Understanding when to plant cucumbers for seedlings for open ground? Recommendations for sowing, replanting and care, as well as whether it is possible to sow seeds in open ground

Understanding when to plant cucumbers for seedlings for open ground? Recommendations for sowing, replanting and care, as well as whether it is possible to sow seeds in open ground

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Cucumber is a delicate plant and it does not tolerate a transplant quite well.

But in order to get an early harvest, many gardeners still decide to grow cucumbers through seedlings.

In order for the vegetable to safely endure this procedure and continue to grow in the open field, some transplanting rules should be followed.

Today we are finding out such questions: when to plant cucumbers for seedlings for open ground, how to do it correctly and what to take into account?

When to plant?

When choosing a transplant time, two factors should be taken into account: soil and air temperature and plant age.


The optimal timing for planting cucumber seedlings in open ground is the end of May.

As a rule, by this time the air in the daytime warms up above 20 degrees, and at night the temperature does not fall below 15-17.

The soil at a depth of 10 cm should warm up up to 12 degrees.

But if it's cooler outside, don't rush to disembark.

TIP! If your seedlings are already ready for planting and the air temperature is not high enough, you can provide a shelter for cucumbers at first... As soon as the air warms up, continue growing the vegetable outdoors.

Plastic five-liter bottles are very convenient in this regard. The bottom is cut off from them and a cucumber bush is covered with the resulting cap. Unscrew the cap for airing during the day, cover the bottle at night. It turns out a kind of mini-greenhousewhich will allow you to plant cucumbers in the ground one to two weeks earlier.

Seedling age

The age of the seedlings is also important for planting. Sowing a cucumber must be calculated in such a way that by the time of disembarkation, 3-4 real leaves were formed... It was at this time that the plant has a sufficiently developed root system, and it will well tolerate a change in the place of cultivation. A cucumber reaches this phase of development at the age 20-25 days after germination.

Preparing for transplant

Before moving to open ground, cucumber seedlings must be prepared for the procedure. If you take out plants unprepared for the sun and temperature changes and immediately place them in the soil, the cucumbers will die.

Two weeks before disembarkation, boxes with cucumbers need to be taken out into the street..

At first for a short time, gradually increasing it.

Choose a shaded place that is protected from drafts for installing the boxes.

For your first walk, choose a warm, windless day.

To prevent infection of seedlings with diseases 5-6 days before planting, treat the plants with a solution of the drug "Epin" or "Immunocytophyte".

Garden bed preparation

It is important to choose the right place for planting the cucumber on the site. Do not forget that cucumbers are susceptible to diseases, and when choosing a place, you need to take into account which plants were located on it in the previous year.

You can not plant cucumbers after pumpkin, zucchini, squash, melon... The best precursors are tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cabbage, and onions. These crops have different diseases with cucumber, which means that the risk of infection is minimal.

The place for cucumbers should be as illuminated by the sun as possible. during the day and at the same time necessarily protected from the wind... Do not plant cucumbers in a draft, otherwise you will not get a harvest.

A bed for cucumbers needs to be dug well, humus and nitrophosphate added to the soil (a tablespoon per square meter). If the soil is acidic, add slaked lime or ash when digging. Cucumber prefers loose, light formulations, so if your site has heavy, dense soil, you need to add peat or sand to it.

The width of the bed should be selected in such a way that it is convenient to care for the plants (80-90 cm). For cucumbers, it is advisable to make high beds, raised 15-20 cm above the level of the rest of the soil. This height will provide the root system with sufficient warmth.

IMPORTANT! Do not make the garden bed wider than 130 cm. In this case, you will have to plant cucumbers in three rows, and it will be difficult to care for the central specimens.

Warm cucumber bed

A warm garden bed is ideal for growing cucumbers. biofuel.

In such conditions, the roots of the vegetable will receive enough heat and at the same time will be provided with food.

This is significant will accelerate their growth and bring the harvest closer.

REFERENCE! The most suitable manure for a warm bed is horse manure. He is able to keep a temperature of 50-60 degrees for 1.5 - 2 months.

  1. Digs for the manufacture of the garden trench 40-50 cm deep and 1 meter wide... A layer of soil is removed from it and rotted manure mixed with chopped straw is placed on the bottom. The layer is 20-30 cm.
  2. From above, this layer is covered with soil removed from the trench. The thickness of the ground should be 20-30 cm.
  3. 1-2 days before planting the cucumbers, the garden is spilled with hot water and covered with a black film. By the time of planting, the soil temperature in such a bed will be optimal, and cucumber roots placed in warm soil will take root more easily.

If there is no way to make a warm bed, you can put a little dung-straw mixture in each hole to a depth of 40-45 cm, and sprinkle it with earth on top. The effect will be approximately the same.

REFERENCE! A manure bed contributes to the formation of female flowers in a cucumber, since it actively emits carbon dioxide. The yield on such a bed increases significantly.

Landing technology

The ideal option for growing cucumbers is peat pots or tablets... This method allows you not to injure the delicate roots and plant each plant along with a clod of earth in the prepared holes.

For planting, holes are dug, the depth of which should correspond to the height of the pot or earthen coma, in which the plant is placed.

  1. The holes are placed at a distance of 20-30 cm from each other, in the row spacing between the plants there should be 40-50 cm. Before planting, the hole is spilled with water.
  2. Plant seedlings in peat pots in the hole with them, deepening to the full height. If the cucumber is grown in a cup, turn it over and, holding the stem with your hand, carefully remove it from the clod of earth. Try to act as carefully as possible without damaging the delicate roots.
  3. ATTENTION! Disembark only in the evening, preferably after 17.00. If the procedure is carried out in the morning or afternoon, the hot spring sun will burn your plants, they will wither and die.

  4. Plants are buried in the soil up to the cotyledonous leaves.... The soil around is slightly crushed and watered. Pour about 1 liter of liquid under each plant so that the soil is moistened as much as possible.
  5. After watering, the surface must be mulched with dry grass or small straw so that the moisture does not evaporate. You can cover the surface with a special opaque film.

IMPORTANT! Do not pour cold water over the cucumbers, the liquid should be slightly warm.

Care in the first days after disembarkation

After planting a cucumber in the garden, it is desirable shade for 1-2 daysso that the bright rays of the sun do not burn the leaves. Do not rush to water the plant until the roots take root - excess moisture at this time can cause them to rot. The first watering after planting can be done in 2-3 days..

In 14 days after planting in the ground, the cucumbers can be fed with organic fertilizer.

IMPORTANT! Do not loosen the soil around the cucumber. The roots of this plant are close to the surface, and you are sure to damage them. If a crust forms on the soil, gently break it up with the blunt end of a hoe.

How to properly plant cucumbers in open ground with seeds?

If you haven't grown cucumbers in cups, you can sow them directly into the soil. Recommendations for preparing the beds are the same as for planting seedlings.

When are cucumbers planted in open ground with seeds? The optimal time for sowing is May 15-20.... By this time, the soil temperature warms up to 16-18 degrees and seedlings will appear in 5-7 days.

Sowing is carried out in the holes, 2-3 seeds in each, to a depth of 2-3 cm... The number of seeds is increased in case some of them do not germinate. If all specimens have emerged, choose the strongest one, and remove the rest. When removing, do not pull out an unnecessary sprout from the soil, as you may touch the remaining one.

Gently break off the top of the head, leaving the spine in the ground. Thinning is carried out no earlier than at least 3 leaves have formed. By this time, it is already possible to identify the strongest plant, and also to exclude the death of the remaining one in the hole.

ATTENTION! Place the seed flat in the hole or with its nose up. If the spout of the seed is at the bottom, the plant may not appear.

When planting expensive varietal seeds pre-germination can be applied... To do this, place them in a damp cloth and place in a warm place. Before soaking, you can treat the seeds with Epin or Zircon preparations.

This will prevent them from becoming infected with pathogenic microbes and accelerate germination. In addition to these drugs, you can use a solution of potassium permanganate or aloe leaf juice for processing.

After 4-5 days, you will see sprouts that have sprouted. Plant the seeds at once, one in each hole. Do not wait for the seed to sprout long - you may damage it when planting and the plant will not sprout.

For early sowing in the ground, the seeds are not soaked, since in the cold ground, the spiked specimens will begin to rot.

It is advisable to sow cucumbers in two periods, for different purposes of consumption... Early, for use in salads - from mid to late May. Mid-season and late, for salting - in early and mid-June.

Compliance with the rules for planting cucumbers in open ground will allow you to get an early harvest of this tasty and healthy vegetable in your own area.

So, we discussed and found out when to plant cucumber seeds for seedlings for open ground?

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