How to make a polycarbonate greenhouse window with your own hands? As well as other options for placing the vents

How to make a polycarbonate greenhouse window with your own hands? As well as other options for placing the vents

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A vent is a design that is needed in every greenhouse.

With its help, you will create the conditions necessary for the growth of crops in greenhouses.

Why do you need a window

note on the fact that there should be a window in every greenhouse. Properly done ventilation will not only create the desired microclimate, but also prevent pathogens, insect pests and bacteria from appearing on the plantings.

It is very important to make the right window. in a polycarbonate greenhouse, because this material does not allow air to pass through. But the sun's rays pass unhindered, the air heats up. To prevent the plants from "burning out", make at least two vents. If the greenhouse is large, then there may be more vents.

Greenhouses are used for growing crops during the cold season. The structure retains heat, creates conditions for plant growth. But high humidity and temperature will damage agricultural plants.

A window is needed for hardening seedlings... With this design, you will prevent air stagnation, reduce the level of humidity. This is very important for tomatoes and cucumbers, because it is these crops that most often affect fungal diseases.

The vents are of the following types:

  • ordinary mechanical;
  • automatic, equipped with an opening system.

You can easily make the valve on your own, no special knowledge and expensive tools are required.

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Valve placement and installation

Where should be the vents in the greenhouse? If you want to make ventilation holes in the greenhouse, then choose places carefully.

Place the vents vertically, placing them in different parts of the greenhouse.

Make one valve at the bottom and the other at the ceiling. It is here, at the intersection of the beams, that a rectangular section is located.

Choose the location of the hole carefully. You don't need to do it from the other sidewhere the wind is blowing, because this can cause a decrease in the normal humidity level in the greenhouse. By making the valve on the side protected from the wind, you will maintain natural circulation in the greenhouse.

Please note that the system will only be effective in a small greenhouse. If you have planted tall plants in the greenhouse, or the structure itself is long, then another type of ventilation is needed.

How do you know if the holes in your greenhouse are not enough? Pay attention to condensation. If it is on the walls of the greenhouse, then the greenhouse needs to be modernized. Install additional windows, there you will ensure normal air circulation in the greenhouse.

To increase the flow of air into the greenhouse, several windows can be made in the upper part, for example, on the roof. This will allow you to quickly complete the ventilation process. You can install two types of devices:

  • automatic;
  • manual type.

Automatic will increase the efficiency of the process. They open on their own when the temperature inside the greenhouse reaches a certain value.

When it starts to drop, the valve closes slowly. But keep in mind that automatic systems are more difficult to install. It is believed that the ventilation system will work highly efficiently if the windows occupy ¼ of the greenhouse area.

Here in the photo there are options for placing the vents.

What tools do you need?

What tools do you need to make a polycarbonate greenhouse window with your own hands? To make a window, you will need screwdriver and self-tapping screws... Choose those that have a dedicated O-ring. Buy self-tapping screws with a wide head. Use a file to cut the edge of the profile.

Purchase hacksaw for metal, a U-profile is useful for creating a structure. If you cannot buy it, then replace the fasteners with perforated tape. For work you will need polycarbonate sheets and tape.

The choice of mount is also very important. For windows, use the following fixings:

  • hinged;
  • on swivel mechanisms.

Mount type does not affect the ventilation of the greenhouse. But when installing automatic systems, it is better to think about this moment in advance, this will avoid further difficulties with ventilation of the room. Having chosen the method, install the vents.

Installation consists of the following steps:

  1. Cut out a section of the wall. Work carefully, paying attention to the size of the window.
  2. Take a profile, use thinner sheets in your work than on the greenhouse itself. Cut a piece. To increase strength, add stiffeners, or make a tie using mounting tape for this purpose.
  3. Attach the frame to where you intend to install the valve. If the edges line up with the hole, take a file and file the edges with it.
  4. Buy a light-colored primer. Cover the structure, or paint it with regular paint. This will protect the material from the environment.
  5. When the frame is ready, screw on the polycarbonate. Carefully trim off those parts of the sheet that protrude beyond the outline of the frame.
  6. Take a sealant or tape. Cover all joints carefully with them. Protect the bottom edge of the structure carefully. If you wish, cover the edges of the vents with rubber.
  7. Attach the hinges and place a spinner with a stop that will act as a lock.
  8. Install the window.

It is quite easy to design and install a greenhouse window on your own. With the help of the valve, you can ventilate the greenhouse at any time when the need arises.

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