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Rocco potatoes are widely distributed throughout the world. Why is this variety popular? It is highly resistant to various diseases and has a stable yield. Designed for both home kitchen and industrial production.

In this article, we will tell you in detail about Rocco's potatoes. Description of the variety and its characteristics, agricultural technology, the subtleties of growing and a lot of interesting information.

Rocco potatoes: variety description

Variety nameRocco
general characteristicsmid-season table variety with large, smooth red tubers
Ripening period100-150 days
Starch content13-16%
Mass of marketable tubers100-120 gr
The number of tubers in the bush8-12
Yield350-400 c / ha
Consumer qualitiesgood taste, does not darken during cooking, suitable for chips and fries
Keeping quality89%
Peel colorred
Pulp colorcream
Preferred growing regionsany soil and climate
Disease resistanceresistant to most diseases
Growing featuresstandard agricultural technology

Rocco's potatoes are one of the best varieties. Belongs to the Dutch selection. The originator is Niederosterreicische Saatbaugenossenschaft. At the moment, the variety has gained great popularity in almost all countries of the world in which potatoes are popular.

It is grown in China, Australia, India, Spain, France, the Netherlands. The subspecies is cultivated in Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan. The Rocco variety appeared in the Russian Federation in 2002. Read also what varieties of potatoes are the most popular in Russia in this article.

In state farms and private horticultural enterprises, the variety has been very popular for 25 years. It is unpretentious in cultivation. Requires minimal maintenance. Therefore, it is recommended for both professional gardeners and beginners.

Rocco is late maturing. Ripening period occurs in 100-150 days.... In bad weather conditions, the fruits ripen a week later. It can grow in any weather. It tolerates drought and lingering rainstorms.

In appearance, these potatoes are very easy to distinguish. The bushes of the variety are erect. They reach a height of 50 cm. They have miniature leaves with a small serrated edge. The shade of flowers is burgundy-lilac. The tubers are round, elongated, almost smooth. The pulp is tender, beige. The rind is thin, with slight pigmentation. Has a slightly pink tint.

Important! This potato variety may not bloom. Sometimes burgundy-lilac flowers are absent on the bushes during the growing season. But even in this case, active formation of tubers occurs.

A photo

See below Rocco's potatoes photo:


Rocco is a high-yielding variety. Prized for stability. Even in the most lean years, 350 to 400 quintals of potatoes are obtained from 1 hectare. In fruitful years, up to 600 centners of potatoes are harvested from 1 hectare.

6-12 tubers are formed on one bush. One tuber weighs 100-120 grams. That is, one bush produces more than 1.5 kg of potatoes. The fruits are of high quality, have an excellent presentation... The marketability indicator is over 95%.

Potatoes can be transported over long distances. The variety is sold in markets, private enterprises and government hypermarkets. Distributed for retail and wholesale. In cool vegetable stores, fruits are stored for more than five months.

Also in the table below you can compare the keeping quality of other varieties with Rocco potatoes:

Variety nameKeeping quality
Kamensky97% (early germination at storage temperatures above + 3 ° C)
Lyubava98% (very good), tubers do not germinate for a long time
Molly82% (normal)
Felox90% (early awakening of tubers at temperatures above + 2 ° C)

This type of potato is a table variety. Great taste... The starch content varies from 12 to 16%. The pulp does not change its hue during cooking.

You can see the starch content in other potato varieties in the table below:

Variety nameStarch content
Crimean rose13-17%

Rocco's potatoes are used in home cooking - for making pies, first and second courses. The subspecies is suitable for use in industrial production. Potatoes are used to make potato balls, fries and chips.

Important! It is strictly forbidden to eat flowers and bushes. Otherwise, the components contained in the plant can cause severe food poisoning.

Growing features

It is necessary to grow the Rocco potato variety in sod, loamy or sandy soil. The soil can be mixed with black soil. The reaction of the soil should be neutral. In order for excellent flowering to occur during the growing season, for the bushes to actively grow and develop, the plant must provide good systematic watering.

Watering the Rocco potato variety is necessary 1-2 times a week. In hot weather, watering is increased up to 3-4 times. The subspecies responds well to top dressing. Saltpeter and organic fertilizers are responsible for the formation of tubers. Phosphate and ammonia supplements increase photosynthesis. The introduction of potash dressings increases the resistance of the fruit to injury during transportation.

Mulching the row spacings will help in the fight against weeds. Experienced gardeners recommend hilling. Read more about whether it is necessary to huddle potatoes, the better to do it, how to properly carry out it manually and with a walk-behind tractor, whether it is possible to get a good harvest without weeding and hilling.

Diseases and pests

A valuable quality of this variety is its excellent resistance to various diseases. It is highly resistant to Y virus, cancer and golden nematode.

Possesses average resistance to late blight of root crops, twisting of foliage, striped and wrinkled mosaics. Not only resistant to late blight of leaves. Read also about Alternaria, Fusarium, Verticillium and Potato Scab.

As for pests, the main damage to the garden in general, and to potato plantings in particular, is caused by Colorado beetles and their larvae, potato moths, bears, wireworms, aphids and butterfly scoops. You can read about effective measures to combat them on our website.

Rocco potatoes are a common medium-yielding variety. Suitable for transportation and long-term storage. Has a high germination of planting material. Loves systematic watering and top dressing. The fruits are of high quality. The flesh of the potato is tender, beige.

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Let me present you with some more interesting articles on how to grow potatoes and turn this process into a business. Modern Dutch technology and early cultivation as well as alternative methods - under straw, in bags, in boxes, in barrels and from seed.

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