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Dean's tomatoes are high in carotene, therefore they are healthier than other tomatoes. And this is not the only plus and positive quality of these tomatoes.

To harvest these delicious tomatoes on a regular basis, plant them in your summer cottage. To learn more about them, read this article.

In it you will find a complete description, get acquainted with the main characteristics and learn about the features of cultivation.

Dina's tomato: variety description

Dina's tomato belongs to the mid-early varieties, since from the moment of planting the seeds to the full ripening of the fruits, it takes from 85 to 110 days, depending on the region in which these vegetables are grown.

This variety is not hybrid. The height of its non-standard determinant bushes reaches 55-70 centimeters. They are characterized by medium branching and leafiness. They are covered with medium corrugated light green leaves of medium size, equipped with stipules. Such tomatoes can be grown both in greenhouses and in the open field.

The Dina tomato variety is highly resistant to diseases such as septoria and macrosporiosis, however, it is susceptible to watery and apical rot of fruits, as well as late blight.

Dean's tomatoes are characterized by rounded smooth orange fruits. Their weight ranges from 100 to 130 grams.... The fruits have four or five nests and have a dry matter content of 4.7-5.9%. They have a pleasant sweetish taste. Dina tomatoes can be stored for a long time and have good transportability.

The information in the table below will help to compare the weight of fruits of this variety with others:

Variety nameFruit weight
Dina100-130 grams
Snowfall60-75 grams
Altaic50-300 grams
Yusupovsky500-600 grams
Premier120-180 grams
Andromeda70-300 grams
Stolypin90-120 grams
Red bunch30 gram
Lazy300-400 grams
Nastenka150-200 grams
Honey heart120-140 grams
Mazarin300-600 grams


Dean's tomatoes were bred by Russian breeders in the 21st century. These tomatoes were included in the State Register of the Russian Federation for cultivation in the Central and East Siberian regions. In addition, they are common on the territory of Ukraine and Moldova.

Dean's tomatoes are great for eating raw, preserving and pickling. From one bush of tomatoes of this variety, from 3 to 4.5 kilograms of harvest are harvested.

You can compare the yield of the variety with others in the table below:

Variety nameYield
Dina3-4.5 kg per bush
Nastenka10-12 kg per square meter
Gulliver7 kg per bush
Honey heart8.5 kg per square meter
Broody10-1 kg per square meter
Lazy15 kg per square meter
Buyan9 kg per bush
Black bunch6 kg per bush
King of the market10-12 kg per square meter
De Barao the giant20-22 kg per bush
Rocket6.5 kg per square meter

A photo

The photo shows the Dean tomato variety

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The main advantages of Dean's tomato are:

  • increased content of carotene in fruits;
  • resistance to certain diseases;
  • excellent taste of fruits, their transportability and good marketability;
  • drought resistance;
  • stable yield;
  • fruiting throughout the life of the bush;
  • versatility in the use of fruits.

The disadvantages of these tomatoes include their susceptibility to late blight, as well as watery and apical rot.

Features and cultivation of the variety

The aforementioned tomato variety is characterized by simple inflorescences, the first of which is laid over the sixth or seventh leaf, and the rest through one or two leaves. The stalks are articulated. When planting in the ground, the distance between the bushes of Dean's tomatoes should be 50 centimeters, and between the rows - 40 centimeters. There should be no more than 7-9 plants on one square meter of the garden.

The main activities for caring for Dean's tomatoes are regular watering, weeding, loosening the soil, as well as the introduction of mineral fertilizers.

Diseases and pests

Dean's yellow tomatoes often suffer from late blight, apical and watery fruit rot. The first disease manifests itself in the appearance of brown spots on the leaves of plants. Later, these spots are transferred to the fruit, causing them to deform and take on an ugly shape. Then the fruit starts to rot and smell unpleasant.

To save plants from late blight, you can use drugs such as Ecosil, Fitosporin, Ridomil Gold MC, Tatu, Bordeaux liquid and Quadris. With watery rot, the surface of the tomatoes is covered with watery spots, after which the inner tissues of the vegetable begin to rot and turn into a watery substance.

To prevent the development of this disease, it is necessary to remove all plant residues after harvest, thin out dense plantings and remove affected plants, and also timely treat the plantings with insecticidal preparations that will prevent the invasion of caterpillars. Top rot is expressed by the appearance of dark spots on the tops of the fruit. It darkens and crushes, making the fruit dry and hard. Calcium nitrate and chalk suspension will help save plants from this ailment.

Proper care of Dina's tomatoes will provide you with a stable harvest of tasty and healthy fruits, the bright sunny color of which will attract the admiring glances of your neighbors in the country. You will be able to use these tomatoes not only for personal consumption, but also for sale.

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