Indispensable home helpers for lovers of agriculture - do-it-yourself mini greenhouses for home

Indispensable home helpers for lovers of agriculture - do-it-yourself mini greenhouses for home

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Good seedlings are the key to a bountiful harvest. A home greenhouse will help you grow young plants on your own.

Today, you can easily purchase ready-made greenhouse structures, which are on sale in a wide range, or take on the independent manufacture of this simple structure.

Features of a home greenhouse

Home greenhouse Is a small structure for growing seedlings and protecting them from temperature extremes and adverse weather events. The compact size and closed space of the home greenhouse for seedlings provide quick heating of the air inside the structure, while the greenhouse plants are reliably protected from spring frosts.

In addition to seedlings, low-growing early vegetables are grown in greenhouses: radishes, cucumbers, eggplants, watermelons, melons and others.

Some don't see the difference between the concepts of "greenhouse" and "greenhouse"investing in them the same meaning. However, these two designs have certain differences, which are manifested both in appearance and in functional purpose.

The main features of the greenhouse:

  • application for growing seedlings and low-growing crops;
  • low construction height (usually up to 150 cm);
  • greenhouses are usually not heated. Heat accumulates in them due to sunlight and organic fertilizers (humus or manure) located inside the structure;
  • the ability to easily move the structure on the site;
  • the greenhouse usually does not have doors due to its small size. Therefore, to access the plants, you need to completely or partially remove the covering;
  • the greenhouse facility is mainly used only in spring.

In addition to the so-called "street" greenhouse structures, there are also indoor options for greenhouses and mini-greenhouses, which are also an effective means for growing seedlings.

Ready greenhouses - an opportunity to save time and effort

Garden equipment manufacturers offer various models of ready-made greenhouses, differing in type of design, material of manufacture and price. Here are some examples:

  1. Arched greenhouse - is a construction from an aluminum profile. Equipped with a sturdy frame, it is distinguished by an affordable price, ease of installation and ease of transportation.
  2. "Snowdrop" - the most common type of ready-made greenhouses. It has an arched structure, agrofibre is used as a coating - a special material that has many positive properties, such as: water resistance, the ability to retain heat and create an optimal microclimate for plants.
  3. This also includes compact structures in the form of metal shelves equipped with a polyethylene cover, as well as smaller analogs of conventional garden greenhouses, which can be made of plexiglass or transparent plastic.

Automation of modern designs

So that plants do not get sick during the growth process, they need to provide favorable conditions.

In the past, for lovers of summer cottage farming, there was only one way out, and that was to independently ventilate, water and fertilize the seedlings, as well as provide them with additional lighting.

Today greenhouse structures are equipped with various types of assistive devices. Some models are equipped with phytolamps that turn on at a certain time, automatic irrigation and ventilation.

Here it is worth highlighting the mini-greenhouses Growbox and Thermobox, which are automated closed structuresequipped with a full range of devices that ensure the formation of a favorable microclimate.

This video tells you how to make a DIY growbox.

Main advantage of these models lies in the fact that the internal climate in them does not depend on the external temperature, which may even be negative.

We make with our own hands

How to make a home greenhouse with your own hands? Making a greenhouse at home does not take long. Here is one of the options for a mini greenhouse for your home.

First you need to make a drawing future structure. After that, a rack should be put together from the boards, consisting of several shelves (depending on the number of seedlings).

Further, the back side of the finished structure is closed with a transparent film, which is attached to the tree with a stapler. Sometimes, instead of a film, glass is used, setting it on glue.

Each shelf of the rack must be equipped with a fluorescent lamp by attaching it on top.

Seeds are planted in pre-prepared special boxes for planting seeds, on the bottom of which a layer of sand, drainage and soil is laid.

To prevent the formation of mold, a little wood ash should be poured onto the sand.

Upon completion of all these procedures, the boxes are installed on the shelves. Any crops can be grown in such a greenhouse - the main thing is to water the plants on time.

Front rack can be covered with foil or glass to create the required temperature inside the structure. If the heat from the lamps is sufficient to provide the desired climate, the front of the greenhouse can be left open.

On the windowsill

And how to make a greenhouse on the windowsill with your own hands? In this case, everything is quite simple. It can be used as a window greenhouse in an apartment or house transparent plastic container with lid.

Soil is poured into it and seeds are sown, which must be watered as the soil dries up. This type of greenhouse is suitable for growing any vegetable seedlings.

Such a greenhouse on the window has one drawback - water does not leave it after irrigation.

therefore holes must be made in the bottom of the containerthrough which moisture will drain onto the pre-installed drip tray.

These are just some of the possible ways and means of growing seedlings at home, which, if desired, are easy to implement, with little effort.

This video explains how to make a simple mini greenhouse.

Watch the video: How to Build a Recycled Window Greenhouse IN 5 MINUTES! (May 2022).


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