Review of the most effective! Flea remedies in the house: raptor, raid, and others

Household fleas are a serious problem!

Small annoying pests bite painfully and reproduce very quickly.

And here, to remove these "neighbors" will have to work hard.

Not every insecticide is suitable for killing bloodsuckers!

Types of flea insecticides

Fleas are monophages that feed exclusively on blood, so there is no point in using baits.

The following forms of insecticides are used against these "vampires":

  • dusts... They are scattered to destroy larvae and nymphs that feed on organic debris;
  • sprays and aerosols... Insects enter the body through the respiratory tract, acting quickly and effectively;
  • suspensions and powders... These funds penetrate by contact through the outer covers of fleas and poison from the inside. They last much longer than sprays, so they are able to completely eliminate the attack.

Fleas are affected by organophosphorus compounds and substances from the pyrethroid group. They disrupt the entire nervous system by blocking impulses in various ways.

Effective flea remedies

Aerosol Raptor

A spray that destroys a whole range of crawling pests will help from fleas. The list includes not only these bloodsuckers, but also cockroaches, midges, ants, bedbugs and pincers.

The preparation contains as many as 3 active ingredients: pyrethroids tetramethrin and cypermethrinas well as their synergist piperonyl butoxide... As a result, fleas receive an enhanced double blow, against which they have very little chance of resisting. Inhaling the drug, bloodsuckers get paralysis, and then die.

Insecticide is produced in metal bottles of 350 ml... This is enough to cover 35–45 square meters of contaminated area.

The insecticide is of little toxicity to humans and pets. The substances that make up it, in the body of warm-blooded animals, are quickly broken down into constituent elements and do not cause any harm. In contact with mucous membranes, the aerosol can cause irritation, therefore, safety precautions should be followed when using it.

The average price of an aerosol is quite acceptable - one can costs about 150-170 rubles.

Aerosol Reid

Another reliable insecticide that is guaranteed to help get rid of unpleasant roommates in the house. Acts against a large complex of pests - both flying and crawling.

Contains as an active ingredient cypermethrin from the pyrethroid group... This substance is a universal poison that kills most insects. For humans and other warm-blooded the drug is practically safe.

The insecticide is not destroyed by ultraviolet radiation and high temperatures. It is able to persist for a long time on treated surfaces, continuing to destroy pests.

The aerosol has a pleasant aroma, you can choose a product with a scent of spring freshness, orange or lavender. Available in 300 ml metal cans.

Main disadvantage: the product leaves whitish marks on furniture and floorsto be washed off with an aqueous mixture of soap and soda.

Average the price in Russia is 170-190 rubles per bottle... At the same time, the tool is very economical: one can is enough for spraying a standard two-room apartment.

Aerosol Combat

Spray has a very wide range of effects, destroying all crawling household pests. The preparation contains 2 active ingredients at once: pyrethroids cyphenothrin and imiprotrin. They act on the nervous system of fleas, causing their rapid death.

Aerosol is released in a metal can of 400 ml... It is equipped with a long flexible nozzle that allows you to spray insecticide even in very hard-to-reach places. To process a two-room apartment, it is enough to acquire one Kombat spray.

After using the product, people and animals may develop allergic reactions, so the insecticide is sprayed only if precautions are taken.

The average price for Combat Superspray varies from 210 to 240 rubles in different regions.


Concentrated emulsion in the form of a clear liquid. It is used to kill most domestic parasites: fleas, bedbugs, ants, mosquito, cockroaches, flies.

Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands. It contains chlorpyrifos as an active ingredient, as well as fragrances and emulsifiers. The concentration of the active substance is as much as 48%, which allows you to get a large amount of working solution.

REFERENCE! Chlopyrifos is an organophosphorus compound. In the body of a flea, it blocks the synthesis of enzymes necessary for the transmission of impulses through the nervous system. Causes convulsions, then paralysis and death.

Issued in plastic bottles with a capacity of 1 liter... To destroy fleas, the working solution is prepared at the rate of 4.7–5 g per liter of cool water. The volume of insecticide in the container is enough to completely flood several apartments with the agent.

For warm-blooded inhabitants of houses, the insecticide is of little toxicity. He classified as hazard class 3.

The cost of the drug is quite high, it varies between 2.4 and 2.7 thousand rubles.


One of the newest and most effective drugs, destroying any household pests. Contains everything the same chlorpyrifos, but already in the form of a microencapsulated suspension.
The active substance is enclosed in a polymeric shell in a lipid-aqueous medium. Thereby the product is very resistant to any adverse factors and can work for several weeks in a row.

The concentration of the active substance is 25%... To make a working fluid, you need to mix 100 ml of the product and 1.5 liters of cool water. The solution does not stain furniture and does not stain fabrics.

Fleas enter the body by contact, quickly penetrating through the outer covers of the body. In addition, it sticks to the limbs of insects and is carried to them in the nests, infecting other inhabitants.

IMPORTANT! Get is used by professional services to handle infected premises.

Issued in small plastic bottles with screw cap... Does not fizzle out and can be stored for a long time after opening. The capacity of one bottle is 100 ml.

If you buy a quality product from the manufacturer, you will have to spend money! After all, an insecticide is quite expensive - from 700 rubles per bottle... True, usually a one-time purchase is enough to destroy the entire population of domestic fleas. A bottle of suspension is enough for spraying 120-150 square meters of area.

Pyrethrum powder

One of the safest products for humans and their pets. Pyrethrum is a herbal extract of Dalmatian chamomile. Possessing exceptional toxicity to insects, it absolutely harmless to animals and humans... Even if a child or puppy tastes the powder, it will not be poisoned.

You can use the powder in one of two ways:

  • dissolve the insecticide in cool water, pour into a spray bottle and spray in flea habitats;
  • use dry powder, sprinkling it in a thin layer.

You can buy an insecticide at a pharmacy or online store. Its cost is low and quite affordable for everyone. The average price is 60-80 rubles for a box of 300 g.


Professional preparation in the form of an emulsion concentrate. It can only be purchased from the special services. The tool is very effective, from the first time eliminates all harmful insects living in the apartment.

The main substance is deltamethrin from the pyrethroid group, it is enhanced by synergists.

It also includes adhesives, with the help of which the insecticide firmly adheres to the legs and body of a flea.

So it not only penetrates into the body, but also gets into the nest, destroying other parasites.

ATTENTION! Biorin is very toxic! When working with it, you should observe the utmost care and all precautions!

Produced in 1 liter plastic cans. The cost of the insecticide is about 2 thousand rubles.

You can read more information about flea remedies in a separate article, and the rating of the most famous manufacturers of such drugs can be found here.

With the help of modern effective drugs, the fight against fleas ends in a complete unconditional victory for the legitimate inhabitants of the house. Have a good hunting!

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