Correct planting of peppers for seedlings: when to sow, how to choose and reject seeds, advice on the planting scheme, care for young shoots

Correct planting of peppers for seedlings: when to sow, how to choose and reject seeds, advice on the planting scheme, care for young shoots

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Pepper is a popular vegetable crop that is often grown in greenhouses, greenhouses, or at home.

Seeds germinate slowly, so already matured seedlings are planted in the ground.

The future harvest depends on its quality and on how to plant peppers for seedlings, so special attention will have to be paid to sowing time, soil, watering and other important trifles.

The topic of today's article is planting peppers for seedlings: when to sow, how to properly plant peppers for seedlings in an apartment, advice for novice gardeners.

Pepper seedlings: when to plant?

Peppers belong to crops with a long germination period... From sowing seeds to planting young plants in the ground or greenhouse, it takes from 90 to 100 days. Seedlings of early maturing varieties reach the desired size in 3 months, they can be planted when the soil warms up to 16-18 degrees.

The seedlings are moved to the greenhouse at an earlier date, they are planted in the soil under the film a little later. Much depends on the region and specific weather conditions.

Knowing when to land in the ground, you can accurately calculate the timing of planting pepper for seedlings... In central Russia, it is better to sow seeds in February or early March. In warmer regions, seeds are sown starting in January and seedlings are planted at the end of April.

In areas with cold climates, seeds are planted in mid or even late March... Late sown plants are best planted in a heated greenhouse so that all the set fruits have time to ripen. For transplanting into a year-round greenhouse, peppers are sown twice a year, in January-February and at the end of September.

Many vegetable growers check the landing dates with the lunar calendar... The optimal time for sowing pepper is the time when the Moon in the first phase is under the influence of Libra, Scorpio, Aries or Sagittarius. Depending on the year, the dates are shifted, you can see the current days in a special calendar. It indicates the most suitable dates, as well as the days on which plantings should be avoided.

Appropriate planting time is also indicated on the seed packages... Early maturing varieties with a shortened growing season can be sown at the end of February, late maturing varieties are sown as early as possible. Seedlings sown in January will have to be illuminated, since the daylight hours at this time are too short for the normal development of young peppers.

Planting pepper seeds for seedlings

Before sowing pepper seeds for seedlings, you need sort out full-weight seeds... You can check them by soaking them in 3% saline solution. For sowing, seeds that have sunk to the bottom are suitable. Before planting, it is recommended to soak them in a growth stimulator or freshly squeezed aloe juice for 10-12 hours.

Such processing significantly increases germination... Some vegetable growers disinfect seeds by briefly soaking them in potassium permanganate or 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Dry seeds germinate 2 weeks after sowing, and those already hatched - 5-6 days. To swell, the seeds are wrapped in a damp cloth and left for several days..

For planting, a soil is prepared from a mixture of garden or turf soil and old humus. It can be replaced with peat or purchased soil mixture. For greater nutritional value, superphosphate or wood ash is added to the soil. The soil is thoroughly mixed, it must be homogeneous, light and crumbly..

For planting, containers with holes in the bottom and a pallet are suitable.

You can plant the seeds in pieces of plastic wrap rolled into cups, paper or plastic containers, peat cups, or tablets. When planting seeds in separate containers, subsequent picking can be excluded.

Individual containers should not be too spacious.

How to plant peppers for seedlings correctly?

Most often, pepper seeds are sown in convenient plastic containers. They are densely filled with soil so that about 2 cm remains to the sides. With this filling, there will be no soil leaching during watering. The soil must be tamped and spilled with a dark pink solution of potassium permanganate for disinfection.

How to sow peppers for seedlings? After 12 hours, grooves are made on the soil surface with a depth of about 1 cm. The seeds are sown at a distance of 2 cm from each other, the space between the grooves is 4-5 cm. From above, the crops are sprinkled with earth, lightly compacted and sprayed with warm, settled water.

To accelerate germination, the container can be covered with foil, glass or a damp cloth.

Sowing peppers for seedlings can be done in a spacious container or in separate containers: cups, rolled pieces of dense film. Landing in individual containers excludes subsequent picking. It is important to choose high quality hatched avoid rejection.

How to plant peppers for seedlings in separate containers? When planted in cups, the soil is moistened with warm water, a hole 1-1.5 cm deep is made in it. The seed is carefully laid out and sprinkled with earth. The cups fit tightly onto the pallet.

How to sow peppers for seedlings in peat tablets? Before sowing, tablets with a diameter of 3 cm are folded into a deep container and filled with warm water. After a few hours, the peat will swell greatly and increase in size, the tablets will turn into neat columns. Excess fluid is drained off.

In the upper part of the posts there are small holes that need to be deepened and the seeds that have hatched are laid out in them. The holes are filled with crushed soil and slightly crushed. There is no need to water the planted seeds... Peat posts are placed in a plastic container. They need to be placed tightly to prevent overturning. The top of the tray is covered with a lid or foil.

How to plant peppers for seedlings correctly, photo:

Temperature regime and watering

Immediately after sowing containers or pots are placed in a warm place... The optimum temperature for germination is 27-28 degrees. Some gardeners specifically warm up the soil before planting, placing it closer to the battery. A decrease in temperature delays germination and often causes seed death.

When shoots appear on the surface of the soil, the seedlings are placed in the brightest place. It is good if a lamp for additional lighting is mounted above the plantings. The ideal daylight hours for peppers are 12 hours. Overnight planting can be covered with an opaque cloth.

After germination, the room temperature drops to 20-25 degrees. Watering pepper seedlings should be done once every 5-6 days., first from a spray bottle, and then from a watering can. The seedling container is periodically rotated so that the seedlings grow evenly. After the appearance of the first 2 leaves, the plants are ready for picking.

Peppers planted in peat tablets must be moved to pre-prepared pots filled with a nutrient substrate.

Seedlings planted on time grow well, do not get sick and do not need special care. Strictly observing the watering regime and maintaining the desired temperature in the room, you do not have to worry about young plantings.

It is important not to keep it in the house for too long and plant it on a permanent place of residence before the onset of the flowering phase, otherwise the fruiting process will slow down.

So, we figured out how to plant pepper seedlings at home, do it correctly and effectively, sowing rules, how and when to sow seeds, care after sowing.

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