We make a pool in a polycarbonate greenhouse with our own hands: features of the construction and operation of a canopy

We make a pool in a polycarbonate greenhouse with our own hands: features of the construction and operation of a canopy

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Summer in Russian regions cannot be called long. During the hot period, natural bodies of water are widely used for swimming in most areas: lakes, ponds, rivers.

But what about those who live far from the river? Of course, the most rational way out in this case will be the installation of an artificial pool from the materials we are used to in an ordinary summer cottage.

Of course, such a structure requires additional maintenance, if only because its water will become clogged with dust and various plant debris. To keep him safe from this kind of trouble, a protective pavilion is being erected over the pool.

Today greenhouse pool is actively gaining popularity... By the way, the owners of this kind of structures have already appreciated them and left a lot of positive feedback on this.

Greenhouse pool

The simplest greenhouse pool easy to build with your own handsusing polycarbonate or other translucent materials for this.

As a frame usually a profile pipe is used. Its use allows you to give structures a neat and aesthetic appearance.

This kind of building has several purposes.:

  1. With the help of polycarbonate, you can arrange a comfortable recreation area next to the summer cottage pool.
  2. The greenhouse pool at the summer cottage is perfectly protected from dirt and does not require regular cleaning.
  3. On sunny days, swimmers in such a pool are perfectly protected from ultraviolet radiation harmful to the human body.
  4. The greenhouse pool with polycarbonate cover can be operated in all weather conditions.
  5. The costs of electricity and other options for heating the reservoir are significantly reduced.
  6. The pavilion extends the life of the pool and reduces the cost of maintenance and repair.

The structure above the pool is built of different heights. The low one usually does not exceed half a meter, and the high one covers only the bowl of the reservoir or allows the owner to equip the entire internal space around the pool.

Materials and construction requirements

You can make a pavilion above the pool from sheet polycarbonate on your own, it does not take much time and effort. To this end, you need to prepare the following materials and tools:

  1. Polycarbonate.
  2. Square or rectangular shaped tube.
  3. Welding machine.
  4. Shovel and concrete mixer.
  5. Concrete mix.
  6. Fasteners.
  7. Jigsaw and screwdriver.

Benefits this type of shelter like polycarbonate has a lot. Some of the most important of them can be identified:

  1. In the process of building a greenhouse pool, environmentally friendly materials are used.
  2. The building itself, as well as the materials from which it is made, is strong and lightweight, which does not require extra costs during transportation.
  3. The design is resistant to negative environmental influences.
  4. Inside the polycarbonate greenhouse pool, the volume of water evaporation is reduced, and the optimal humidity regime is maintained.
  5. The aquatic environment of the pool is well protected from pathogenic microflora, in particular, from its emergence and subsequent reproduction.
  6. The structure can be built independently, without involving specialists for this purpose, but simply by preparing the necessary tools and materials.
  7. Materials for construction are affordable.
  8. Long service life exceeding 10 years.
  9. Fire resistance of the pavilion and good light transmission.
  10. The structure is easy to maintain. Polycarbonate is cleaned of dirt using conventional detergents. The frame of the building (from a profile pipe) periodically requires painting to protect it from rust. And a structure with a lumber frame needs to be checked from time to time for rot and mold.

For shelter, polycarbonate with a thickness of more than 8 mm is more suitable.

Building requirements

  1. The pool bowl is protected in different ways. The canopy covers the reservoir from one side or several. Often, a full-fledged pavilion is built - the most reliable shelter.
  2. The covering is chosen as stationary or sliding (telescopic). The latter is rapidly transforming: this is its big plus, but it is rather difficult to manufacture. This is a minus.
  3. The type of bathing bowl determines the shape of the pool itself. It can be rectangular, combined, and also round.

The pavilion itself is made of polycarbonate, built over the summer cottage pool and made by hand, comes in different shapes:

  1. Asymmetric. Resembles a semi-arch. Has a vertical wall along the building plus a vault on the opposite side. The upright end walls act as a place for door mounting. This option makes the structure voluminous, capable of accommodating a recreation area.
  2. Dome-shaped pavilion. It is installed if the reservoir has a round shape. When erecting it on its own, polycarbonate will have to be cut into segments. But on the other hand, the structure turns out to be effective and aesthetic.
  3. The arched and pitched pavilions have two longitudinal vertical walls. Building them yourself is pretty easy.

Features of the installation of the structure and its reinforcement

  1. A greenhouse pool requires a good foundation. To do this, you need to fill the foundation of 50 cm with concrete and reinforcement, and then erect the frame.
  2. Before erecting the frame, you should decide on the shape of the future building.
  3. The frame is bolted to the foundation.
  4. Arcs and stiffeners of the frame are fixed with special fasteners.
  5. The frame is covered with anti-corrosion compounds and then painted.
  6. Further, the structure is sheathed with a covering material.

Possibility of year-round operation

As noted above, the potential of the pool cannot be fully utilized during the short summer season. In particular, when the rains start or autumn is approaching, you won't even be able to sit next to the reservoir: it will not bring any pleasure.

But you can make a greenhouse for a pool in such a way that so that the structure is operated all year round... For this, the installation of the structure is carried out directly on the foundation. Of course, before installing the frame, it is necessary to strengthen the base so that the finished building will serve its owner as long as possible.

The polycarbonate dome of the pool will give the structure the illusion of weightlessness. The room will be transparent and closed from all sides. The greenhouse effect created inside will allow you to swim in a comfortable environment in any weather.

It should be noted that only a high sealed pavilion will allow the reservoir to be operated all year round.

Dug into the ground, it will take on the heat of the soil, and the roof device will not allow this heat to escape outside. But on condition that the region has mild winters.

Otherwise, for this purpose, you will have to think about a separate internal heating system.

A photo

Swimming pool in a polycarbonate greenhouse: photo.

If you don't have the time and energy to build a greenhouse pool yourself, ready-made kit for its construction, you can always order from a specialized company and use the services of its specialists.

The most expensive German designs are still considered to be of high quality. Chinese buildings are affordable, but they are much inferior in quality.

But Russian designs are a kind of "golden mean" in terms of price and quality ratio. Therefore, they are often purchased by fans of year-round swimming.

And here are videos about greenhouses for the pool.

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