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Seed avocado

Seed avocado

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Question: seed avocado

hello to everyone some time ago I planted the bud of an avocado kernel in a vase. I put it out on the terrace. I would like to know can I keep it out of the air even in cold seasons or should I put it in the house? how many times do I have to wet it? and if I wanted to graft it how and when I have to do it. Thank you and good job to everybody.

Seed avocado: Answer: seed avocado

Dear Elisa,
the avocado is a fruit tree of tropical and subtropical origin, in Italy it is grown outdoors only in regions with a very mild winter climate, I try to freeze, in most of the south. In fact the plants produced by seed tend to produce few fruits, or even no fruit; to allow the avocado to produce a good harvest it is necessary to have two specimens, this because the avocado flowers are very particular: in some periods of the day they release the pollen; at other times of the day they are ready to receive pollination. For this reason, avocado cultivations have plants of two different types, which therefore are able to pollinate each other. The grafts are practiced in spring.
Watering must be abundant in the vegetative period, scarce when the climate is cold; always waiting for the soil to dry between two waterings


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