Secrets of the popularity of winter cabbage. What is good about this variety and how to distinguish it from others?

Secrets of the popularity of winter cabbage. What is good about this variety and how to distinguish it from others?

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Breeders have been creating new varieties and hybrids of white cabbage for many decades. That is why, when choosing seeds, many factors have to be taken into account: ripening time, degree of storage, taste, features of application. White cabbage is an irreplaceable vegetable crop on our table. The late-ripening variety Zimovka is perfect for long-term storage. The taste of this cabbage gets even better over time. Growing Wintering, experienced gardeners provide themselves with this crop for the whole winter and the first half of spring.


Botanical description

The rosette is semi-spreading, of medium or large size (its diameter ranges from 74 to 119 cm). Leaves are rounded, wavy at the edges, gray-green in color, with a pronounced waxy bloom. The leaf blades are of medium size, 40-48 cm long and 32-46 cm wide.

The head of cabbage near Zimovka is round-flat. The weight of technically mature cabbage varies from 2 to 3.6 kg, individual specimens may have an even greater mass. The forks are twisted very tightly, there are almost no gaps between the leaves. The outer stump is long, and the inner stump is of medium length.


Cabbage Zimovka has very dense flat-round heads of cabbage of medium size. The color is greenish with a grayish tint outside and yellowish-white when cut. The internal structure is thin. Wax bloom is clearly visible on the leaves, there are non-rigid veins.

A brief history of breeding

Wintering 1474 was bred at the All-Union Scientific Research Institute for Breeding and Seed Production of Vegetable Crops using individual and mass selection from a sample of foreign origin.

In 1963, the variety was zoned, that is, the cultivation areas were established - Central, Volgo-Vyatsky, Srednevolzhsky and Far Eastern. Wintering is also recommended for Kazakhstan.

Distinctive features

Wintering has the following unique characteristics:

  • high keeping quality - up to 7-8 months;
  • high density of heads of cabbage;
  • improved palatability during storage.

Advantages and disadvantages

The positive properties of this culture include:

  1. cold resistance (withstands frosts down to -6ºС);
  2. unpretentiousness to soil composition, droughts;
  3. yield is from 6 to 7 kg per 1 m2;
  4. leader among white cabbage in terms of ascorbic acid content;
  5. a high degree of keeping quality, at which it gives a small amount of waste;
  6. resistance to cracking;
  7. excellent transportability;
  8. good immunity, heads of cabbage are almost not susceptible to point necrosis and gray rot.

Only a slight bitterness of the leaves during harvest and during the first three months of storage can be attributed to a negative property, but then the taste improves and fully unfolds.

Similar varieties

Cabbage varieties with similar characteristics include:

  • Gingerbread man.
  • Creumont.
  • Amager.
  • Glory.
  • Moscow late.

How to distinguish from other species?

Using the following recommendations, you can distinguish winter cabbage from other heads of cabbage:

  1. It is necessary to pay attention to the density of cabbage: with an average size, the weight of a head of cabbage should be 3-4 kg.
  2. Note the characteristic color of the leaves: with a blue-green tint and a pronounced waxy bloom.
  3. Evaluate the sheets by their shape: in Zimovka, they are slightly wrinkled with a wavy edge.

Read about the types of cabbage here.

Purpose of use

Cabbage contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals, this variety is especially rich in ascorbic acid and sugars. Therefore, it is recommended to use fresh from the second half of winter for making soups, salads, pies, stews, cabbage rolls. This variety is also well suited for pickling and pickling.


Zimovka cabbage has proven itself as a frost-resistant, disease-resistant and suitable for long-term storage variety. By choosing it for growing in your garden, you can get a high yield of high-quality reliable cabbage heads.

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