Premium European potatoes Asterix: variety description, photos, characteristics

Premium European potatoes Asterix: variety description, photos, characteristics

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Today we will introduce you to premium European potatoes, which, over a relatively recent period of cultivation in the CIS countries, managed to become one of the most popular varieties in Russia and abroad.

This was facilitated by its excellent taste, as well as many other positive properties that make it almost universal.

In our article you will find both a detailed description of the variety and its characteristics, cultivation features, propensity to diseases and pest attacks.

Potatoes Asterix: variety description

Variety nameAsterix
general characteristicsmedium-late table variety of Dutch selection with a stable yield
Ripening period120-130 days
Starch content14-17%
Mass of marketable tubers65-110 gr
The number of tubers in the bush6-11
Yield137-217 (maximum - 276) c / ha
Consumer qualitiesgood taste, medium digestibility, suitable for making chips and fries
Keeping quality91%
Peel colorred
Pulp coloryellow
Preferred growing regionsMiddle Volga, Far Eastern
Disease resistancemoderately susceptible to late blight on tops, resistant to late blight on tubers, resistant to other potato diseases
Growing featuresrequires moderate soil fertilization, responsive to watering
OriginatorHZPC Holland B.V. (Holland)

Potato Asterix was obtained thanks to the efforts of Dutch breeders, and has been listed in the State Register of Varieties of the Russian Federation for the Middle Volga region since 1998. Refers to late-ripening varieties, the full growing cycle takes place 100 - 120 days after the first shoots.

Average yield can vary 137-217 centners per hectare... Not prone to darkening from physical damage, making it perfect for long-term transportation.

In addition, it has a unique keeping quality, which provides it with safe storage in cellars or vegetable stores for whole seasons. The marketability of the outgoing fruits is in the region of 71 - 91%.

And in the table below you can see what the yield and the percentage of marketability of tubers in other potato varieties are:

Variety nameProductivity (kg / ha)Marketability of tubers (%)
Asterix137-217 (maximum - 276)91

Tubers are oval and oblong, medium in size and weighing from 70 to 120 g. The skin is dense (it is she who provides resistance to mechanical damage), pink-purple in color. Little eyes are formed on its surface. The pulp has a pleasant light yellow color, the starch content, like most late varieties, is quite high - from 14 to 17%. Typically, one plant produces about 10 to 12 of these beautiful tubers.

The amount of starch in potato tubers of other varieties:

Variety nameStarch
Lady Claire12-16%
Innovatorup to 15%
Zhukovsky early10-12%

The bushes of this variety are erect and rather tall. They belong to the intermediate type with a medium developed tops. The leaves are small, dark green with barely noticeable waviness at the edges. Corollas of flowers are red-violet, bloom beautifully, but quickly fall off.

A photo

See below: potato variety Asterix photo

Growing features

Asterix potatoes, which is not in vain, belongs to table varieties, and it will definitely become a decoration for any festive table. Its pulp does not have the property of darkening during heat treatment, and, in addition, has an average friability. Because of this, it is well suited for both fried and boiled dishes. Separately, I would like to note that excellent chips are obtained from this type of potato.

In terms of agricultural technology - planting and leaving, he also has several nuances of his own. Asterix is ​​unpretentious in terms of choosing the type of soil, however, it develops best in the area where legumes or perennial grasses were grown before it.

Sprouted planting material is recommended to be planted at the end of April, when the soil warms up to the cherished 7 ° C and the danger of the last frost returns disappears. If you do not know exactly how to plant, then many gardeners recommend a 70 x 35 planting pattern.

That is, between the rows of potatoes, you retreat 70 cm, and between the holes in the rows themselves, 35 cm.The optimal digging depth of your seedlings will be 7-10 cm.

For further plant care, you need to remember a few basic rules.:

  • Asterix reacts positively to harrowing. The first should be carried out within 5 days after planting the material, then twice more before the emergence of shoots and the last 2 times after them.
  • Also, this variety responds well to fertilizers, especially manure. The use of the latter can increase your yield by more than 50%;
  • The variety requires the maximum amount of light and air, so the soil must be kept loosened and free of weeds. Mulching the row spacings helps a lot in this.
  • And here he does not need numerous watering, you can do only three at the right time: the first time immediately after the emergence of shoots, the second during the emergence of buds and the last after the end of the flowering period;
  • With feeding, special diligence is also not required, three dressings in one season will be enough... It is best to use those preparations that develop the root system, and, accordingly, stimulate the appearance of powerful and beautiful tubers. For example, granular superphosphate.

IMPORTANT! Do not use substances with a high nitrogen content, because if the soil is oversaturated with it, potatoes of this variety may die.

Diseases and pests

Late blight

The immunity of Asterix is ​​characterized by good resistance to fusarium, cancer, aureus nematode, phomosis and leaf curling.

However, its weakness is the Y virus, from which this variety is practically unprotected. The Y virus is the most dangerous virus for the entire potato crop as a whole. If your plants are infected with it, then most likely it will not work to overcome it.

Therefore, the best remedies will be preventive measures that will protect your potatoes from this disease.

Among them are:

  • The virus can persist in plant debris, so weeds and obsolete potato stalks should be destroyed in a timely manner;
  • Aphids and leafhoppers - can be carriers of this disease, for this reason it is recommended to spray potato bushes with complex insecticides against these insects;

Correct crop rotation using Y-resistant varieties can keep your area safe for years. Read also about such common potato diseases as Alternaria, late blight of leaves and tubers, scab, verticillium wilting.

If we talk in more detail about insect pests, then the main problems for gardeners are delivered by Colorado beetles and their larvae, bears, potato moth, wireworm. There are many effective ways to deal with them, you can find most of them on our website:

  1. How to get rid of a wireworm in your garden.
  2. We fight the bear with the help of chemistry and folk remedies.
  3. Potato moth, which will help drive the pest away: drugs 1 and drugs 2.
  4. Let's drive the Colorado potato beetle away - folk methods and chemicals:
    • Aktara.
    • Regent.
    • Prestige.
    • Corado.

Potatoes of the Asterix variety can be recommended to experienced gardeners, because, obviously, they need some care and protection. However, it has much more advantages, so if you are confident in your abilities, then you should definitely pay attention to it.

Due to its resistance to damage and susceptibility to long-term storage, it is excellent for sale in large quantities.

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We also invite you to get acquainted with other varieties that have a wide variety of ripening periods:

SuperearlyEarly ripeMedium early
MinervaTimoPretty boy
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