A wonderful tomato, recommended for growing in greenhouses - hybrid variety "Kukla"

A wonderful tomato, recommended for growing in greenhouses - hybrid variety

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Experienced gardeners have their favorite varieties, grow them from year to year and are quite happy with them. But, having visited a store with seeds, every amateur will definitely bring home something new to try.

Breeding research does not stop for a minute. Scientists are developing new wonderful varieties for growing in personal subsidiary plots and dachas. Among them is the Kukla variety.

Tomato variety Doll F1 - a novelty. It was entered into the State Register for the Volga-Vyatka region quite recently, but has already managed to prove itself from the good side. In the open field, it grows and bears fruit just as well.

A little about hybrids

The Kukla tomato variety is a hybrid. This means that it has a high yield and genetic resistance to disease. The hybrids have proven themselves perfectly and the number of their fans is increasing every year.

It is not necessary to collect the seeds of the hybrids - the splitting of traits in the offspring will lead to the fact that it will differ from its parent, and the force of heterosis, which gives the hybrids abundant fruiting and vitality, does not work in the second generation. But the annual purchase of high quality seeds from a reputable producer pays off. You are guaranteed a good harvest.

Tomato "Doll" F1: description of the variety

Variety nameDoll
general descriptionEarly maturing, determinant hybrid for growing in greenhouses, greenhouses and open field
Ripening period85-95 days
The formRound, smooth, slightly flattened.
Average weight of tomatoes250-400 grams
ApplicationVersatile, good for canning
Variety yield8-9 kilograms per bush
Growing featuresStandard agricultural technology
Disease resistanceHas excellent immunity

Tomato Kukla F1 - early variety, from germination to fruiting - 85 - 95 days. Its purpose is universal. The bush is of a determinant type, with an average growth rate of 60-70 centimeters in height, requires a garter and moderate pinching. Read about indeterminate varieties here.

The sheet is medium in size. The flower is simple. Productivity - from 8 to 9 kg per square meter. The marketable output of products is 95-100%. fruits are transportable, well stored.

You can see the yield of other varieties of tomatoes in the table below:

Variety nameYield
Doll8-9 kg per square meter
Russian size7-8 kg per square meter
Long Keeper4-6 kg per bush
Podsinsky miracle5-6 kg per square meter
American ribbed5.5 kg per bush
De Barao the giant20-22 kg per bush
Premier6-9 kg per square meter
Polbig4 kg per bush
Black bunch6 kg per bush
Kostroma4-5 kg ​​per bush
Red bunch10 kg per bush

Fruit characteristics:

  • Pink, sized tomatoes weighing 250 to 400 grams.
  • The shape of the fruit is classic - round, smooth, slightly flattened.
  • The aroma is tomato delicate.
  • The taste is simply wonderful - sugar in fresh fruits is not less than 7%.
  • The pulp is dense, "fleshy",
  • Seed chambers from 4 to 6.
  • Excellent taste allows you to eat fresh tomatoes, prepare salads from them.

You can compare the weight of the fruits of this variety with others in the table below:

Variety nameFruit weight
Doll250-400 grams
The president250-300 grams
Summer resident55-110 grams
Broody90-150 grams
Andromeda70-300 grams
Pink Lady230-280 grams
Gulliver200-800 grams
Banana red70 gram
Nastenka150-200 grams
Olya-la150-180 grams
De Barao70-90 grams

Small fruits are especially good for canning whole fruits. The juice has an excellent taste, it contains at least 5% dry matter, and sugar from 7% to 8.5%. A high yield will allow you to prepare a large amount of a wide variety of canned food.

A photo

You can familiarize yourself with the tomatoes of the hybrid variety "Doll" in the following photos:

Growing features

Agrotechnical techniques for this variety are standard. Planting seedlings in spring using special containers or mini-greenhouses. To speed up the processes - growth stimulants.

After planting in a permanent place, everything is according to the usual scheme - loosening, watering, mulching, feeding.

As a top dressing you can use:

  1. Organic fertilizers.
  2. Yeast.
  3. Iodine.
  4. Hydrogen peroxide.
  5. Ashes.
  6. Ammonia.
  7. Boric acid.

Diseases and pests

Long-term work of breeders is aimed at ensuring that new varieties have high resistance to the most common diseases. The Kukla F1 variety has excellent immunity.

Young tomato bushes can be affected by the Colorado potato beetle. It is enough to sprinkle them with any insecticide a few days after planting in the ground. Adult tomatoes are not attractive to the beetle.

Do not plant tomatoes in areas where peppers, eggplants, and potatoes were grown last summer. All of these plants have common enemies and diseases.

Growing tomatoes of the Kukla F1 variety, you can reduce the area under the tomatoes, getting no less yield, since the variety has a high productivity. We wish you an excellent harvest!

In the table below you will find links to tomato varieties with different ripening periods:

Mid lateEarly ripeLate ripening
gold fishYamalPremier
Raspberry miracleRose of WindGrapefruit
Market miracleDivaBull heart
De Barao OrangeBuyanBobcat
De Barao RedIrinaKing of Kings
Honey fireworksPink spamGrandma's gift
Krasnobay F1Red GuardSnowfall F1

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