How to add vibrant colors to your garden?

How to add vibrant colors to your garden?

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If you think that there are not enough colors in the garden, then try to diversify its design right now, without postponing it for next year.

With a little imagination, you will create a work of art on the site by planting bright plants in some of its areas.

Such bright spots of plants will not only revive the atmosphere of the site, but also fill it with harmony and comfort.

By choosing the right colors, you can not only draw attention to certain areas of the garden, but also mask its flaws.

By placing a bright red Salvia in a certain area, you can divert visual attention from the foreground of the site to the background.

To get things done, you need brightly colored annuals. Such flowers grow quickly and delight the eye of the hostess before the onset of the first cold weather. With the help of such plants, you can add variety to the design of your personal plot at least every year.

Bright decorations for your garden - annuals

Kosmeya... This plant will become a bright decoration for your garden in the second half of the summer season. It is used to disguise unattractive parts of the garden. The length of the plant stem can be up to 120 cm.

Cynias loved by gardeners for their endurance to high temperatures and bright, multi-colored shades. Can be of any shade except blue tones. They have different stem heights. In the background of the site, stems up to 90 cm long will look spectacular.The foreground of the site will be decorated with plants with a stem height of up to 20 cm.

Balsam will decorate the shady areas of the garden with its flowering. The northern area under the window will transform with this bright and long-flowering plant.

Petunias... These popular flowers can be used to decorate hanging planters and flower beds. With their help, incredible landscape solutions can be created. The plant is easy to care for and has good endurance.

Bidense... It can delight the eye with its bright yellow flowers until the first cold weather. The flower tolerates heat very well, is drought tolerant and prefers to grow on the sunny side.

Among the annuals, you can find flowers of the most incredible colors. All shades of the rainbow can shine in your garden. Juicy, rich or delicate pastel shades?

Or maybe you are a fan of exotic colors? Among the annual plants, you can find specimens that fully suit your mood.

Perennial flowers to decorate your garden

Garden geranium... The plant looks like a compact bush with beautiful openwork leaves and bright flowers. They can be of various colors and shapes.

Coleus... Unlike other plants, it cannot boast of the special beauty of flowers. Its characteristic is velvety, unusually colored leaves.

Sedge... This plant has become very popular in various garden design solutions. They differ in original colors or inflorescences of an unusual shape. They can mask imperfections in some plants, for example, the absence of some foliage, or, conversely, it is beneficial to shade flowering plants.

Angelonia... An incredibly beautiful plant that came to us from sunny Mexico. She perfectly tolerates hot weather.

This bright plant cannot fail to attract the eye. Combinations of different colors can serve as the basis for a custom garden design.

Areas in the garden for bright flowers

Veranda or patio. These places can be decorated with bright colors with unusual leaves. Such compositions will add coziness and warmth to the atmosphere of the site.

Fill in empty areas. You can plant fast-growing flowers in empty areas, decorate an empty wall or a certain corner.

In order to hide your home from prying eyes, you can plant tall grasses or fast-growing tropical plants. They will create seasonal protection against unwanted intrusions into your privacy.

Decorate the entrance to the site. Bright and colorful plants will create a festive atmosphere and good mood if you plant them near the entrance.

You should not limit the flight of your imagination only to planting ornamental plants. Various figurines, flower beds or even a mini-pool will be the admiration of your neighbors. Plant flowers according to a specific pattern or decorate individual areas of the garden. Come up with your own, non-standard design of the backyard area and your site will become an object for the admiration of others.

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