Ancestors will tell us! Folk remedies for fleas: essential oils, lavender and others

Ancestors will tell us! Folk remedies for fleas: essential oils, lavender and others

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Among the blood-sucking insects that can greatly spoil a person's life, fleas occupy a special place.

They are fertile, carry dangerous diseases, and differ in that they are quite difficult to get rid of. Flea bites are very painful.

The fight against domestic parasites in apartments and living quarters is carried out in various ways.

For these purposes, both folk remedies and modern insecticides are used.

Folk methods against apartment fleas

People tried to get rid of blood-sucking insects back in the Middle Ages. The surest way to get rid of fleas it was considered spreading an old hare skin on the floor.

Periodically, when parasites accumulated on it, it changed. Rich people wore small pieces of rabbit skin around their necks.... Adult insects accumulated on them, after which they, together with an impromptu medallion, were burned in the fire.

Modern methods can be used in combination with each other or separately. Among folk remedies and methods of pest control the following categories are distinguished:

  • plants;
  • aromas;
  • household chemicals;
  • antiseptics;
  • temperature methods.

For each of the above methods, you need to know how to prepare the product and use it wisely. We must not forget that products with plants used for fleas quickly lose their useful qualities, therefore they are advised to use them immediately after cooking.

The main advantages of folk methods:

  1. The possibility of their own preparation.
  2. Safety of action on people and pets.
  3. Quick and effective pest control.

reference! According to the principle of action on parasites, agents are divided into two groups: those that destroy insects and repel them.

Kitchen salt

The salt we are accustomed to is useful for apartments in which fleas are bred and where children and pets live. The latter, inadvertently, can swallow it.

Salt crystals act quickly: they damage the integuments of the bodies of parasites, after which they die... When used, the salt spreads evenly onto the paths and carpets in the house.

Salt often used with baking soda in the amount of 200 to 200 grams. The substance acts in a similar way: it comes into contact with blood-sucking pests, damaging their outer covers, after which the parasites die

Experts recommend waiting a few hours, and then carefully vacuuming the mixture.... It is better to use the procedure several times to reduce the number of blood-sucking pests in the house.

Boric acid

This antiseptic substance is in the form of a crystalline powder. It is scattered in the apartment on carpets.... Insects come into contact with the substance, carry away its particles on the body and soon die.

Like salt, a substance like boric acid deadly for fleas, but for humans and their pets, it poses no dangereven if they accidentally swallow it.


In this case, two types of soap should be mentioned: tar and baby... Tar soap has a detrimental effect not only on adults, but also on their eggs and larvae. ABOUTthe surfaces to be treated should be wet and rubbed with soap... After ten minutes, it is washed off with warm water.

Baby soap works especially well against blood-sucking insects. To use it, you first need to prepare a mixture.

  1. For this soap is rubbed on a grater.
  2. Then the resulting mass is mixed with water and heated over low heat.
  3. Then grated onion is added to the gruel.
  4. Followed by act as in the case of tar soap.


The flea is a very thermophilic creature.... She does not tolerate sudden changes in temperature or cold. And this property, in addition to other folk remedies, can also be used to get rid of it.

In winter, fighting these insects is easiest.... To get rid of them just open windows and doors in frost for a few hours.

Very soon, the cold will begin to act on the organism of individuals, adult fleas will leave the apartment, and eggs with larvae will quickly die from hypothermia.

Aromatic folk remedies

Blood-sucking pests unable to tolerate strong odors... In particular, we are talking about the aromas of some plants.

The latter can always be at hand and used for their intended purpose. It should be remembered that fragrances pleasing to humans can sometimes be fatal to flea.


Among plants actively fighting parasites, scientists isolate Persian chamomile or feverfew... She is quite actively fighting with such an uninvited guest in the apartment as a clothes moth. Its use is a universal folk method of getting rid of flea representatives.

The pyrethrum plant contains natural insecticidal substances. They do not harm the health of people and their pets. To prepare a decoction, you need dried inflorescences.

  1. Boiling water is poured into two glasses of dry pyrethrum.
  2. The broth is placed in a dark place... It stays there until it cools completely.
  3. After the liquid is ready for use, infusion washed floor skirting boards and cracks in the floor.

reference! Persian (or Caucasian) chamomile is even more effective when fresh. It is laid out around the perimeter of the apartment in bunches and is replaced with a new one every few weeks.


Herbal infusions have specific odors that scare off blood-sucking pests and get rid of them for a long period. They can be present in the home for both medicinal and prophylactic purposes.

Similar to chamomile, plants such as sagebrush, tansy, lavender, eucalyptus and calamus leaves.

  1. After pouring them with boiling water, you need let the broth stand in a cool place for 12 hours.
  2. After that liquid is poured into a spray bottle.
  3. First of all, she used for spraying carpets, rugs and floor coverings... They are the main places of accumulation of parasites.

reference! Coniferous shavings also scare them away. By the way, like wormwood, it is best to scatter it at the entrance to the living quarters.


The aromas of citrus plants are quite effective at repelling fleas.

  1. For this purpose dried orange, tangerine or grapefruit peels.
  2. Then they unfold throughout the house, including the most inaccessible places, which include crevices, spaces behind furniture, dressers and vents.
  3. Together with fleas, the moth will die from the aroma of citrus.

Important! Blood-sucking parasites cannot stand the smell of garlic and geranium. For the sake of fidelity, these funds, like all the others, are recommended to be applied several times until the desired result is achieved.

Essential oil

To fight pests, often use aromas of essential oils... This is another well-known folk method of getting rid of "intruders".

Experts advise use the aromas of several plants: anise, carnation, lavender, peppermint, tea tree and eucalyptus... Fleas usually cannot stand these smells.

Surfaces are treated with oils for preventive purposes or directly to get rid of from blood-sucking pests. They start working as soon as they are placed in the room.

note! Plants with fragrances to get rid of fleas should be used very carefully, especially if someone in the household is prone to allergies. Too strong and pungent odors act on the human body very actively and often cause a strong allergic reaction.

Pine sawdust

For the purpose of prevention, fresh pine sawdust can be scattered in the apartment. Fleas do not tolerate scentwith which they are literally saturated.

They are often used as filler for dog or cat litter. This is especially true in the pre-spring period.when insects become active.

Brewer's yeast

Carpets and floor coverings are recommended to be treated with a mixture of garlic and brewer's yeast. Places under the beds, sofas and plots for furniture processed especially efficiently.

Then they leave them for about a day., and after this period is collected with a vacuum cleaner. The strong smells of the ingredients in this mixture get rid of pests quickly and effectively.


Alcohol is diluted in the calculation a few drops in two glasses of water... An excellent method of dealing with adult insects in an apartment.

This solution is used to wipe the floors in the house.... You can add ammonia to the water in which the pet's bedding is washed or bathed.

Camphor alcohol with vinegar

Camphor alcohol is mixed with 3% vinegar and add to the solution a few drops of floral cologne... This is another effective flea control method.

Such a mixture with a specific smell intoxicating effect on parasites.

It is sprayed on floor skirting boards, floor crevices and carpets.

You can also take furniture: armchairs, sofas, couches, etc... The procedure is repeated several times for fidelity.


Flea representatives do not tolerate the smell of kerosene. With this substance carpets and floors are processed throughout the apartment. In a day, the usual wet cleaning is carried out.

The biggest disadvantage of this method is the persistent kerosene smell..

Attention! Kerosene is a flammable substance. When working with it, do not smoke or light matches. This should not be forgotten!

The safety and availability of folk remedies allows them to remain popular today, when there are a huge number of modern insecticides on the market. It remains only to conclude that the recipes of our grandmothers, proven over the centuries, are still relevant and allow you to achieve good results in the shortest possible time.

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