Step-by-step algorithm for growing pepper: planting and caring for seedlings, timely picking, correct pinching, hardening and planting in open ground

Step-by-step algorithm for growing pepper: planting and caring for seedlings, timely picking, correct pinching, hardening and planting in open ground

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Pepper seedlings are the most unpretentious of all vegetable crops to care for.

The main conditions are no stress, changes in temperature and water conditions, timely picking.

Although you should follow some simple rules.

The topic of today's article is peppers: planting and caring for pepper seedlings at home.


Seed pepper cultivation and care. Cooking seeds: we sort out, throw out small, dried out, damaged... We disinfect in a strong solution of potassium permanganate for half an hour, rinse, soak for a day in any solution for seedlings according to the instructions. Seeds prepared properly will be black. We wrap it in a wet cloth and put it aside in the warmth. We are waiting for the sprouts to hatch.

Slightly compact the earth, pour it with warm water. Sow 2-3 seeds in separate pots... In seedling containers, we make small grooves at a distance of 5 cm from each other, between the seeds - 2-3 cm. Sprinkle with dry soil, which will allow air and light to pass through well, leave a place for adding.

Cover with glass or foil so that the soil is steamed. For a friendly emergence of shoots, we maintain a temperature of 20-25 °.

Reduce the temperature after the appearance of the first shoots to 10-15 °, slowing down the growth of the green part, thereby strengthening the root system. Let's make it warmer in a week, and the upper part will begin to develop rapidly.

Important! The soil for planting must be taken care of in the fall. We tamp the mixture of humus and garden soil into buckets or boxes, leave it in an unheated room for freezing. In January, move the mixture to heat, spill it with hot concentrated (½ teaspoon per 5 l) water solution of manganese.


Care for pepper seedlings after germination. About sprouts appear in a week, which appeared later than the others, we delete. We carry out light loosening between the rows. After the emergence of all plants, we expose them to the light. We observe the temperature regime - 25-28 ° during the day, 12-15 ° at night, otherwise the seedlings will stretch out. We carry out another culling after the appearance of cotyledon leaves. We throw away the deformed, weak, ugly.

Important! Planting seeds too deep or too shallow degrades the quality of the seedlings. Do not leave seedlings with a "cap" or carefully remove it.


To reduce the risk of root rot, seedlings are dived at the stage of appearance of two true leaves, 3-4 weeks after germination... The algorithm is as follows:

  • One hour before the transfer we shed the seedlings well.
  • Water the soil abundantly... We are waiting for the excess water to drain. Making a hole.
  • Digging with a special scoop, or a large spoon. In order not to injure the stalk, we take the plant by its “ears”. We pinch the main spine. We bury the seedlings until the cotyledon leaves. We compact the earth slightly.
  • Peppers don't like being alone. We plant two things in one container.
  • Wateringholding the pepper until moisture is completely absorbed. We put the seedlings on the windowsill. Shade from direct sunlight. Soil temperature should not be lower than 15 °.

Important! After regrowth 3-4, and then 5-6 true leaves, push the pots apart, otherwise there is a lack of light and air, the intensity of growth is lost.

Next, let's talk about how to care for pepper seedlings after a pick?


Do I need to pinch pepper seedlings? Effective for sweet, hybrid varieties... For hot peppers, pinching is not necessary. The procedure activates the appearance of stepchildren, increasing the yield, and prevents early flowering. The rules are as follows:

  • Do not pinch seedlings while diving, replanting, transshipment.
  • If there is not enough seedling material, and the planting scheme turned out to be rare, then lateral shoots are not removed.
  • We shell only strong plants.
  • Small scissors cut off the top after the seventh present sheet.
  • We spray with a growth regulator.

Important! If pinching was carried out, only bushes of tall varieties are formed in the future.


Pepper hygrophilous... We water only under the root, with settled water at room temperature, 1-2 times a week. The soil should be slightly damp all the time. We do not allow liquid to accumulate in the pallet. We spray daily.

Important! Avoid drafts. It is worth covering the seedlings of plants with a film, newspaper, cover.

Top dressing

Before picking shoots we feed with calcium nitrate diluted with water in a ratio of kilograms per liter.

After the cotyledon stage, with each watering, we apply a small dose of complex feeding.

There are many options:

  • 2 tbsp single superphosphate, 1 tsp. potassium sulfate, 1 tsp. urea per 10 liters of settled water;
  • ammonium nitrate solution;
  • ready-made fertilizers for seedlings, such as Krepysh, Agricola, Solution;
  • before planting seedlings in a permanent place, we support the peppers with potassium-phosphorus-nitrogen fertilizer.


So that the seedlings continue to grow successfully, towards the end of May we transfer it to liter pots... The composition of the soil is identical to the composition for planting and picking. We do not sift the earth, so it is better ventilated. On a bucket of soil add half a glass of ash and a tablespoon of double superphosphate, or "Senior Tomato" according to the instructions. We roll over carefully so that the earthen lump is preserved intact.


Begin two weeks before moving to the garden... We expose the seedlings to fresh air. We protect from drafts, direct sunlight. The temperature should not be lower than + 10 °... We expose for several hours, then for a day and, finally, for a day. At night, we first cover with covering material. Do not water at night or in cloudy weather.

Landing in the ground

In mid-May, we transfer the peppers to greenhouses, or a greenhouse. In the ground - at the beginning of June... We plant seedlings in a permanent place no more than 25-30 cm in height, with 12-14 leaves, thick, 3-4 cm at the bottom, a stem, in the stage of formation of the first ovary. The daily temperature should be set at + 15-18 ° С. For better acclimatization we plant in the evening, after the heat subsides... At night temperatures, the seedling is easier to take root.

We introduce peat and humus into the soil in advance, dig up a shovel on a bayonet, level it. Pour a tablespoon of mineral fertilizer into each hole. Observing the integrity of the earthen coma, we take out the peppers from the pots, place them in the holes, cover them with earth without closing the root collar. Water abundantly, mulch with peat or loose earth.

Important! Do not overuse nitrogen fertilizers to avoid overgrowing. If such a tendency appears, reduce watering, lower air temperature.

So, we told you how to care for pepper seedlings at home? The algorithm for planting, leaving and growing pepper seedlings was described.

If the seedlings are grown correctly, the basic chores with the peppers are over. In a permanent place, care is limited to protection from pests, proper watering and timely harvesting.

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