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Question: no leaf

Hi everyone, I have had a Ficus Retusa for a few years now. I have never had any major problems with bonsai, I also did repotting (about 18 months ago) and everything went well. My management has always been very simple, I water it regularly and 1 or 2 times a year I do it treatment with vials of vitamins (just insert them into the earth and each vial lasts about 10/15 days). In early December (just coinciding with the arrival of my 2nd daughter) Ficus began to lose its leaves rather quickly , some dried directly to the plant. I kept watering it and I did a treatment with the usual vials but the leaves continued to fall. Now it is practically devoid of them and I don't know how to behave.
I state that the position of the plant has always been the same (about 2 meters from a glass door that lets in lots of light).
The only difference that comes to mind is the increase in temperature in the house, from 18/19 ° to 20 ° constant (except for the night).
Can anyone help me?
Thank you all.
Greetings Samuel.

Answer: no leaf

Dear Samuel,
the fall of the leaves is probably due to the fact that to maintain a high temperature in the home the heating system remains active for more time during the day, considerably lowering the humidity of the air; in fact many plants grown in the apartment need quite humid air; while air conditioners, fireplaces, fans, radiators tend to make the air dry. Try to vaporize the plant with demineralized water.


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