Are there fleas in a cat? No problem! Flea remedies for cats: how to remove at home

Are there fleas in a cat? No problem! Flea remedies for cats: how to remove at home

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Fleas in cats are quite common, especially if the pet spends a lot of time outdoors. However, a domestic cat cannot be 100% safe from fleas, since parasite larvae can be brought into the house on shoes or clothes.

Cat fleas are small insects that do not have wings that move well in the coat due to the structure of their body. Once on an animal they immediately start drinking his bloodbiting through the skin with their jaws.

Females begin to lay eggs immediately, and males begin to fertilize females.... Parasites multiply very quickly, literally in 10 days, a cat can be tormented by about 250 fleas, and the laid eggs are not on the animal's fur, but fall anywhere.

This problem causes great harm to pets - the cat begins to itch intensely, as insects hurt her. Possible damage to the skin, which the pet combs with its claws, hair begins to fall out. This ailment can and should be fought.

There are the following types of flea control agents in cats:

  1. Anti-flea collar... A very popular remedy, it is good at preventing flea infestation when they are not yet available. It can be worn by your pet when he walks on the street. With the removal of already active insects, he copes worse, killing only parasites in the neck. The average price in Russia is about 200 - 300 rubles.
  2. Flea drops... They need to be applied just above the shoulder blades, since this is the only place that the cat cannot lick. The following types of drops can be distinguished:
    • «Leopard". The fipronil-based agent does not get inside the animal, acting on the surface. Within a month, it retains its effectiveness, fighting parasites and protecting against the appearance of new ones. The average price is around 100 rubles.
    • «Advantage". The main substance is imadacloprid. Begins to kill insects immediately, having finished with them within 24 hours. Valid for a month. The average price is 500 rubles.
    • Celandine... The advantage of the drug is that it fights both the fleas themselves and their larvae. For a person, the medicine does not harm. The average price is 50 rubles.
    • «Inspector". It is used in the treatment and prevention of the appearance. It is applied to dry skin; it is not recommended to wash the cat for several days. The average cost is 300 rubles.

  3. Flea shampoos... Shampoo manufacturers have developed options that not only mechanically wash away parasites, but also destroy them. It is very easy to apply shampoos - it is enough to bathe the animal. They are usually very well tolerated by all purrs.
    • Zoo shampooLugovoi". It helps not only with fleas, but also with ticks. One or two applications are enough to get rid of them. Affordable price - 80-100 rubles.
    • «BIO-GROOM". High performance shampoo, quickly destroys any parasites. The cost is in the region of 1000 rubles, but its action is worth it.
    • «Phytoelite". Produced with nerve poison. Destroys fleas 5 minutes after application. The average price is about 500 rubles.
    • «Celandine". Quickly and effectively removes insects and gently cares for the skin of the animal. The average cost is 100 - 200 rubles.
    • «DrPet". Eliminates fleas in one application. The cost is around 500 rubles.

  4. Flea spray for cats... Designed for spraying wool. Indoor sprays are also available to remove parasites from an apartment or house. When processing with a spray, you need to spray the entire body of the animal, with the exception of the head, so that the liquid does not get into the mouth and eyes. For some time, the cat should not be allowed to wash and lick itself, and after a while rinse off with running water. Consider the following types of sprays:
    • «Frontline". It does not harm the pussies themselves, but it nerves the fleas, protecting them from them for several days. A 250 ml bottle costs about 1000 rubles.
    • Sprays Hartz... They effectively fight various parasites. They are also used as a prophylactic agent, for example, they spray a cat before going outside. The average cost is 400-500 rubles.
    • Spray "Bars"... The drug is of domestic production and effective action. WARNING: contain permethrin. Therefore, you need to handle the animal carefully, as an allergic reaction may occur. The tool is available, it costs about 100 rubles.
    • Indoor Flea Killing Sprays... "Executioner", "Cucaracha", "Get" deal with the problem very effectively. The preparations are diluted in water and the whole apartment is treated.

In addition to fleas, there is another attack that lies in wait for pets - worms. These parasites are easily transmitted from cat to person, so they need to be treated immediately. The following medicines are used for treatment:

  1. «Pirantel". Destroys worms at all stages of development. The cost is small - 50 rubles on average. One tablet is enough.
  2. «Febtal". Give the cat 1 tablet 3 days in a row for a complete cure. It costs around 10 rubles.
  3. «Caniquantel". One tablet per 10 kg of the cat's weight, that is, on average, half or even a quarter of the tablet. Destroys parasites in 1 step. The cost is within 50 rubles.
  4. «Caniverm". The dose is the same as that of the drug "Kanikvantel", effectively and quickly fights worms. The price is about 30 rubles.

Having a pet is a great joy, but also a responsibility. Therefore, do not forget to pay attention to the health of the cat or kitty, so that he is happy, healthy and pleasing with his purr.

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