Woodlice: classification of these crustaceans and methods of insect control

Woodlice: classification of these crustaceans and methods of insect control

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Quite often, our home, especially if it is an apartment, suffers from an invasion of various insects, the most common of which are ants and cockroaches, but there are also more rare guests - woodlice. As a rule, these insects are housed in rooms with high levels of humidity and reproduce very quickly.

In this article, we will talk about chemical remedies to combat this nuisance and talk about popular and effective folk methods.

To representatives of what type, class and order does this crustacean belong?

Woodlouse belongs to the class of higher crayfish and the arthropod type of the order of isopods... Some people mistakenly believe that they are animals and belong to the arachnid arthropods, although this is not the case. This is a bright representative of crustaceans arthropods leading a terrestrial lifestyle (although there are some species that prefer to live near the shores of fresh and salt water bodies).

In the daytime, woodlice hide from the gaze of people, and they go out mainly at night to get food. Decaying and living plants are used as food; in the latter case, they can cause minor harm to garden plantings (what do woodlice eat?).

Reference! On the territory of the planet, there are 3600 species of woodlice, a number of which live in water.

Woodlice are characterized by the presence of an oval body, on top of which there is a slight bulge. They have two pairs of antennae, the first pair is not fully developed and is rather small in size, the second pair is highly developed. The eyes are placed on the left and right sides of the head. There are six pairs of abdominal legs. You can find out more about what woodlice look like, what types of this insect are, here.

Insect control methods

Despite the fact that wood lice do not do any harm to human health, they are characterized by the presence of a rather frightening appearance. Therefore, upon seeing these crustaceans in her bathroom or toilet, each housewife immediately begins to look for methods aimed at combating them (more about where they come from and where wood lice live and what are the reasons for their appearance in the apartment, we talked about in a separate article) ...

Pest control experts note that the most effective method for killing wood lice is the use of chemicals, but before using them, you need to get rid of the environment favorable for the reproduction of these crustaceans. That is, if the bathroom is rather damp, then you need to get rid of this problem and only then proceed to the destruction of wood lice.


Among the chemicals aimed at destroying wood lice, the following can be distinguished:

  • gels;
  • crayons;
  • decoy traps;
  • various aerosols;
  • insecticides (they are effective only in the presence of a large number of wood lice, when the drug can be applied directly to the body of crustaceans);
  • poison;
  • Dichlorvos.

Before using any of the described means, you need to read the instructions for use in detail. Be sure to follow safety precautionsusing rubber gloves and a respirator.

Important! Having used a chemical agent, you should leave the room for several hours, and after the specified time, check it thoroughly.

Traditional methods

As for folk methods for getting rid of woodlice, you can use a salt barrier here. Along the outer perimeter of the door, you need to pour a one and a half centimeter line of salt, in contact with it, wood lice will be dehydrated. This method belongs to the classical and its effectiveness has been tested by several generations.

Also quite popular folk remedies are the following:

  1. Boric acid. The product has toxic properties for wood lice and is moderately harmful to the human body. The acid, despite its toxic properties, will not do much harm to woodlice, since in order to destroy the presented crustaceans with this agent, it must enter the esophagus. But, wood lice, most likely, will not swallow white grains of an unknown origin.
  2. If wood lice have appeared in an industrial building, then the most effective means for their destruction will be a mixture of tobacco, soda ash and pepper (it will need to be poured into the place of the greatest accumulation of wood lice). In a residential environment, it is not worth using this method, since red pepper will cause reactions in residents in the form of tearing eyes, burning throat and sneezing.

The selection of the folk method of getting rid of wood lice should be approached with special attention., since such advice is also observed that not only will not get rid of the described crustaceans, but will also significantly increase their number.

For example, if the hostess noticed wood lice in a flower pot, then in no case should you wash the roots of the plant in warm water, and then transplant it into another pot. This is due to the fact that if the crustacean is attached to the roots of the flower, then the warm water will absolutely not harm it, but on the contrary, will create even more comfortable conditions, since the moist roots automatically create a moist environment in the soil, and it is such an environment that is favorable for the reproduction of woodlice.

Despite the fact that woodlice does not harm human health, it signals the apartment owners about severe dampness, and where there is dampness, a fungus begins to form. Woodlice in an apartment is not only a violation of the cleanliness of the house, but also not the best impressions when you meet. Read our articles on where these arthropods come from and how to get rid of them, including the nasty white wood lice.

Considering all these features of woodlice, you need to carefully monitor the level of moisture in the home, then you will not need to look for methods (both folk and chemical) aimed at getting rid of these arthropods.

Further, an informative video about the folk way of dealing with woodlice:

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