciferous family. The full cycle of this plant is two years. The rosette is formed from smooth leaves. They fit tightly to each other, forming a head of cabbage. The stalk is thick, it is called a stump. In the second year, cabbage blooms and gives seeds. The color of the seeds is dark brown and the shape is round. They are located in pods. The maternal qualities are not preserved in the seeds of the hybrids.


Valentina grows to medium size... A mature vegetable weighs 2 to 4 kg. In rare cases, its weight reaches 5 kilograms. The head of cabbage itself has an oval shape. In section, it is white with a small light stump. Cabbage leaves are small, wavy at the edges. A waxy coating is observed on the surface of the leaf. The color of the leaves is grayish green.

A photo

In the photo you can see what this variety of cabbage looks like.

A brief history of breeding

Valentina is a hybrid derived from white cabbage. Trial tests have shown the productivity of Valentina that it is suitable for cultivation in many climatic zones. The variety Kryuchkov, Monakhosa and Patsuria was bred at a Moscow breeding station in 2004. In the same year, it was included in the state register of 10 regions.

Distinctive features

This variety will sing in late autumn.... Differs in good appearance and taste. The cabbage foliage is juicy and sweet, without bitterness. Valentine is not only a delicious variety, but also very useful, since it contains a large amount of vitamins.

Also, the vegetable is distinguished by its pronounced aroma. It should be noted that the more ripe the cabbage, the better its taste. Valentina has a high yield rate. Since this variety is compact in size, it is possible to plant up to 3 seedlings on 1 square meter of land. Cabbage is perfectly stored throughout the winter period. It can lie until June.

Advantages and disadvantages

A clear advantage of the variety is its yield, and the ability is stored for a long time. Keeps the appearance and commercial qualities well... Resistant to frost. Possesses excellent taste. Heads of cabbage can easily transfer transportation over long distances. This cabbage is suitable for commercial activities.

The disadvantages include its late ripening, which lasts about 170 days. It prefers to grow only in sunny places. Poorly tolerates excess moisture. Valentina F1 is demanding on the soil.


Cabbage needs constant watering. But do not overdo it, since she also has nothing to do with excess moisture.

In general, frequent watering is necessary while the head of cabbage is being formed. The place where the cabbage grows must be weeded and loosened the ground. To prevent aphids or cabbage bogs from appearing, sprinkle the soil with ashes.

Similar varieties

  • Cabbage Megaton F1 similar to Valentina F1 in that both of these varieties are winter-hardy, have a high yield, excellent taste and a number of useful vitamins.
  • Another variety that has in common with Valentina F1 is cabbage "Aggressor"... Late-maturing species, frost-hardy enough. As well as Valentine is stored for a long time. It is famous for its productivity.
  • Cabbage Gingerbread Man - has no bitterness, it is also considered a late species, which takes about 150 days to mature. It is stored for 7-8 months, which means, like Valentine, it is resistant to long-term storage.
  • Cabbage Moscow late - one of the late-ripening varieties with good yields. Possesses a gorgeous presentation and pleasant taste. This cabbage contains a lot of sugar and ascorbic acid.

Late-ripening cabbage varieties also include Amager, Sugarloaf, Slava and Zimovka.

How to distinguish from other varieties?

  1. Late-ripening variety.
  2. Relatively small size.
  3. The characteristic color of the foliage is gray-green.
  4. The leaves are juicy and sweet, without bitterness.
  5. Well tolerates winter.
  6. It is stored for a long time (what other varieties of cabbage are subject to long-term storage?).
  7. Has a high yield.
  8. Distinct wax coating.
  9. The taste of the cabbage itself is sweetish.

Purpose of use

  • You can safely eat it raw.
  • It is also advised to cook stuffed cabbage from the leaves.
  • Heads of cabbage are great for pickling. Even after the vegetable has been processed, it will retain its original taste, aroma and freshness.

Important! You do not need to do the sourdough right after harvesting; first, soak it in the cellar.


Cabbage Valentina F1 is an excellent high-yielding late variety that can be handled by both an experienced and a novice gardener. Heads of cabbage have excellent taste, containing various vitamins. Thus, cabbage is not just a food product, it is a low-calorie, healthy and tasty vegetable.

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